#featurethis: 4g63-swapped ’73 Galant Wagon

It’s time to break away once more from our Speedhunters Awards voting and year in review stories for the final #FeatureThis Car Spotlight of the year. Today’s submission comes from Joshua Mead of South Bend, Indiana. Josh is the proud of owner of this 1973 Mitsubishi Galant Station Wagon, or Dodge Colt as it was sold as in the United States.

When Joshua came across the car for sale in San Francisco he decided to purchase it sight unseen. He flew out to the West Coast with his girlfriend, bought the car and then proceeded to drive it across the country back home to Indiana. While the original 4G52 didn’t have any problems getting them home, the old carbureted two liter motor was not part of his future plans for the car.

Not long after he got back, Joshua pulled the stock motor and replaced it with a 4G63 turbo motor from the early ’90s. The motor is largely stock besides the changes needed for the RWD-application. There is however an Evo 8 intake manifold, a custom exhaust using a Yamaha motorcycle muffler, and front mount intercooler from a Dodge Neon SRT-4. The motor is mated to a stock 1977 5-speed transmission.

The body of the car is largely original, save for a set of ZG style over fenders that cover Diamond Racing wheels 15×8 in the front and 15×10 in the rear. I also dig the subtle front chin spoiler.

Classic Mitsubishis never seem to get the attention they deserve so it’s really nice to see what Joshua has done with his wagon. Keep up the good work!

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featurethis@dev.speedhunters.com (日本語OKです。)

あなたの名前と住んでいる場所を明記してください。 可能ならば写真は800ピクセル以上でお願いします。







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sick i want a set of diamond racing's for my car.


feelin it. =)


That's my town! There's not much that gets featured from the Midwest, let alone Indiana. I dig it.


When ever I think about a wagon, in my mind it looks something like that


This is cool, I dig wagons hard, but it really needs to be lowered. That would make the car super dope.


Thanks for the nice comments guys, currently in the works are coil overs to slam this monster truck!


really nice car, I like it!
this is a real adventure! I also bought a car for $500 withouth seeing it, but the owner told me everything is OK, so I picked up the car and drove it 200 KM home, without any problems:)


Best 4 cylinder out of Japan


nice photography


Coolest old school wagon I've seen.