2012 Speedhunters Awards: #iamthespeedhunter

Without doubt, this was pretty much the most difficult thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of doing as a Speedhunter. When we kicked off the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program earlier in the year, submissions were few and far between and quality was generally lacking. However, as the weeks rolled on the numbers picked up but the quality absolutely exploded. Trying to narrow down the thousands of awesome submissions to just fifteen has been quite taxing. If you haven’t made it, don’t be disheartened. You were probably closer to being nominated than you’ll ever know, it was that close. Chins up and keep shooting. For now, here are the nominations…

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Ben Johnstone

This nomination isn’t so much a photograph as it is a story. Controlling natural light can be a challenge, but the execution here is flawless.

Andrea Mombelli

Andrea’s capture of this Ferrari 458 just oozes atmosphere. The composition of the car on the left side of the frame, leaving room for the car to move into adds to it.

Aurélien Vialatte

Taking a face full of dirt from Mads Østberg has paid off here. Again, an off-centre composition which shows the car’s route through the frame has completed a perfectly executed shot.

Cesar Sebouhian

I was once told that the greatest photograph is often behind you. It’s easy to get carried away with action shots at a race meeting, but there’s also a different world worth exploring behind the scenes.

Christopher Lim

With the subject located in the centre of the frame, notice the use of leading lines to bring your eye to the car. Combined with superb colour toning and you can see why this image made it.

Filip Grzeszyk

Filip has consistently delivered images of a high standard every week. This drifting shot is more than your regular drifting image. Using the silhouettes of people in the foreground to frame the car, along with a shallow depth of field has perfectly captured this fleeting moment in time.

Hussein Zain

From behind the barriers, Hussein captured one of my favourite panning shots of #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER in 2012. The muted colours contrasting with the prominent reds is just fantastic.

Jeff Chin

One of the earliest submissions to the program  was Jeff Chin’s beautiful photograph of a Ferrari 599 preparing for winter hibernation.

Jordan Adkins

Jordan has sent us in some stellar work this year including this incredibly clean and crisp shot of one of the RWB cars. I always enjoy when a photographer captures not just the car, but the lifestyle around it too.

Kenneth Midgett

F1 cars aren’t slow. In fact, they are quite difficult to capture but Kenneth done a sublime job capturing Alonso at the recent F1 USA event. Using the horizontal lines to create a pattern has worked here with great success.

Luke Huxham

The only diptych in this year’s nominations comes from Luke Huxham. The balance of the presentation along with the excellent captures was more than enough for this to get the nod.

Nick Reeves

A wet skid pan can be a nightmare to shoot but this didn’t stop Nick Reeves from getting up close and personal with this orange PS13. Shooting through the spray and capturing the intensity of the orange paint worked fantastically in Nick’s favour.

Stephen Sullivan

You’d be mistaken if you thought that with lighting conditions like this, all you would have to do is press the shutter. Extracting the absolute best from any condition is what separates a photograph from a snapshot.

Tim Wong

I’ve often said that a photograph need not be technically perfect to be a good photograph. What this shot does is capture an atmosphere and mood like no other, you can almost smell the brakes and hear the engine noise.

Yusuf Arifin

The final nomination is proof that you don’t need expensive camera gear to capture a moment. Proof if needed that the most important part of a photographer’s arsenal is the twelve inches behind the viewfinder.

Paddy McGrath

Speedhunters Awards 2012

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Guys!  You're blocking the subject in like a third of these photos with that stupidly large nomination box in the upper left hand corner...


If you click the photographer's name, you can see the unmolested image.


Had to be the first one to me. The Mustang is gorgeous, but that's not what makes the photo. It's the fact that there could be so many stories behind it. It looks like a screenshot from a movie. Effortlessly cool.


This is soooooo hard.


I really like the shot of the Honda S2000. Sparks are pretty.


You know for me this was a hard choice. I like how Jordan Adkins could capture the beauty and lifestyle around that Porsche. I however had to choose Kenneth Midgett because I was at that race also, and I know how hard it is to capture any formula 1 car in action. It takes a very dedicated person to get the right shot and so that why my vote went to Kenneth.


Going to sleep on this one and vote in the morning. Too much outstanding photo quality here to just quickly vote for the 458 gobbling the corner.
I'd like to see the next 10 or so runners up...more please.


Nick's skid pan shot is brilliant! Well done that man.


I chose Nick's skidpad photo because it's a challenging technical shot that has to be timed just right before he gets himself and his camera drenched!


i chose Adkins coz he spotted a car that you can't stop dreamin' about...it's true, i love that car in that pose with that colour in that place


Wow! Thanks for the nomination & kind comments guys, a photography highlight for me for 2012 :)
Hope you continue with #iamthespeedhunter, it's great to have something to aim for and getting to see my pic on here is big buzz, cheers for running it Paddy!

Filip Grzeszyk FiDzi

HellYeah! For the first thanx for nominated Paddy! 2nd i must thank to all the people who vote for me! Love y'all<3 And ofc for me it is awesome to be nominated with you great photographers, Jordan Adkins congrats buddy, you re the boss! Cheers and all the best in new year folks!!!