#iamthespeedhunter: You Are The Lighthunters

It’s easy to take a snap these days. There any number of ways you can do it, with cameras seemingly being built into everything. However, taking a photograph is an entirely different matter. What may seem as simple as 1-2-3, countless people have dedicated their lives to perfecting the art of image capturing. Taking a good photograph is no mean feat.

Henri Cartier-Bresson once wrote that ‘Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.’

With all of this in mind, the quality of photographs you submit each week is just incredible. Each shot beautifully considered to capture a perfect moment in time.

I honestly don’t think there has ever been another time in history where the collective skill level of  photographers the world over has been so high.

The advent of the digital SLR has played a big part in this, allowing people to learn so much faster than previously.

In my opinion though, the web has played the biggest part. It has never been easier to get involved with a community and to get help and advice from similarly minded folk.

If you’re considering a career path in this game, or you just want to further skill level, surround yourself with people who can give you honest critique. Some times you need tough love to advance yourself as a photographer.

I’ve often found myself spending hours and hours just looking at photographs I like, trying to deconstruct them to figure out how things were done.

You soon learn however that regardless of your technical skill level, there’s so much more to being a photographer.

You need to learn how to see.

I reckon if we put the entire Speedhunters team in a room and told them to photograph the same object, that no two photographs would be the same. I’d bet my house on it.

It’s this learning to see again approach that I find myself striving to improve upon. Always be looking for that next shot and never be happy with what you have.

That said, a little artistic license every now and then never goes astray.

There’s just something about a photograph and how a single frame can capture a fleeting moment in time.

As you now know, once that moment has passed, there’s nothing that can be done to bring it back again.

Paddy McGrath



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Thanks for featuring :)
Great post and really awesome photographs!


another good way to learn is to try and find an approachable amateur photography class, like down here in houston rice university has some really good ones that anyone can enroll in. then there's other photo collective type things that get some pro photographers to put on little cheap classes on stuff like how to REALLY use your dslr, photo editing, etc.
of course the best advice is just to go out and take pictures as often as you can in as many different settings as you can.  and have fun doing it!
and you're absolutely right about everyone taking unique pictures of the same subjects.  everyone has their own photographic eye.  that's what makes it interesting!


There are some really amazing pictures here, a very inspirational article, would love to get out there shooting at some of these locations with some of these cars...


You guys should try that, all the speedhunters take pictures of the same feature, I for one would love to see how that would turn out!


Thanks SpeedHunters for featuring ! Congratulations for all photographers, amazing photos! I never thought that one day I hit on SpeedHunters, now my picture appears in the second week in a row, thanks!


Wow! Thanks for the feature! Amazing photographs, well done to all!


Loving that white evo picture. But all of them are great


@MaciejMaroszek your photos my favourite, love how u capture the exhaust flame. ;)


@MaciejMaroszek your photos my favourite, love how u capture the exhaust flame. ;)


Thanks for featuring  mine PS13 at sick touge track in Poland :)
Btw., If anyone is interested, you can see more photos and videos at facebook.com/wodzinski.13


@PatrickD Definitely my favorite as well. Looks like a wolf in its natural habitat :p


@AndyNelson Great photo bro! :)


Thanks Paddy for the selection!
All the way from France,


VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing my work! Great work everyone, I love these reader submitted pics!


Thanks for posting my picture!


I can't believe I'm saying this.... pics and details on the white VL Commonwhore?


i caught a picture of sean mingling between sessions. can i be the #iamthespeedhunterspeedhunter ? its like talking dead


I drove past it when they were doing the photoshoot! Definitely packing some serious power I reckon


@KieranLucasMaguire shes packing a 100hp 26/30, bit of feature on 7tune i think as they sponsor the car a bit




We  need desktops of all of these!


@Mitch you can find out more at Facebook/jet3lt and more photos at Facebook/static photography.


I want to see more of that beautiful e30!


The Evo on the snowy road and MX-5 on the mountain pass; if I subscribed to any religion, that's the idea of heaven I'd be waiting for.