Poll: The Fight For The Championship

As you are reading this, myself along with several other members of the global Speedhunters team are at Irwindale Speedway preparing for this weekend’s Formula Drift event. While our team will be very busy with a full booth along with our #FEATURETHIS and #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER activities, the battle that’s about to unfold on track is not to be overlooked. For this week’s poll, we are once again asking for your predictions on the Formula Drift championship fight.

Whether you will be at the event with us, or watching from the comfort of your own home, who do YOU think will stand as 2012 FD Champ come Saturday night?

Heading into the weekend, Vaughn Gittin Jr. leads the championship race by a margin of 25.5 points. Will he take the title for the second time?

Sitting in second place is the always dangerous Daigo Saito. Could Daigo overtake Vaughn to become Rookie of the Year AND champion at the same time?

Rhys Millen sits in third place, 44.75 points Vaughn Gittin Jr. This looks like it will be Rhys’ final FD event driving a Hyundai, so he will surely be looking to make an impact at Irwindale.

Early in the season Justin Pawlak looked like the clear championship favorite, but after a string of misfortunes he now sits in fourth place, 70 points behind his fellow Mustang driving teammate. Can he come back?

Finally, sitting right behind JTP in the fifth spot is last year’s champion, Dai Yoshihara. It would take a pretty amazing string of events for Dai or JTP to shoot to the top in one event, but based on what we saw at Irwindale last year anything is possible…

Make your 2012 FD championship predictions now.


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thats easy... Daigo :)))


i want daigo to win it!


Daigo probably won't win. His record at the banked tracks isn't wonderful. He's also driving a newish car at the baby killer of a track Irwindale. Just sayin.


JR. Never been a huge fan of him to be honest, but this looks like another strong year for him.


JR, Millen, and Aasbo. I called it.


i like dai. i don't like gittin. get with it


I don't like Gittin but he sure as hell can drive. I'd love to see Saito win though. Or Aasbo!


i like all the drivers, so i really coulsnt choose. But i voted saito because hes still running jap power.


How does the points spread sit? How many for first, second etc, or are the points based on your scores? Never been to a drift event but I'm curious. Also how many points back is Dai Yoshihara? Also maybe a quick description of how the judging goes? I've become more interested in Drift since following speedhunters, but don't know how the scoring goes.


Dai Yoshihara is my favorite FD driver hands down so I'd obviously want him to win, but realistically it might not happen. Daigo would be my second choice but he lacks experience on banked tracks so he's sort of a wild card. Rhys would be my third pick of who I'd want to win. Though putting aside my own favorites, I think the champ will most likely be either Jr or Rhys from an objective standpoint.


Got to go with diago, just love his style!


Did jtp vote for himself? :O


I would have loved to see Dai Yoshihara also be this years champion, but I think Vaughn Gittin Jr is gone for the win this time.


Saito Daigo is going to pull a miracle and win it. Even in D1GP when he has machine trouble all day and doesn't get practice, he comes out and kills.


Seems like the polls were right :)


ive seen Daigo Saito Pilot that 1200bhp beast IN THE RAIN tandem like hes taking a relaxing drive So yeah i believe hes gonna win


Called it, but why isnt speedhunters posting? That Daigo guy i tell you


I like that pictures. Looking Awesome


Thanks for sharing this.