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I think a lot of people out there are still a little bit apprehensive about certain social media sites. Thankfully however, it’s not all lattes and self-portraits but only if you learn how to filter the good from the bad. Take the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER tag for instance – it brings you an almost live feed of all things automotive from around the world as seen by you, our beloved readers. You don’t even need a smart phone or particular app to enjoy this feed, you can access it online through our Tumblr site.

I’ve often found myself scrolling and exploring for hours, in search of one thing – cool cars.

We all find inspiration in different places and by browsing the seemingly never ending feed of images tagged by you on Instagram, you are guaranteed to find something that will peak your interest.

Sometimes you can even grab a sneak peak at upcoming stories live from the shoot location.

I have friends who often complain about the likes of Twitter, Instagram etc. saying that it’s just not for them and how they don’t want to listen to lots of random people talking and posting nonsense. That’s fair enough but if you feel that way, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

I always find myself looking out for interesting people who share interesting things whilst pruning those who I’ve grown tired of. It’s a constant effort but one that is more than worth it.

To have such easy access to the world of car culture, any time and any place is of such benefit to any petrol head.

Rotary powered Starlets drag racing.

Kouki S14s sitting pretty.

Two-toned PS13s All-Star Bashing.

There is no limit to what appears under the hashtag which I think perfectly represents what Speedhunters is all about – automotive culture with no limits.

One of my favourite aspects of this whole program is that it encourages people to start taking photos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting on your iPhone or DLSR, a photograph is a photograph.

It does help however if you have something really special in front of your lens …

Tomorrow I’ll be searching through the many, many e-mail submissions we received since last week before sharing the absolute best with you. With so many submissions it’s going to get tougher and tougher to get picked out as we will be focusing not only on the content of the submission but the quality too. It might seem a little bit tough, but we want to push you to be better photographers. With the quieter winter months looming, I’m also hoping to open a better dialogue with you to discuss techniques, tips and information with regards to all things automotive photography. Anyways, that’s all for another day …

Paddy McGrath


We created #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER to allow you the opportunity to share your skills and car culture experiences from around the globe with the rest of the Speedhunters audience.

How do you get involved? It’s simple…

Instagram – Follow us on Instagram at @TheSpeedhunters and tag your own car culture images with #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER
Twitter – Follow us on Twitter at @SPEEDHUNTERS and share your tweets with the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER hashtag.
Tumblr – Visit our Tumblr page to view the latest #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER tagged images.
E-Mail – If you’ve been to a cool event and captured some amazing images, be sure to e-mail them to us oniamthespeedhunter@dev.speedhunters.com and tell us a little bit about the event. The images need to be a minimum of 800×533 pixels.




写真は、800×533 ピクセル以上のJPGのフォーマットでお願いします。




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what is that in the @zeeslife pic?  Some JDM sedan with a challenger front bumper?!


@zeeslife looks like it


@zeeslife a31 cefiro


Not sure how I feel about that Camry, but that Escort looks awesome.


The E92 and 911 are hot


Thought that 14 was a camry at first glance lol


Thought that 14 was a 90's camry at first glance lol


I've been thin on instagram pics lately, hopefully the Footman James classic car show at the NEC will change that :)


i need more of that cefiro


Is that  Mampe Zakspeed escort in New Zealand?


Woah, that's my picture up there! Thanks, Paddy!


Woah, that's my picture up there! Thanks, Paddy!