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Another week and another overflowing inbox. Yes, it’s that time of the week where we delve into the wonderful world of car culture as seen by you. If you haven’t made it this week, don’t be downhearted but do read to the bottom where I’ve put some tips together that might help your cause …

Our featured image this week was sent in by Sukun W. On the island of Borneo, resides some impressive machinery but this R34 GT-R stopped me dead.

A recent Cars & Coffee meet in Houston, Texas was visited by this Corvette swapped Datsun S30.

In the UK, Steve White was on hand to cover a Subaru Meet-up to celebrate 20 years of the Impreza at the Prodrive complex.

Back in the US, ClubFR hosted Drift Day 42 at USAIR in Wisconsin. This shot by Peter Lapinski grabbed my attention, I’ve been re-struck by the S13 bug lately.

Meanwhile in Finland, they’ve been having once last shindig before the long winter arrives. Thanks for sharing Niko!

20 year old Mateusz Blaszczyk tells us that for one weekend in each month, he gets to enjoy the two things he loves the most – photography and rally sprints.

Jeroen van Ommen drove with his brother to the Paris Motor Show. He wanted to capture not just the cars of the event but the atmosphere too. I think he’s done quite well here.

Ismail Ibrahim from Malaysia shared his 1982 W123 Mercedes with us which he’s planning to drop a 2JZ into later next year. Ismail, you have our attention.

An Escort Cosworth on the streets of Tokyo. Grif tells us you always remember your first, he’s not wrong you know.

Gavin Host from Perth, Australia tells us that this isn’t the norm in his part of the world. This fourth generation Civic on Enkei 92s could hold its own anywhere mind you.

It wasn’t just our Jonathan who got a soaking at Brands Hatch last weekend …

Francesco Segato captured this beautiful shot in the low light at Monza of a Carrera Cup Race.

We always say that you can never turn off being a Speedhunter, @damonsteezy on Instagram proves just that as he captured this Lexus on his way to work one morning.

Carlos Berrios wants to share a photograph of his Impreza STi under the watchful eye of the Puerto Rican Police.

We started with an R34, so this week we’ll finish with one too. This one however was captured at a recent event in Croatia by Blaz Zagorec.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this week’s #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER. If you didn’t make it, here are some tips to help you in the future …

  • This isn’t about a random shot of your ride, it’s about well considered and executed photographs.
  • Be sure to include some information about the photograph you submit along with your name so we can credit you!
  • Although the images should be an absolute minimum of 800PX wide, you don’t need to send us the high resolution originals.
  • When you’re out shooting remember to have fun, stay safe and get that shot that nobody else has thought off.
  • Good luck and never give up!

Paddy McGrath


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is that a corrado in the foreground of that bmw drift pic? if so that's really cool.


those two skylines are gorgeous!


I think it's an '86 Corolla. Aren't Corrado's FWD?


I think Sumner's right, looks like a Trueno '86.


There are many R34's in the world, but it took me a few minutes to scroll down after seeing that. Something special about it, can't quite put my finger on it


That shot of the cup car going off is killer.


It's very cool site in this section. Congratulations to the class that does the Speedhunters!


Thanks Speedhunter for post my STI pic!!! :)


BTW the pics of the STI was taken by Julian Matias ;)


Thanks Speedhunters crew for posting my photo of the Paris motor show.

Francesco Segato

@sean klingelhoefer Thanks Sean :)


If there are two winning photos this week has to be the merc Amg wheel by Ismail and that sick Lexus by damonsteezy! Awesome shots!


Dang, what kind of phone did the guy use to capture the image of the Lexus IS? Pretty sexy quality, mang.


sick red skyline, best one in a long time


@TomHoward I like big butts and I can not lie....


@TomHoward looks like a Z tune??


Many thanks for featuring my 22B shot from the Impreza 20th Anniversary!


A car from Borneo Island! Really happy to see that :D


Thank you Paddy And the speedhunters crew for featuring my Merc W123..Its good to see that there are really good photographers who are car lovers from around the world. keep up the good work, - ismail..p.s will give some updates on my ride in a few weeks


@Curlytop thank you curlytop.


Just drove a Renault Clio Cup like the photo from freddie jenner,A few weeks back, it was a blast..


lets do it NISSAN


 Se ve vestial tu STI


@AJPR thanks AJ :-)


@AJPR thanks AJ


@CarlosDBerrios  @AJPR
 Yea man, Oye los policias le tienen el ojo a tu carro que estaran pensando hahaha


@AJPR jajajaja yo tambien quisera saberlo... Lol