Ah yes grassroots drift events. There are really few things better. Sure the cars and the driving are great, but it’s really the fun factor that truly defines these sort of events.

That fun factor is captured perfectly in this film from the 2012 Lone Star Bash in Texas.





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BLOODMASTERS BLOODBATH has to be the most fun drift video ever, featuring a few of the same guys:


9 middle fingers in 4:40 seconds. I fucking love Texas.


9 middle fingers in 4:40 seconds. I fucking love Texas.


Do they hand out a pair of buddy holly's glasses to every entrant at the gate?
Seemed the same as all publicized american drifting. Just big wide open corners.


 @Deedilus I dont think that the middle finger is the way:/ok they got awesome cars and bit of money to enjoy their hobby...but whats wrong with the attitute:/for me -  just bunch of rednecks


@MichaelBinek it's all between friends and isn't meant to offend. I'm sure you've jokingly said "fuck you" to your friends before. All in good fun.


 @kevin_chaloupka  @MichaelBinek Ok i get that its beetween freinds, and to be honest it do have a joke like that with close freinds:P It just buggs me because, they know that they being recorded, and they still do it:) like they want to look like a "badboy - i dont give a f..."anyway...good drifting:)


YEAH!!  looks like everyone is having lots of fun! good job texas =)


have matt powers sold his old car or was he too having grassroot fun?


 @MichaelBinek  This is how we act on a daily bases, the people recording are good friends of ours and they were just recording us being our selves. We always kid around, talk shit, give each other a hard time reason why some people call us "smartmouth" we aren't trying to impress anyone just because we are being recorded. We didn't even expect to be on a website as big as speed hunters. We usually record these videos to remember the good times we had.


@OysteinTeigland I was out there!


I know some drifters out of San Diego that can really smash! In Arizona too. And they maintain nicer rides despite the fact that drifting isn't about a beauty contest... Not saying these guys aren't good, but getting on Speehunters must have been a miracle or a hook up! Supposedly, Matt Powers was out there..... Hmmmm? Can't say I'm not a little disappointed.


 @Option86 You must not understand what drifting is all about. It's about having fun. Read the article again. "That fun factor is captured perfectly in this film from the 2012 Lone Star Bash in Texas." It's not about people who can "really smash and maintain nicer rides," it's about going out with your friends and having a fucking great time. Sounds like someones a bit jealous.


 @Deedilus I'm sure it's about having fun with friends, so many things are. I do understand what drifting is about, read my statement again. I'm not jealous, cause I'm not a drifter, but I feel bad for those I know who care for it as much as these fools and make more of an effort to pull it off well. So, if it's not about people who can really smash then whats the point of D1 drifitng comps?? Why are there drifiting comps held around the world to uplift the best and fittest in the game? Sounds like someone's being a pussy, know-nothing purest....  


 @Option86 Dude, this is grassroots. This isn't D1. This isn't Formula D. It's grassroots. And thank you, but unfortunately I'm not a "pussy know-nothing purest," I compete in Texas and though you say you understand what drifting is about, you obviously don't. This wasn't a competition. This was to go get drunk and have a fun time. That's cool if your buddies are better than us, more power to you and them. It's drifting, we had fun, if you're butt frustrated because we didn't go all out d1 style at a celebratory event than I sincerely apologize to you.


 @Option86 Grassroots is suppose to be like D1? Daaang man I didn't know that. Drivers are suppose to pull Team Burst shit every day at grassroots practice events the day before a competition too, huh? My bad bro, sorry you obviously know everything to know about drifting.


 @Deedilus Are you settled on your statement, or are you gonna keep deleting? Let's just forget it. You're too funny.


 @Option86 Deleted once? And that was because I didn't want to come off as too much of an asshole? But alright DK. I'm settled.




Im in love with that Sileighty.


Less music MORE engine noise :) 


Honestly man it sounds like you're upset at the fact you didn't make it on speed hunters, most of us driving in this could care less. All we want is to have fun drink beer and drive, that's what this video showed you here. Who cares about the nicest cars, most power and who has the most skill, it's all about having fun doing what we love.