Here we have another fantastic film from Stephen Brooks. This one details some of the history and culture behind the famous DKP Car Club, the California Look VW scene and how it’s influence spread from the streets of Orange County to the world.





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Fantastic video! I grew up with my Dad's '60 Cal-Looker and have been hooked to the scene ever since. Its wonderful to hear stories about the period and see some of the icons on film.


the white bug without trim is beautiful!!!!!!!


thanks for the video, i love sigur ros =]


I prefer my VWs slammed on chromies...


Awesome video, thanks!


wasn't cal-look supposed to be de-trimmed with smooth window rubbers? seems like a bunch of those were "resto-mod" as once coined years ago, or OEM+ as it's called now.  I like the video, but i'm not sure if cal-look has changed, or if the definition was wrong decades ago.


Damn, I've always loved the Beetle, since my dad grew up with them, but now I really want one.  There's few cars that hold the same cult following as Beetles. They might be the only car with a following like the Beetle. I mean, they have never gone out of style, every decade there's custom Beetles. Civics are up there too come to think of it, but still. It's the Beetle.


this sort of looks like what the stance movement is now


dkp is a verry exclusive club with great values, love how they included the legendary john erksie's yellow 62 and a few other legendary cal look cars that were built in the 60's and still street driven to this day.. none of those cars are resto mods that were shown all were built in the time and kept that way. der kline panzer is die hard vw and can be seen in the la and oc area. hit them up or check out a meet at bill and steves in bellflower some time...


Fantastic video!


 @ClaytonPayton  .. Cal look diversified over the years, the original California Look is as described in this film, these guys invented it y'know ... it was pretty much a lowered front end, perhaps BRM's/Sprintstars, either with or without trim and a hot engine out back, things like one piece glass etc came along much later. Over the course of time, and in particular during the late 80's/90's the term Cal Look was incorrectly applied to pretty much any lowered beetle. Nowadays there are quite a few clubs who build cars sticking to the original Cal look ethos 


This is just awesone. Many thanks !


This is just awesone. Many thanks !