8-6 Day: The Hong Kong Shuffle

Whilst the main 8-6 Day festivities kicked off in Japan, Corolla meets have of course been taking place all over the world. When these images from a gathering of the Hong Kong AE86 Club dropped into our in-box we had to post them up.

The club had a strong turn-out for their 2012 gathering, with dozens of 86s on show.

They showed off a great collection of immaculate Levins and Truenos.

White, red and black were the colours du jour, and a variety of body kits and rims had been deployed by club members.

The over-riding thing was just how immaculately presented all the cars were.

Of course the new FT86 is also quickly integrating into the clubs, sitting side by side with the classics.

So, thanks to our friends in Hong Kong for sending these images through!

Jonathan Moore

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As a celebration, it's fair to post a variety of stuff from around the world. Anything special?  ........... remotely in shot #4. *just sayin'*


not a single beater among them! =)


more pandas <3! :)


 @yanes33537 And then someone arrives and thinks you're talking about a Fiat. : D


Hi Guys! so i moved to Hong Kong like 6 months ago and you see such awesome amazing rides here but where are all the shops? or where do these meets or shows happen? im a major car freak and id love to check out the scene but i really havent seen anything, Please help if you guys can?

My email is Tevinmunien@gmail.com