Japanese Lego: Kurt’s 2jz Hilux

Just what is it about modified pickup trucks that makes them so cool? While I try to figure that out, let’s take a look at another machine submitted through the #featurethis program. This 1988 Toyota Hilux double cab was built by Speedhunters reader Kurt Muller, who says that his experience building Japanese cars is like playing with LEGO in the way that everything can be pieced together so easily.

Kurt pieced together quite an engine setup for the Hilux using a Supra 2JZGTE as a base. He added a single turbo setup on a custom manifold, external wastegate, 100mm front mount intercooler, and a full three inch exhaust – among other things. At its last dyno session, Kurt says the motor made 400 horsepower on a 7psi tune.

In the cab you can see the dash from a 1990 model Hilux, the shifter for the W57 gearbox borrowed from a Celica, and the hydraulic handbrake. The seats come from a Mitsubihsi Evo 4.

Kurt dropped the truck with 2″ lowering blocks in the rear and drop spindles in the front. To help put the power to the ground he also added an LSD from a later model Hilux. The wheels are 18″x10 zero offset DTRs all around, which sit under widened fenders.

Even better yet, all the work was done by Kurt himself in his shed. If you are like me, than this probably makes you want to go out and find a cool pickup truck of your own.

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front bumper looks like a 90 truck/4runner item...


All the right parts..........on the wrong chassis. Ugly truck in my opinion. I like the rims and the idea but the four door truck body is atrocious stock, let alone modified.


yet another boring build featured by Mike Garrett


this shitty fuck truck looks like a 4th grader who isn't good at drawing drew it
putting a 2j into things is awesome, but it doesn't make the things you put the 2j in awesome
this is almost worse than that stupid miata from last month


what part of mexico is this from?


trucks with 2jz's swap's 


haters gunna hate!
the rest us appreciate not everyones like the same s*** as you.


It takes a simple mind to just bash something and take it for its face value. People who can appreciate it not just for what it is but the time and energy put into it tend to be a bit more thoughtful. Lets face it, its easy to hate, and a lot harder to actually do something.


you're telling me you'd let people see you driving this?


Everyone is talking shit about this but honestly the man has skills. for starters he made it onto speedhunters (dont say this isn't an acheivement because we all check this website religiously). Also, the truck may not be the most appealing thing but it can definitely beat whatever most of the haters are riding in. I think it makes the truck better that it doesnt look amazing.


most people are hating on this truck but i honestly wish my Ford Ranger was as nice as this truck


DONT TALK ABOUT IT , BE ABOUT IT..... Why do u people feel the need to talk crap about other dudes projects,,, it aint yours , u dont have to drive it,, I personally wouldnt have went the same route but i can appreciate the vision, dedication and most importantly the Inspiration he had when he started the build,, Any respected car guy that u haters look up to are too busy working on there own projects to waste time typing crap about another build,,,DONT TALK ABOUT IT , BE ABOUT IT...


By the rego and wof stickers in the front window, its in NZ, and this ute is hella wicked!! Mate had a sr20 in a single cab 'lux and showed an integra whats up. Mini-trucks are big in NZ and this one is decent as!!


im digusted by all people who are so openly mocking this guys creation. you should all learn to keep your negativity to yourselves. im building a ford falcon ute at the moment and if anybody mocked it as much as you people are i would be very annoyed


 Looks like Nz? Don't understand all the hate on the ute though. Maybe its just a nz thing


im not normally against builds, even backyard ones but this is just terrible, that interior is shockingly bad, the engine swap, whilst cool, is messy and some parts look dodge, most of the panels look like they spray canned, in a bad way, dont fit well and are bent anyway. i do really hate being this guy about someones build, but is this really worthy of SH


If it was an equally beat-up looking FC RX7 with an LS swap, most of the haters would have loved it...  To each their own...  For me its uglyness and its WTFITS? appeal is what makes it great.   I'm not into drifting, but maybe a video of it smoking some tires while going sideways would tickle a few's fancy...


Love it, its great how people dare to do just what they want, and dont give a shit about the mainstream way to do things. I dont know how some people cant stand the ugly painting and the messy interior, who cares, he can take care of that later that later... probably he is busy taking that awesome hilux sideways :D


@guest3 Glad it was boring enough for you :)


Its a Backyard build, done on a backyard budget no doubt. Most people seem to forget that everyones gotta start somewhere. It might not be what everyones into, this body, that engine, whatever. If its not to your style, so what, what you drive might not be what someone else is into. Does that make your car a piece of? Not in your eyes. I commend him for having a go, its more than what alot of other people do. And no where does it say its finished. Just my two cents


Half of the builds in NZ look like this, the interiors not even that bad. This would be built to go hard not sit pretty.


The interiors not even that bad nor the paint, This would be built to go hard not sit pretty.
Hilux seen in NZ is pretty big


The interiors not even that bad nor the paint. This would be built to go hard ,not sit pretty.


i think this guy has a lot of balls he built something because he wanted it he didn't do it because its the in thing. he did it himself in his garage he didn't pay someone to do it. he focused on performance which is nice to see because it seems like less and less people do that in the car world of today. i would drive in a heartbeat.


i think this guy has a lot of balls he built something because he wanted it he didn't do it because its the in thing. he did it himself in his garage he didn't pay someone to do it. he focused on performance which is nice to see because it seems like less and less people do that in the car world of today. i would drive in a heartbeat.


2JZ in everything, it's mad tight yo!


Lets see all your builds then keyboard warrior dickheads!


This is a pretty wicked truck...there's not much of a show scene in NZ so there's no point in making it perfect....Not everyone has access to a millon dollar bank account or a panel shop to do the work. I'd be stoked to get my car up here so show this guy some common courtesy and give something positive


Everytime i read something like this it kills me, This truck is certainly not my taste and i could make a list in 5 minutes of the things i would change however with that in mind... It isnt my truck, i didnt build it, i wont ever have to drive it therefore it matters not that it isnt quite up my street, im sure its exactly what the owner wanted from it and thats the point here, I love cars, i love driving and i love this website for the diversity of articles i can read here, some stuff i like and some stuff i dont and thats my opinion, i have the right to voice it as does anyone else but theres a strong difference between being constructively critical and just being a proper full on bell end... Prehaps if some people spent less time angrily smashing their keyboards just to publicise a bit of hate and boradcast there insecurities and more time in their own garages building their own creations forums like this would be a more pleasent place to be.
For example, @guest3 - Most people who read this saw the first picture and initial words and carried on reading because they figured it would be interesting, you saw the first picture and decided you would take some time out of your no doubt incredibly busy and important schedule to demonstrate to people that you are infact a total moron and should probably not be allowed to repoduce on the basis that you are dragging the gene pool down, you'll probably be a candidate for the darwin awards one day... seriously... have a word with yourself.


I think this things bloody badass! The more the haters hate it, the more it makes me love it


Been piecing together a hilux 2jz build in my head for a little while now, seeing this makes me want it more


at first i was like, why stop at 400 horsepower? then i saw he was using the w series gearbox. apparently if you use an r150 or 151 with a jz bellhousing, shifter placement in this truck would be perfect and mounts already exist. plus 4wd.


 @guest4 Now this is uncalled for.  No need to try to overcome your frustrations in life with racist comments like this one.  I'm pretty sure Speedhunters have a lot of followers in Mexico and/or from Mexican roots. 
You need to begin respecting others ASAP my friend...


As the owner of the ute I just wanted to write a quick comment and say thanks to all the people who took time to write a comment both for and against. I’m glad I could bring something to the table that’s worth talking about. Truck was built to be different and I like the 80's square look. Main goal was for it to go hard. I wanted WRX, EVO's etc to pull up next to it scoff take off and then find they not only cant loss this old ute but are now looking at the rear end of it.
The utes not finished yet and plenty to tidy up but I'm happy with it for the tight buying parts from a wrecker budget it was built on. Its also the first time I've done a lot of the work including paint, panel, welding in new guards etc but I want to have built the ute not have brought it.


 So well said


I've got a mildly lowered '89 sr5 xtra cab with the V6 and I've been heavily considering the 2jz swap. I love the idea of 400hp in these things. very nice!


Here is mine, and thanks for the dickhead compliment.


Here is mine Brent, and thanks for the dickhead comment: (on the right hand side there is the 2004 Tacoma file).


dope truck


The truck looks a little funny, with that same "small truck with a two-door cab" wheelbase/footprint but with the cab extended into where some of the bed should be, but other than that, I think it's cool in a quirky way. As it's been said before, minitrucks can make great starter drift vehicles, what with a lot of power that you can put onto the rears which aren't hardly weighed down. Not wild about the colors, but, hey. Could be bilge green with turquoise wheels.


Fuck the haters son do you hell if i ran across it in the states id buy it its a 1000% better than what i have built which is nothing mad props son!!


I bought the front off this truck lol. But SERIOUSLY cool truck, was aiming for pretty much the same truck but it got stolen about 8months ago never to be returned. Its a shame it got pulled apart