The Unfiltered Symphony #speedhuntingwknd 06

And we’re back!

Some truly great machinery uncovered by you all last week. Congratulations to all who took part and even more so to our five winners.

If you’re new, #SpeedhuntingWKND is a weekly feature where we ask you to go out into the world, shoot pictures of cars and post them up to Instagram or Twitter along with the #SpeedhuntingWKND hashtag. We select the top five images and then send them out some seriously decent, very exclusive merchandise (Speedhunters Stickers). Each week we choose a different theme.

Inspired by some talk we’ve been having internally and fuelled further by debate from within the community at large, we have decided to set this week’s theme as “No Filters, No Photoshop, Only Awesome”.

So this week you can shoot whatever you want, wherever you want. Just make sure its a car you’re pointing your lenses at and that you keep away from the filters!

Good luck.