The Liberty Walk C130 Laurel In High Res

Shakotan rides and Kaido racers are as Japanese as sushi and natto beans and we all love them for it. I had a great deal of fun shooting these type of cars at Kato-san’s private garage and the feature on his C130 Laurel just wouldn’t be complete…

…without some high resolution version of some of the pictures I used in the post.

So go ahead and download some slammed Japanese vintage goodness!

The Hayashi Racing Team Yayoi “sakura wheels” are pretty rare but if you place this image on your desktop you can enjoy looking at them all day!

I’m planning to dig out a lot more of these kind of cars in Japan so you can expect to see more in the coming months. 

Scroll down to the gallery section and choose your favorite images.

Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk C130 Laurel feature

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Great to see more Liberty Walk cars on here, need more purple c10 and their 240z coverage aswell


Does anyone know where I can acquire said flares in the states?


 @revcyanide umm i think i remembered i saw a post in craigslist in la cali but it was for the z's forums help


After seeing Liberty Walk's Murcielago and F40, it's hard to believe that the guy started with Japanese cars(even though it was clearly shown in the video that was posted up awhile back).


 @revcyanide Flares like those might have to be fabricated. The market for flares like those is pretty slim in the states.


 @revcyanide The market for flares like those is pretty slim in the states. Might have to get some fabrication going on your part


really nice !

trash bin fender

I like the color and the concept but the execution leaves much to be desired. Those fenders look like they were made out of eavesthroughing... totally destroys the car.


I have to agree.  Really neat looking car, but the flares have too much ripple in them.
Then again, I'm not too keen on bosozoku style either.


Sorry, but those flares look like a skinny chick with huggggeeee cankles. Other than that, car is sick.


I would LOVE to own some hayashi sakuras in redish pink they came in though.