Shoulda Put A Sticker On It

Another great week packed with some excellent Speedhunting. Loving the energy on the site at the moment.

So to dial us all squarely into the weekend we are pleased to announce the theme for this week’s “Speedhunting Weekend”.

One thing we’re really enjoying lately is seeing all of your own cars. So let’s go back to the beginning and have another round of ‘Reader Rides’. If your car’s looking sharp, we’ll send you stickers to complete the picture.

And if you’re new to the game, let us recap:

1. Take pictures of awesome cars (this week, specifically, your own cars)
2. Post em up to Instagram or Twitter along with the #SpeedhuntingWKND hashtag
3. At the end of the weekend (Sunday midnight PST) we will single out the best 5 entries
4. These Speedhunting champions will get their work featured on the site and have some brutally exclusive Speedhunters swag posted out to them (stickers and such)

So go to it! Unleash that inner Speedhunter inside you all.

Have a great weekend.