Remember Your Roots

A question for our readers outside of Japan, can you remember the very first time you were exposed to contemporary Japanese car culture and drifting? Maybe it’s a case of looking back at things with rose tinted glasses, but I still have a fondness for JDM cars from the late 90s and early 00s. Things seemed a lot simpler back then as there was quite a simple equation to having a good looking car: take your base car + bodykit from a reputable source + increase power + lower car + add wide wheels = guaranteed success.

Today, in my opinion (not that anyone cares) things have become too complicated. There are so many variations of style and differing scenes that things have turned into a bit of a strange concoction – the Japanese scene is now taking styling cues from the US scene which was originally inspired by the Japanese and it’s just become a big, giant mess.

Okay, I’m definitely being a bit OTT and harsh, but for good reason. I’ve fallen head over heels with a lady from my past, and I’m smitten. You see, back when I was in what the American’s would call “High School”, I dreamed all day and everyday of owning a PS13 in black with a BN Sports Kit and mega low offset wheels. Although this one is purple, it’s re-opened a part of my heart that I thought was gone forever.

When talking to David Coleman, owner and creator of this pristine thirteen, he’s actually a little bit reserved. ‘It’s still a work in progress with lots more to do.’ he tells me. When I ask him to start putting a spec list together he enquires ‘Can I include future plans?’ in a tone that I interpret as semi-serious.

David’s car has been a labour of love, but is still an ongoing project.

Having picked the car up just over a year ago, it didn’t take long before the transformation began.

The car was originally white before being treated to a full BN Sports Kit and a respray in Midnight Purple with a purple micro-flake.

The Blister Kit is as we all know, huge. Its abilities to swallow a set of wheels is unparalleled. Five spoke SSR Vienna Red Caps have been deployed to fill those arches. Measuring in at 18×9.5 +1ET with a 30mm spacer up front…

… and 18×11 -8ET with a 10mm spacer out back.

The inside has been kept relatively stock with only the most essential upgrades having been applied – a Blitz steering wheel …

… an Apex’i Power Commander with a Blitz boost controller and boost gauge …

… a driver’s bucket seat in the shape of a Bride Brix and a Cusco bolt-in cage with a driver’s X-bar.

There’s just something so appealing about these simple, driver focused ingredients.

Handling is controlled with a full compliment of Cusco coilovers with match camber plates.

Driftworks have had a hand in this department too – the car having been fitted with their camber arms and subframe bushes.

The engine spec is rather modest (for the meantime) with a T28 ball bearing turbocharger, Trust exhaust manifold, elbow and down pipe, Greddy front mount intercooler and Sard 555cc injectors to name a couple of the highlights.

The obligatory HKS mushroom filter shot.

From the cat back, a Buddy Club Spec II exhaust weaves its way under the body before exiting through the BN Sports bumper.

I just love the subtleties and the simple things – like how the rear over-fenders have been blended into the body.

Like Keith’s 180SX, David drives this car every single day.

There’s a lot to be said for how successful a build is when it can be driven daily without any issues.

The quick release bumpers are a nice touch too.

Whilst David may have just finished this interpretation of his PS13, come winter time there will be plenty of changes.

‘I’ve owned the car for just over a year now. When I first got it, it was white with tiny narrow wheels and big bumpers. It was disgusting! I’ve changed everything on it except the driver’s seat and turbo timer. But come the winter, I’m going all out.’ He continues ‘I’m going to tub the arches and wire tuck and fully flush the engine bay. New wheels, forged engine with a big top mount turbo, full respray with a flocked dash and door cards, new seats – it’ll basically be a new car again.’

It’s obvious he has the vision and skills to create something special, so to see what how he transforms the car again will certainly be an interesting project to follow.

Not only have both Keith & David reignited my lust for Japanese cars, they’ve reminded me of how important it is to follow your own vision when developing a project. To not bow to pressure and to build something that puts a smile on your face, not other people’s.

At the end of the day, if you’re happy then it doesn’t matter what other people think.

Paddy McGrath

Street Car Features on Speedhunters

Keith’s Nissan 180SX RPS13

1993 Nissan Silvia PS13


SR20DET; T28 Ball Bearing Turbo; Trust Exhaust Manifold; Trust Downpipe & Elbow; Buddyclub Spec II Cat-Back Exhaust; Greddy Front Mount Intercooler; HKS Air filter; HKS Actuator; Oil Catch Tank; Walbro 255 Fuel Pump; Sard 555cc Injectors; Apex’i Power FC & Commander;


OS Giken Triple Plate Clutch; OS Giken Flywheel; Cusco Two-Way Differential;


Cusco Coilovers with Camber Plates; Driftworks Camber Arms; Driftworks Subframe Bushes; Tein Toe Arms;


SSR Vienna Red Caps – Front: 18×9.5 +1ET with 30mm Spacer; Rear: 18×11 -8ET with 10mm Spacer;


Bride Brix; Blitz Steering Wheel; Cusco Bolt-in Rollcage with Driver’s X-Bar; Greddy Turbo Timer; Blitz Dual Solenoid Boost Controller; Blitz Boost Gauge;


Resprayed Midnight Purple with Purple Micro-Flake; BN Sports Blister Kit; Rear Quarter Panels Blended to Body; Triple Projectors & Clear Sidelights;



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These things are beautiful to look at, i cant imagine how magical they sound.


Roots? More like oem aero & 15" wheels.




ghetto wheels, stickered windshield, bell bottom bodykit with poor bodywork, and an otherwise stock sr to boot.  Cool. 


Where is JDM here ? All people are speaking about JDM but they don't know what it is. Please remember what was the definition of JDM originally. I'm agree with Slappy . Example : Nissan with OEM or Nismo parts, Toyota with OEM or TRD parts... : this is true JDM. No wide body kits !!!!!!!! I'm not saying i don't like this PS13 but it's not JDM.       Japan Ichiban !


all the car is missing is bondo patches, probs the ugliest, worst put together car i have seen on the blog.

Function over form

The red fastback is just sick!!
Thanks Paddy Mcgrath for not being a scene kid and sticking to your roots.


to all that are hating on this car, you really dont know a JDM car if it smacked you in the face, FGkouki the wheels are far from ghetto SSR wheels cost a bomb, and are prob worth more then your car, danjapan13 this car is the definition of a JDM car, nearly every part is from the land of the rising sun, BN SPORTS is a japanese company, SSR is a japanese company so is cusco, bride, trust, blitz, HKS, sard, and apexi and buddyclub. atomicf id love to see you build a car of this caliber, ugly is NOT one word that comes to mind when i look at this car, more like beautiful and sublime


This car sucks.


This is brilliant.
I'm unsure of the rear part of the body kit - however with that said the more I look at it, the more I like it. I feel a bit naughty actually.


 @JDMrob1 I know what ssr wheels are, LOL.  Been into s-chassis for almost 10 years.  My s14 could be a featured car on here if I wanted it to. 


Hey guys, a lot of you are posting that the feature sucks... Well, it's because this isn't a feature at all. It's actually an intervention that the internet put together for you because you don't know how comment on blogs. We're going to start by going around the internet with some "I" statements letting you know how we feel about your commenting. I'll go first.  "I think you should Shut the fuck up!"


Pretty sure that's a Bride Zeta, not a Brix.


When i was in highschool a S13 like that was everybodys wet dream. Brings back memories.


Ignoring all the shite talk thats going on this is a great feature on two very genuine cars paddy id love to see them driven hard then theyd take me back!


 @bradjh Never heard an near stock SR before eh? 
This car isn't that bad looking 


I love it... with the exception of the lower 10cm. But hey, it's not my car, and overall, I like it more of it than I dislike. I bet the owner likes it, and he should, it's his.


In that pic of the front, does it look like the intercooler is mounted off sides? love the ride though


Hell yeah! This is a seriously cool car, similar to mine lol. Can't wait to see the next version!


trying to figure out the point of this post...


 cause thats a sick car. clean. trip down memory lane, take your pick dude

loosing the faith

I wish there were less eye sores like this on speedhunters. Another ruined Silvia. I mean come on, that cardboard bodykit and those wheels have absolutely zero finesse to them. Who cares if they're expensive, rare... whatever. And all these arguments about what JDM is... yawn..
I think all the so called 'haters' of this car may actually have taste. Despite all the hard work that's gone into this car, it's a polished turd.


"You see, back when I was in what the American’s would call “High School”, I dreamed all day and everyday of owning a PS13 in black with a BN Sports Kit and mega low offset wheels."
P.S. ...but with Kranze Bazreia thought please...Yes I'm a MadMike Fanboi, Deal with It! =P


 @JDMrob1   JDM is not just put japanese parts on a japanesese car !!!  A VIP-style japanese car with just japanese parts is not JDM style, it's VIP.  You can make a USDM style to your japanese car with just japanese parts but it's USDM not JDM. Originally JDM was a very simple tuning style, just some options parts from the original manufacturer or from the  manufacturer tuner ( Nismo, TRD, Mugen, Ralliart, STI....)  Nowadays everyone talk about JDM....  Please remember the roots of JDM.


Signal Auto and Tokyo Extreme Racer !!
(Drifter X)


I appreciate that you have an opinion, just a shame it's wrong. This car is not an "eye sore" it is someones pride and joy. I am 100% sure that the car you drive gets criticism but i am also sure that no-one calls it an "eye sore" or "ruined" because they respect the fact that your heart and soul has been poured into it to make it something that YOU like and that YOU can be proud to say is your car. People show you and your car respect so you should return the favor.
P.S. What so you drive that is so special and different from everything else? 


*This car sucks in your opinion*. Asolutely love it great work paddy.


*This car sucks in your opinion*. Asolutely love it great work paddy.


anyone hating on this car is a bandwagon jumper. you're all over the latest greatest v8 swapped rocketbunny styled car. every car is great. why say one is better than another? or you hate something? sorry the spot light is not on you, but with such a bad attitude i'm glad its not. show your passion for something instead of hatred. think before you open that little meat flap on your face or type something.

sorry this got so ugly. back on topic, sick car. sick photos. this site is amazing and lets keep everything postive instead of turning it into "your local forum of trash talking anything and looking big on the internet"



You are what is known as an idiot! Beautiful japanese car with the finest quality parts from Japan on it sprayed the iconic midnight purple and you reckon its an polished turd, get a grip! Go daydream  about your ferraris and porches and shut up!


goosh.. now i need to choose between rocket bunny and bn sports. loving this s13 except for the rim and midnight purple. midnight purple is skyline r34 reserved (in my opinion). anyway, it's forgivable. rim is supposed to be work meisters (for example) or other spokes that show the brake and dirt underneath. by the way, i suggest an 'open-like-bensopra' style hood for further development of this car. it would be an epic style. :)  


one more thing. david's s13 got desktop but keith's 180 aint? please mister :)...


 @macm3651 welcome! for more 'you-call-it-pointless-without-a-point' post, place your cursor on the car section tab and select your taste. :)


i like the fact that its driven everyday.. the rear bumper is a bit chunky for my taste, but i that just me being me1 all in all a well presented car! quality photos & coverage as expected - keep it up
(finally got this 'livefyre' thing sorted Paddy, so i'm back now)


 @danjapan13 JDM = any car made for the Japanese domestic market , doesn't matter how its styled


 @NuggetG60YorkshireUK Delighted to see you back!


 @yanes33537 I'll sort that one out and leave you a link here when it's done!

loosing the faith

How can an opinion be wrong. Its subjective. Look up the definition of the word.
I don't like the modifications made to the exterior of this car. The elements don't work visually together. The bumpers and side skirts are so flat and crude, like folded bits of cardboard. Compared to the integrity of the original Nissan body panels. I know its someone's pride and joy. Good for them. Doesn't mean everyone has to like it. Just as long as they do then that's all that matters. But when a car feature is posted on a website of this scale people are going to post their opinion's. Both positive and negative.

loosing the faith

you're an idiot for telling someone they're an idiot for expressing their opinion.


i normally ignore these sort of arguments but your ignorance is a little annoying yes your entitled to your opinion but open your eyes in relation to the kit that you describe as "fat and crude" the shape of the bn sports kit is designed to complement cars of this style a lot of thought has been put into the design the wedge shape at the bottom is to compliment the angle of neg cambered wheels and also show of some tire to give the car more aggression as a whole package this car works perfectly the owner of this car definitly has taste and a even a quick glance at the car shows that....and your first comment wasnt expressing your opinion it was just being a dick running someones car into ground?


Indeed an opinion cannot be wrong and everyone is entitled to their own, but everyone else here who has posted a negative comment has still shown an element of respect to the owner and the car despite their views, some even managing to be constructive with their criticisms. Your comment was just disrespectful and not at all constructive.In my comment i did not say that everyone had to like it nor would i want everyone to like it, but i did say that cars in both their daily use and general modification should be treated with respect by the people who use it and the people who view it. Clearly the person who modified this Silvia did not want to follow the usual pattern and i respect that and so should everyone else who views a car like this before, during and after they post a comment just as you should have done. 


Not my taste, I think it's quite ugly actually. But hey, the car is for him, not me. I actually really like Keith's car. A properly done JDM 180sx never gets old.


Not my taste, I think it's quite ugly actually. But hey, the car is for him, not me. I actually really like Keith's car. A properly done JDM 180sx never gets old.


Not my taste, I think it's quite ugly actually. But hey, the car is for him, not me. I actually really like Keith's car. A properly done JDM 180sx never gets old.


Not my taste, I think it's quite ugly actually. But hey, the car is for him, not me. I actually really like Keith's car. A properly done JDM 180sx never gets old.