Kanjo Style: The Osaka Jdm Ef9 Civic

Staying true to your roots is something very important but at the same time equally hard to do. When it comes to cars, the lure of modern machinery, new technology and the ever-increasing levels of performance is very difficult to resist. But for the guys at Osaka JDM this is more like a way of life. In the ten or so years the shop has been in operation it has cemented itself as the hub for all things oldschool Honda, slowly but surely expanding their reach as more and more customers tap into their unique brand of style. After checking out Furukawa’s shop, it was on to one of the best example of their work, a little red EF9 Civic that was parked outside the garage. Its owner had kindly taken some time off…

…to come down to the shop and show us the car that he has been slowly perfecting over the years.

Like Furukawa himself and a lot of his more established customers, the owner’s (who shall remain nameless – we can call him Jason if you like!) passion for these little old Hondas began back in the day, when Kanjo racing was at its peak. Literally storms of stripped out Civics and CRXs used to terrorize the Osaka highway “loop,” as different teams raced against each other in the middle of the night, weaving through traffic and screaming around corners. That sort of thing is all but finished now, thanks to the big police crackdown that went down a few years back.  So now these guys prefer to enjoy their rides on another level, still maintaining the true essence of the Kanjo way, but concentrating on evolving the looks and styles to keep up with the times.

Starting under the hood mechanical modifications are minimal, just enough to boost power and response of the stock B16.

So under that custom painted head cover we find EK9 Type-R camshafts, there to spice up the power delivery. NGK plugs and leads help assure a cleaner combustion…

…while exhaust gasses are channeled into the Osaka JDM sports catalyst by the FGK stainless steel exhaust manifold.

A very rare Eikoh exhaust system finishes things off, emitting just the right sort of buzzy Honda tone you would expect, not loud but just right.

A Try Box intake system takes care of breathing upgrades…

…the filter element nicely positioned behind the driver’s side headlight and sort of protected by the tiny Odyssey racing battery, helping to baffle away the heat emanating from the engine. A larger Osaka JDM 70 mm throttle and Mugen ECU are the final pieces, helping get the most out of the engine.

While a lot of people in the US love to go for JDM parts on their Honda’s the opposite can be said in Japan; the EF9 wears USDM bumpers and lights to help it stand out from the crowd.

The aero mirrors are finished off with the Osaka JDM rising sun motif, a very cool touch.

Osaka JDM’s original Loop 5 wheels, based on the Work Meister CR01, were chosen in a combination of black anodized outer rim and polished-look silver centers. The 7Jx15″ rims are shod with Toyo Proxies tires, measuring 195/50R15 at each corner.

At the rear we find an Osaka JDM roof spoiler and some rubber/elastic latches for the hatch.

It’s hard not to like the Osaka JDM way of doing things; keeping it simple, but spicing things up with a few choice parts to highlight certain areas of the car.

Out on the streets of Osaka the EF stands out like a sore thumb, the bright red paint and that unmistakable Honda sound attracting plenty of attention.

Swing open the driver’s side door and you further understand what a Kanjo car is all about. While things are kept simple aesthetically, and the engine only sporting minor modifications, there are quite a lot of alterations done in the interior. You are first met with the sight of that intrusive roll cage and of course the Mugen N1 window net…

…there to help conceal the identity of the driver.

While there are still floor mats in the footwells most of the trim has been stripped away. Light Recaro buckets replace the stock seats and there are nice little additions like the titanium DC2 Integra Type-R shift knob…

…and the thick-rimmed Momo suede steering wheel.

To help stiffen up the over twenty year old chassis, Osaka JDM have welded the front pipes of the roll cages onto the A-pillars thanks to a gusseted metal plate, something you really only see on race cars.

The rest of the cage spans up, over and around the driver and passenger seats and braces itself…

…onto the rear wheel arches.

A Mugen rear strut tower bar further helps keep the shell nice and rigid where it matters the most.

Possibly the coolest addition has to be the Jason mask, something that back in the day used to be worn so the driver could hide his identity from the cameras placed on the Kanjo’s toll gates and of course from the police.

I’m very glad I visited Furukawa-san and his crew, it was an eye-opener to see yet another subculture that exists in the vast Japanese tuning scene. You can expect to see more awesome cars from Osaka JDM as I plan to stop by again in the very near future.

If you liked this red EF9, don’t forget to scroll down and download the desktops!

Osaka JDM

Osaka JDM features on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Magnifique !


 @danjapan13 Mercí


wow, that must make an excellent go kart! must be so stiff :)

btw hooray mobile speedhunters interface!


 @speedhunters_dino Woaouh do you speak french ? Maybe you know some french words because you know JC from Autoworks.


Thanks to one of the pics you posted, I now know what the owner looks like


sweet article, more kanjo!
oh and it's worn, not warn.


nice work, but as far as i can tell that is not an usdm front end. 


"the EF9 wears USDM bumpers and lights to help it stand out from the crowd."
Really?!!! The only thing USDM there are the orange lights... That front end is EF9/EE9 original Front End from JDM/EDM markets....
Great car & great coverage thanks ;)


"the EF9 wears USDM bumpers and lights to help it stand out from the crowd."
Really?!!! The only thing USDM there are the orange lights... That front end is EF9/EE9 original Front End from JDM/EDM markets....
Great car & great coverage thanks ;)


lol, a gusseted bolt-in roll cage....now I really have seen everything!


looking really well balanced!.. i like what has been done throughout - a labour of love!


nice car. i can imagine how it blast through 'the loop'. oh sorry, japan's highway. but what is 'the loop' anyway? any chance that the loop can be featured on temple of speed section?  :)


 @yanes33537 It is literally called the Kanjo Loop. It's a "belt way". A highway that goes around the city, but no where else. You can see some videos on Youtube of some of the old teams out racing on it Donald/Osaka JDM/Temple. Or you can check out the second JDM insider from the early 2000s.


I love these Kanjo car articles Dino! Keep them coming!!


Interior means business! Watching the vids of these guys in the Kanjo never gets old.


Awesome article. I love the Kanjo scene.


Awesome article. I love the Kanjo scene.


It's actually really nice to see a car that hasn't gone with the stance trend. It's been nicely built, and is a reminder you don't have to waste your tires to look cool. Nice article Dino!


It's actually really nice to see a car that hasn't gone with the stance trend. It's been nicely built, and is a reminder you don't have to waste your tires to look cool. Nice article Dino!


Such a good build, I cant wait to get my hatch finished.


Such a good build, I cant wait to get my hatch finished.


Love the Kanjo car design.  Nice work


Street is where its at


How are they attaching the window net to the door?


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