Poll: The Marathon Of Le Mans

We are just hours away from the start of one of the world’s great automotive spectacles – the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

While we all can’t be trackside at la Sarthe , the entire race can be experienced through the wonders of television and the internet. Our question this week is just how much of the famous endurance race you plan on watching this weekend?

Will you be glued to your TV or computer screen for the entirety of the race? Will you ignore it entirely? Somewhere in between?


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Even though the times are evenly matched, I still think Audi are heavy favorites going into this race. This is Toyota's first LeMans race with this car, and their first attempt at LeMans in over a decade, things change, and as we saw with Peugeot's first time out, there's still going to be a lot of kinks and issues that will appear during a full 24 hour race that you just can't simulate, like LeMans like weather and track conditions and the inclusion of 50 other race teams. But, if somehow they go through the race unscathed, I think they have a decent shot at it if the Audi's run into massive problems like they did last year, losing two cars to massive crashes


RTL 7 will broadcast 24 hours in the Netherlands. And my wife is going out on Saturday night  :)


I'll be watching it on Eurosport, at least until I get asleep... :(


Can't vote because you missed the other option: won't watch because it is not available in Australia. Miss it terribly, but the bastards at Foxtel and Eurosport will not allow free to air tv, or video streaming on line here. Speed hunters is my only option!


For the Australians you can watch a live stream through channel 10 sport here:  http://tensport.com.au/lemans-live-streaming.htm
Not sure what the coverage will be like or if their will be lots of ads but its a stream for us Ozzie's none the less.


would like to watch it, but i know that today is gonna be a busy day!!


I'll watch if I can find a stream...


Any body wishing to watch, you can find a stream on Audi.tv.com or on the FIA WEC website... and dont forget Radio Le Mans!!


The most that I might miss is maybe 4 hours tops and that's only for food,nap and bathroom breaks


got the first hour coverage last night in malaysia. no live 24hrs. but thanks to speedhunters, i'll be tuning in from time to time. :)


No Peugeot, no BMW, no fight for the lead


There was a Koenigsegg Agera R on the Michelin's stall !! :)