The House Of Drift Becomes The House Of Honda

For Honda enthusiasts not just in Southern California but across the United States and even the world, the word “Eibach” is synonymous not just with the the famous suspension company, but with the massive annual all-Honda gathering that’s been held in SoCal for over seven years now. Unless you’ve actually been there, it’s really hard to convey just how huge this event has become.

Any one who may think that Hondas have fallen out of popularity hasn’t seen the hundreds of cars that jam the streets and the thousands of spectators that have packed into the Eibach Meet over the last few years. It’s truly astonishing.

Unfortunately with that growth comes some unpleasant side effects. For the past couple years it was clear that the meet was becoming too large for its traditional home at the Eibach Springs HQ in Corona, California. The quaint industrial park just wasn’t made to take on these thousands of people and the event organizers were simply overwhelmed with traffic and crowd control. The same went for the Corona Police Department.

For 2012 it was decided that a new home was needed for the Eibach Meet. But where? Was there any venue out there that could successfully handle the waves of cars and people this event brings? Eventually it was good old Irwindale Speedway that was chosen as the venue for Eibach 2012, with the hope that it’s wide open parking lots and convenient location would be more suitable for the crowds.

Having no idea what to expect, I hopped on the 10 Freeway yesterday morning and plotted course for Irwindale Speedway. I made sure to arrive as soon as the main gates opened and already I found dozens and dozens of Hondas lined up to get in the lot.

In addition to the seemingly endless stream of Civis and Integras, there was a buzzing pack of customized Honda Ruckus scooters that had joined in the crowd. After taking in the sight and sounds of these little bikes, I made my way to the gate begin shooting the meet…

…but not before I had my hand marked for re-entry. While a normal stamp might do for some, a hand-drawn Type R logo was the mark of choice at Eibach.

From there I began my journey through the sun-drenched parking lot to look over the machinery. Participants had been rolling in since the wee hours of the morning and the vast lot was already beginning to fill to capacity.

As you’d expect, the Civic and Integra made up the majority of the crowd, but many of  Honda’s other greats were on hand. Take the S2000 for example. As the price of second-hand S2000s drops people are continuing to get more and more creative with Honda’s top-down sports car.

There’s no school like the old school. Models from the so-called “glory days” of Honda are always a huge part of Eibach, many of them equipped with choice period correct modifications.

Speaking of the classics, this first generation CR-X really caught my eye. It looked clean enough to be the centerpiece of a mid 1980s Honda showroom. Already these vintage Hondas are being grouped with established Japanese classics like the Datsun 510 and 240Z.

While Hondas stretched as far as the eye could see, it was easy to notice there were certain standout cars. This Integra Type R looked just right with TE37s and the Mugen rear spoiler.

With so many extravagant machines fighting for your attention at Eibach, it’s always nice to see the simple, understated cars. Here we have a four-door Civic was looking just right.

When I hear people talking about the good old days of Honda, the Prelude is always brought up. Seeing a a properly modified Prelude like this one always makes me wonder if Honda has any plans to bring back the much-loved sports coupe. Somehow I doubt it’s in the pipeline…

While on the subject of Preludes, let’s not forget about Big Mike’s incredibly detailed machine. I’ve seen this car at many different events and finally got a chance to chat with Big Mike a bit yesterday.

It turns out he’s a big fan of Speedhunters and was proud to outfit his car with one of our stickers. Thanks a lot, Mike!

I was pleasantly surprised to see several Honda CR-Zs at the meet in various states of modification. It may not be the triumphant revival of the CR-X that so many were hoping for, but still nice to see some enthusiasm for it.

Not only is it cool to see a fourth generation Accord done like this, but just seeing one that’s this clean in general is rare sight these days.

One of my favorite cars of the day had to be this DC2 Integra. You expect to see Rays TE37Vs on a Hakosuka, S30, or other Showa era machine, but to see them on an Integra is quite cool. It’s not “Hellaflush” fitment, but the wheels are the perfect size for this application. Thumbs up.

As I continued to make my way around the meet I noticed the crowd continuing to grow. By early afternoon the huge lot had already reached capacity and cars were being turned away by the Irwindale PD. The wise ones came early it seems.

A beige-colored Honda Accord sedan might be the accountant’s transportation of choice…

…but throw on an aggressive drop and some wheels and you can really “balance the books”. Sorry, lame joke.

Acura TSX tucking rim. I can’t really tell if the “stance” movement is still growing or not, but there were lots of low and wide machines at Eibach.

But let’s not think for a moment that functional builds have fallen out of style. This group of track-focused Integra Type Rs was impressive to say the least.

Cut up bumper with fat, sticky Toyo tires and a Mugen exhaust. How’s that for function?

Here we have a pair of EP3 Civics that show the big contrast you’ll find in the Honda world. On the right we have a car dumped low on BBS RS wheels with stretched tires…

…and on the left another EP3 with widened fenders, serious Hankook rubber and a roll bar. Can’t we all just get a along?

One exotic machine that was drawing some big crowds was this Honda City Turbo II that someone had brought over from Japan.

It even had the equally cool Honda Motocompo bike to go along with it!

You didn’t think I would leave out the NSX, did you? Even a stock one will get you plenty of love at Eibach.

In the end it seemed that not even Irwindale Speedway was enough to handle all the madness that Eibach brings. What was once a simple car meet is now perhaps getting too big for it’s own good. Even so, I always enjoy this look at the ever-popular Honda scene and I’ll be really interested to see how this event evolves in the future.

Tomorrow we’ll take a deeper look into the 2012 Eibach Meet as I aim my lens toward some of the day’s creative engine bay setups…

…as well as the diverse selection of custom wheels mounted on these cars.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check out the desktops added below.




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these things look pretty tidy especially those track cars.... but that beige accord is awful.


Mucho Honda love, another amazing post!!!


Diggin those Ruckus's too!


It sucks they shut it down! Stupid Idea to have it at irwindale instead of california speedway. California can hold the 7000 people that went and still have room for about 3000 more. My friend and I went to Extreme Auto Fest instead and talked to Bisi from bisimoto


I haven't seen a Honda NSX drift before..


Desktop of the while Prelude? Best shape they ever made.  And any more good lude pix would be appreciated!!


The white integra with the cut bumper has bonnet risers. Bonnet risers on a grip car don't normally work. I wonder if it is just built to look functional, or if it is actually a track car with 1 stupid mod...


Mike, thank you for the compliment on my Prelude, it is much appreciated coming from you.


AHHHHH MOTOCOMPO!!!! i love it but at the same time I'm mad..... no more sideways sundays or ken block gymkhana, yet stuff like this continues? I'm confused 


 @D1RGE EXE I recognize you from my Youtube video's comments :) Here's a link to my Prelude's Flickr album, shows some of the older pics: this is the photoshoot I took most recently: free to email me if you have any questions about the car! 


I guess while I'm at it, here's a video of my Prelude @ Buttonwillow last March: It's become my show/track car, kind of a weird combination.


you can see sheepys crazy integra next to mikes


I saw that City Turbo on the freeway this weekend, must have been going to that event.


What is actually the function of cutting out a bumper? It can't be just lowering weight, can it? The only way I know the Honda Integra in the Netherlands is via the internet and video games. Thanks Honda.
At least there is Speedhunters :)


 @Marco Maas I think it's the same reason some drag cars have holes cut out of their rear bumper; to reduce drag. i.e. So the air doesn't get trapped behind the bumper.


Loving the custom scooters and the Motocompo :)


Thanks for elaborating on that. Never knew that. Looks ugly though.


Vorrei tanto essere presente in un Raduno del genere con la mia Honda Integra Type R "Mia" :((


Love the pics of my motocompo and Honda city turbo II! I'll be back in Cali this weekend for the Norm Reeves show.


That digital camo EP3 was very nice, also feature on the City turbo II? it's one of my favourite honda's that you just dont see enough of


 @missile kens working on gymkhana 5


 @phryxis No prob! Wish I could have given you some stickers at the meet.


Yeah, lots of room at California Speedway. I guess we'll see what happens next year.


It was great to be able to talk for a bit, Mike. I apologize for not being able to walk and talk with you for a longer period of time, but things were pretty crazy for those of us working the event. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I look forward to talking with you more in the future.
Thank you for the kind words about my Prelude build, I sincerely appreciate it.


 @The Big Mike Nice talking to you as well. Hope to see you again soon.


 @SeanJdmReverendCorbett I remember Jackson Racing had a Honda City on their showroom but it wasn't nearly as nice as yours. Great job!


Eibach is becoming another rice event...used to be that it drawn the cream de la cream of the Honda community, now it's like a free-for-all, anything goes.


 @apex_DNA It's a meet, not a show, so of course you're going to have the good stuff and the bad stuff. If you want all good stuff, go to Nisei, as pretty much all of the cars that show there are top notch. Eibach is a meet where people can hang out and have a good time with their friends. The way I see it, a lot of kids are discovering Hondas, and don't have the money us older guys have. As long as we set a good example with high quality builds and parts, the rice will turn to nice over time. Kids need something to aspire to, which is why it's so awesome SoCal has such incredible Honda builds. A lot of us were ricers once.


 @phryxis I respect your view, Big Mike.  I feel the same way - So Cal guys should have a sense of responsibility (for lack of a better word) as they set an example for enthusiasts all across the globe, whether true or those seeking internet fame, to follow. But admit it, hellabeat and caniflush builds are inspiring no one...and that's not to mention countless other stupid fads that have plagued this community since the dawn of rice.


 @phryxis  I feel the same way - So Cal guys should have a sense of responsibility (for lack of a better word) as they set an example for enthusiasts all across the globe, whether true or those seeking internet fame, to follow. But admit it, hellabeat and caniflush builds are inspiring no one...and that's not to mention countless other stupid fads that have plagued this community since the dawn of rice.


 @apex_DNA Haha hellabeat and caniflush :) I agree, fads are fads, and that's why they'll pass in time. The really great builds don't follow fads, and that's why they're timeless.


 @phryxis Dude I know you from SCP lol


 @D1RGE EXE Yeah I realized that after I wrote it :|


After scrolling down the article I didn't expect an NSX to appear. haha
"The big boy of Honda just appeared!"


 @SeanJdmReverendCorbett Big 逮捕しかふぞ fan, are ya? The City Turbo will do if you can't find a Today mini-patrol. The museum I work for (Lane Motor Museum) also has a black City Turbo and a yellow Motocompo (and a red Toyota Sports 800, for good measure). How did you get yours over here?


 @Censport It was sitting in a garage for the last 10 years and I rescued it. It was imported 12 years ago.


 @Censport It was sitting in a garage for the last 10 years and I rescued it. It was imported 12 years ago.


 @Censport It was sitting in a garage for the last 10 years and I rescued it. It was imported 12 years ago.


 @Censport It was sitting in a garage for the last 10 years and I rescued it. It was imported 12 years ago.


@drakeonyou They have a few in Japan.


Anybody know the owner of that Camo Ep3? On Instagram? Twitter?


@Leo , the owner is FEPST3R, a personal buddy of mine. Google his name and go check out his build thread on EPhatch.