Poll : Nurburgring Dream Machines

If a trip to the Nurburgring is not on your lifetime to-do list, you may have to question your credentials as a car enthusiast. It’s safe to say that we’d all fancy a trip around the ‘Ring in a high performance machine and with our focus on the N24 this weekend, we thought we’d add a Nurburgring-themed poll to the mix.

While lapping the ‘Ring can be a joy even in an econobox rental car, there are certain production cars which are literally built for this track. We thought it would be fun to ask you guys which of the following three high performance cars you’d select for a long date around the ‘Ring. Each car represents a different part of the world, and a different take on the monster machine.

First up representing the German way of doing things we have the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0. – offering a raw and connected experience in the way only Porsche can.

Representing the US of A is the Corvette ZR1, with its supercharged V8 muscle and tail-out attitude.

Finally, hailing from Japan we have the Nissan GT-R with its incredible technology and endless amounts of grip.

There’s really no wrong answer to this question, and I don’t think any sensible person would turn down any one of these cars.

Nonetheless, we are curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.

-Mike Garrett

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Love a Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition if i could have anything but i would not complain if i got to go in any of these.


such a horrible hard choice...
Nissan GT-R just fast and one of my dream cars... The GT-3 RS 4.0 also awesome fast, one of my dream cars... but better build quality, (prestige), and just the ability of going very good sideways... This time Porsche, sry GT-R :D


I'll easily choose a GT3 RS 4.0 over a GTR and ZR1 for ripping the Ring. Regardless of track times, the GT3 RS is the true drivers car, N/A, RWD, Manual, and listen to that sound. 


The GT3 I think is the drivers car.


I like how Speedhunters recently stopped calling it "The Green Hell" and have revised the reference with words like "Dreams," and "Paradise." Hits the ears better IMO. Great coverage as always. 


I'm a huge fan of the GT-R but given the choice, I'd choose the RS 4.0 in a heartbeat. It's more of a racecar.


GT-R   nurburgring  is all about grip   
in my mind  the 911 and gt-r are similar  to me really they are 
vote to gt-r 


As much as im a fan of the GTR  and the 911 over the Corvette. I will have to go with the Corvette.


Having (and currently) worked for 2 of the 3 manufacturers above, Id take the RS 4.0. I love the GTR, but something about that car and that NA power that just does it for me; and ive driven a ton of Porsches. Im usually turbo biased (own an Evo VIII), unless it comes to the GT3's and RS'.


Honda NSX.


 @Olaf16 You obviously dont know there is no such thing as German quality anymore, they are making some of the most unreliable cars in the world at the moment! GT-R every time!


gtr with super gt spec will do the job.


GT-R! :)


As a huge fan of Speedhunters, I would like to remind people that this is one of the most dangerous tracks in the world. I think Speedhunters should never let readers (especially the younger ones) forget about this fact before inspiring them to travel over there and rent one of these cars.
My first lap at the ring two years ago was marred by no less than 3 Porsche 911s crashing in the first lap the ring was open to the public. All with German plates and probably privately owned. The E46 M3 I borrowed was fast enough to jump around all over the place. By lap 3, my average neck muscles were straining against the G forces. An average person in a GT3 RS 4.0, Corvette ZR1 or a GT-R would easily kill him/herself and probably endanger others because the track is so tricky to brake when not in the optimum line. Especially in the shadows when it is often damp.
If you aren't a local and want to stay alive, rent one of those caged Suzuki Swifts.


Oh come on! Really? They're all great cars!! Its a shame the JDM fans boys don't realize how fast that Vette went around the 'ring. Poor brainwashed interweb kids...lol


l'm a Nissan, Porsche, BMW head, but when it comes to a ride along the Nurburgring, l'd definetly pick the GT3RS because of all the sensations that raw, manual, track focused car can provide and as a die hard racing fan, one day l'll go there and try my best to get a ride around the track


Porsche is best


Don't know what you are talking about ;) As I said, the BUILD QUALITY is better (materials etc.) than a GT-R
And I know it, I sat in almost every Porsche atleast and a friend owns a 2010 Nissan GT-R.
Also Unreliable? New to me... Did you knew btw. that Porsche build a 1 metre long ramp and drove with 100km/h with a Porsche Cayenne over it, to test, if after the huge jump everything sits as it sat before, so no cracking noise etc. (Don't worry, I work for the Volkswagen Concern...)


I'd take the Corvette, you can have so much more fun with it .... Even if that's certainly the one that brings you in the guard rails more easily.


i'm a big fan of the nissan but my choice is the corvette 


Why no Lotus Exige S260?


I'm a JDM fanboy, I'll be honest but even I know that the RS 4.0 is the best choice! there's nothing quite like driving a Porsche


I agree with Daire1, definitly the LFA Nurburgring edition. :)


JDM all the way!


Voted for the Porsche, but e46 m3 csl is the car for the ring duh!


voted for porsche too but the gtr full respect juste that the porsche is more serious RR hehe ....


What's the Corvette doing there with its leaf spring rear suspension???


 @ghepardo Lighten up mate.
"We thought it would be fun to ask you guys which of the following three high performance cars you’d select for a long date around the ‘Ring."
It's a light-hearted question that for 99.9% of us is purely hypothetical. They're saying that car guys/gals should WANT to do it.
I bet you're no fun at dinner parties...

Peasant Racing

911 GT2


@ghepardo sir buzz killington has arrived..!


 @ghepardo dude if that's the attitude you have towards every hypothetical question that's thrown your way, you must have a massive xanax prescription to deal with the amount you probably worry about shit. life is about living, not about preventing death. 


My guess as a video game driver is that the Nissan is the easiest, the Porsche is the most refined, and the Corvette is the most fun.


It was either the 911 or the ZR1. I chose the ZR1 because I know most people would choose the 911


need manual transmission.. sorry nissan


If I was 


If I was confident I could drive it quickly and properly, the Porsche, but for ease of use, in the real world I'd take the Nissan lol