Grmn Twincharges The 86

In the lead up to the N24, Toyota’s own Gazoo Racing/GRMN has just unveiled the “GRMN Sports FR Concept”. While the typically Japanese sounding name doesn’t explain much, this factory-tuned GT86 is sure to get the enthusiast community buzzing.

For starters the GRMN project 86 is equipped with some very aggressive body work. There are new front and rear bumpers, side skirts – and most dramatically, widened front and rear fenders.

The real story though is under the hood, where the 86’s flat four has been equipped with both a supercharger and a turbocharger. There’s been a lot of debate on whether or not a factory force induction 86 is coming down the line, but this concept definitely hints at that possibility.

With the supercharger and the turbocharger the GRMN 86 makes 320hp, a solid 120hp jump over the stock naturally aspirated version.

The interior features bucket seats, a full roll cage, and a very tiny looking steering wheel among other things.

To help balance out the extra power, the 86 has also been equipped with staggered 18″ wheels and tires with enlarged brakes and a GRMN-tuned suspension.

There’s no word on how much of this stuff will make it to production, but hopefully we’ll be hearing more soon.

-Mike Garrett

Source: FT86Club



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I like.


Bad. Ass. It amazes me on the possibilities of this car.


I really like how the new fenders got rid of that badge in front of the side mirrors, that was my least favorite part of the whole thing.


Compound charged!  That's the fcuking way to go!!!  Hell yes!  


Hmmmmmmmmmm this frond end reminds me of the LFA


Looks a lot like an S2000 from the front with this bumper.




beautiful body kits. but the tra kyoto version is still number one for me. if it will make it into production. :)


This is a dream car for me <3 i like it!


This is not compound charged.


The extra black accent below the headlight made it looks like latest BMW 6er's headlight ... but still , overall it's good & I like how the engine room looks like , pretty clean for a Japanese car .


Looks like they detuned the front of the car rather than tuned


I don't know if it's just me but the front end of the car makes me think about the Ben Sopra GT-R.


So why don't they sell it like this from the factory?


Car is just too small. This car is a perfect high school project car but once you're an adult, it's all about status and high horsepower / torque cars.


This looks really great, I hope there will be an OEM model which looks like this one, with a similar power output.
@Drake only if you are not a car enthusiast. Be proud and define yourself by who you are, not by what you own.


Photos of the turbocharger? Looks like it must have been placed underneath the engine?

David Fernandez

this car shit man its fast

David Fernandez

this car is fuckn fast stick SHIFT!!!


Jesus, did that comment come from your real, human brain?


Toyota should have put a turbo in the 86. 


Toyota should have put a turbo in the 86. 


theres a turbo they said turbo and supercharge.... RickNice
love the car hopefully its not one of the last car of the year with a clutch :)


@Vilko, please explain why this car is not compound charged?  Simply turbo and supercharger equals compound charged.  Go and do your homework.  Did you just start getting in to cars little boy?


@Drake, you don't really know the meaning of being an adult.  Being an adult does not mean it's all about status and high horsepower/torque cars.  Being an adult means responsibility.  Only immature adults worry about status,  and hp/tq.  Single dudes with a job, no wife and no children, you can do shit like that.  Unfortunately most of the so called adults that are like what you speak of, usually are immature and don't get very far in life, if anything end up backwards.  So for all the true, passionate, car guys with responsibility, wife, possibly kids, mortgage, and the like, I give my respects to you if you see what a great car this is, and not to mention does not break the bank to make life liveable.  Too many retards in this world all day every day.