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With cameras in one hand and iPhones in the other, in just over two days time the Speedhunters team will be descending on the Nürburgring for the 2012 running of the 24 Hours. We want to make this the best coverage of a 24-hour race we’ve ever done, and we’re aiming to bring you as close to the action as possible. So with this mind, we’ve just launched an official Instagram channel: @thespeedhunters

As the weekend unfolds in Germany we’ll be populating the feed with a constant stream of live photography showing what’s happening behind the scenes, plus all the on-track action. Log-in now to see what we are up to!

By the way, if you don’t have Instragram, fear not: we’re also pushing the whole feed to Tumblr.




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Hello SH, i'm impressed at how fast You are working in may, the quantity and variety of new posts is positively shocking me but i'm worried that the new pace has caused bad effects such as vanishing posts from page1, or maybe it's simple error and you would be able to quickly repost missing volume? I'm your avid follower and i can't wait to read anything what i missed so don't let me wait ;-) cheers, Mike


The Instagram people just added the app on Android! Cool Beans!!


 @LouisYio Yep happened about a month ago. Its awesome!


Hey Speedhunters, how can I get one of those sweet WRT Audi stickers shown above?


Oh my GOD I want those speedhunters neck straps! I NEED 'EM.


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