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Many of you might remember late 2009, when I introduced my vision of a new generation of the Ford Mustang, the Mustang RTR. It’s crazy that almost 3 years ago seems like yesterday and in that short period of time this project of passion turned to reality and the RTR brand has grown faster than I ever expected. I am pumped to share this design sketch of the new 2013 Mustang RTR that will be released mid June as a dealer-installed performance and appearance package available at select Ford Dealers (including Europe and Saudi Arabia).

The team at Ford has done yet another awesome job with the latest redesign and upgrading of the new 2013 Ford Mustang. Of course, it was only right for RTR to add some of our style, as well as performance to take it to another level. RTR’s creative director Lindsay Ross did an incredible job getting our vision to paper with this sketch. While RTR has grown so much (like this site), not much has changed in the way we operate, and I personally continue to be involved in every aspect of RTR.

Many of you have supported RTR from day one; from the announcement of dealer-installed package, to the all-carbon RTR-C, and of course, the RTR-X that many of you were a part of designing. Therefore, I found it fitting to share this sketch with you all first. While we are currently in the final prototyping phase, I look forward to sharing details and pictures of the all-new 2013 V6, V8, and the insane Spec 2 Mustang RTR in the very near future.

– Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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ill take two...


Can't wait to discover more Vaughn ! More Mustang epicness !!!


Mustang needs to be completely redesigned!  It's getting quite boring.


is it me or are the mustangs getting rather fat?


LOL......I mean, LOL.....I've never seen one on the streets......there must be a reason......LOL


 @JDMized Figures that you wouldn't have anything nice to say about anything around here. Its getting old child.


I LOVE those rear lights... so classy.


 @JDMized Hows your broken drift spec 240 doing brah?


 @Nikhil_P Curves are a good thing.


And do what? Its like saying 911's should have different headlights, no wrong. Its hold part of history from the beginning of a era.


I looks like it's put on weight... after all it is American I suppose.
Moral of the story, Mustangs are just getting uglier.


Looks great VGJ, I really look forward to you making a long run at the Mustang tuning, expecially the next gen!


I'm liking the style, just not sure how I feel about the giant RTR logo between the two tail lights.


 @KietaPhillips I see a regular Ford GT with some rims, "tuned" suspension, and a lip. How's THAT for a concept? LOL


 @Aaron Oh Sorry "brah", I do not own any 240. Thanks for checking my flickr account though!


 @JDMized Judging by that grille and hood, looks like he has a surprise underneath, but it sounds as if you can do a better job, lets see it.


 @Aaron Oh  haha, but only in the right places! :p


 @KietaPhillips judging judging judging, blah blah blah....
We all know Vaugh Gittin is sponsored by Ford, so MOST likely under the hood sits a Ford Racing Huffaker Engineered 5.4L.
And if not, who gives a damn. Is HP all you guys care about?
How about engineer a Mustang with IRS instead of using archaic solid axle?


 @JDMized When referring to Mustangs, yes horsepower is the focus. 5.4L? Knowing him he's probably got something crazy in store. 
Archaic solid axles? Oh yeah that's right, wouldn't expect anyone with JDM as their user name to know anything about V8 muscle or solid axles. Stick to your imports and let us appreciate this fine work of art.


Don't like the new chin spoiler and not sure of the large RTR on the rear. Doing anything on the performance. Shame you didn't use some elements from the RTR-X.

Vaughn Gittin Jr

Mike- We will have some significant performance upgrades for the RTR's for sure!


@KietaPhillips @JDMized Ahh the "truck guy is at it again" why am I not surprised. Make any new homedepot front end splitters? Or relocate your license plate back to the proper location yet? It's like you lived or visited japan and are so open to Japanese things but you can't even accept who you are or where your from. Why did you build a truck for road racing anyways? It can't make it into nastruck.


@Kevin T 2015 you will see a new chassis.


I am really not a fan of this....all theses "stangs" are starting to look the same


paint one in airforce blue and white with some black accents...and then give one away, and then let that one be to me! looks like its going to be sharp VGJR now i cant decide rather to get a f250 or a new gt once i pay this s197 off...


paint one in airforce blue and white with some black accents...and then give one away, and then let that one be to me! looks like its going to be sharp VGJR now i cant decide rather to get a f250 or a new gt once i pay this s197 off...


These Guys, know what the hell they are doing. These Mustangs, are some of the most beautiful and should I say sick Pony's I have ever seen...I mean that in a great way. Everything about them from the design of the car to the Godzilla, brake rotors and calipers they come equiped with. I thought the Shelby's,Laguna Seca,Saleens,Steeda's etc. were the shit. But these things blew away the competetion. Keep up the great work...