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I can’t imagine too many places in the world where an entire town (and most of its surrounding areas) could be entirely taken over for a weekend of high octane mayhem. When I arrived on the Friday morning, Eschdorf was practically a ghost town. As the hours rolled on, it slowly came to life and by Saturday morning, the place was in full swing.

As much as I would have loved to spent every minute of the weekend watching and documenting the action from the side of the course, I knew that I wouldn’t be showing you the full picture.

Hunting speed often comes down to making a tough decision. I think that I got it right though last weekend …

Every single street and byway was host to the most complex paddock system I’ve ever come across. Yet unsurprisingly, it worked really well.

The town was converted to a one way system with all routes leading to a staging area where the cars would wait before being lead to the bottom of the hill in groups.

When the cars completed their run, the ‘shut down’ area was on the main street before they turned off and headed back to their allocated pit area.

It’s a simple solution for a complex problem but one that worked so very, very well.

The ‘open’ paddock allowed the public to explore the town and get up close and personal with the cars and drivers.

It allowed me a closer look too.

Although the language barrier proved difficult at times, everyone was more than welcoming and eager to share their cars with the public.

The heart of this 1600cc 8v Scirocco.

Just look at how much this two litre MKI Golf has been widened – incredible!

This shot gives you an idea of the staging area. You would often have several different classes traveling to the bottom of the hill together, so there was some real variety on display.

This is what inside a Vectra DTM car looks like …

Lots of cars were running in memoriam tributes to fallen competitors and friends – the passing of Georg Plasa last year in particular was a huge blow to the Bergrennen community.

Georg died last year at the wheel of his immense Judd V8 powered BMW 134. Skip to 1:45 for some of the most impressive hill climb footage you’ll ever see and enjoy watching Georg do what he did best.

I’m sure the Mazda fans will appreciate another shot of the Group C inspired FB.

It may have been a 1302RS Beetle, but it was competing in a two litre class. If only I could have gotten under the skin of this. I wonder if this is what Larry & Sean have in mind for their Team Speedhunters Mojave Mile Bug?

A 205 Maxi, a Mustang, an Escort Cosworth and a Scirocco. It doesn’t really get more varied than that.

More intake porn …

I have to say that this Fiat 127 really did it for me.

Heading out of town to explore more of the Berg Cup Group H paddock proved yet another rewarding experience.

The 4WD Swift was almost running enough aero to run upside down.

This E30 Hartge 325i certainly set my pulse racing …

… although not quite as much as this E39 M5 Touring. There was only ever one E39 M5 Touring built by BMW as a prototype but there are a few conversions knocking around. About as amazing as a tow vehicle can ever be. I want.

I thought this Fiat 128 was quite German in its styling – muscled and aggressive, unusual for an Italian car.

No matter where you are in the world, leave a bonnet open and they will come.

Roman Sonderbauer’s Kadett GT/E with its full aero package installed. Words fail me …

My only complaint about the Berg Cup is that there is just too much to take in. Every single car present would be worthy of an in-depth feature.

The ‘Berg Monster’ in particular was a car I was hoping to get a closer look at …

… but unfortunately was whisked away prematurely for unknown reasons. If Sean can’t get it at Wolsfeld, Bryn or myself will definitely catch it at Oberhallau later in the year.

It was just all too easy to get sucked in by one or two cars and completely lose track of time. It was impossible to separate your emotion from the situation.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of experiencing some of the greatest motorsport happenings this planet can offer, but the Berg Cup is truly a class apart.

There’s still some more Berg Cup coverage on its way including another spotlight and an avalanche of desktops on Friday. Don’t worry though, we plan on making regular trips to these events so this isn’t just a one off.

I have a question for you – what is your favorite car / build from this coverage so far? Mine? Well, I’ll need to think about it …

Paddy McGrath

Berg Cup Eschdorf 2012 

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Paterson Photo

I've been covering the Scottish Hillcimbs for 2 years now and I thought some of the machinery there was impressive, but WOW! Definitely need to get myself over there for the weekend.
More photos of the Swift please! :P


Scotland's a great place mate, should definitely visit the highlands. It will blow you away!


Wait a second...
What kind of open-wheeler is that?  Formula Nissan? A1?
I still can't believe open-wheelers are used in hill-climb events, I mean, who's got the balls to go very fast on a twisty road in a vehicle that has no bumpers or fenders or indeed any protection on the wheels?


I feel you, Paddy... I also want moar! Moar on that Bergmonster of an evo!!! Please!!!!!


You should do a in depth look at the 1302. I know some websites that would have a hay day over that kinda setup. The US needs more hill climb events like these


Group B inspired RX7? Thats a group C kit..


The last photo would make a great desktop *hint* :)


Oh Boy, you definitly have to come to oberhallau, mich wider variety of cars, and the Hans schori yellow EVO Bergmonster is joined by the Incredible fast Bruno Ianiello and others Lancia S4 Group B cars, also you have a much better view on the almost entire track from one place. Highly recommanded :)


thats astra not vectra...


 @ToyotaSupraMan It's a Lola Zytek B02/50 and I agree with your statement. I'm surprised they fit their balls into the cockpit ...


D'oh, this is what happens when you're brought up amongst rally cars - all you end up seeing is rally cars. 


SH's has really stepped up their game (from an already god-like status) with the great coverage of events!! I absolutely LOVE the diversity of this website :)


Regarding the Beetle:
2 litre - type 4 engine - 200 hp at 8000 rpm ...
There are more details on the webpage above ( or )
It's german-only, but hopefully some online translators will help ;)


Hard to tell witch would be my favorite but the Sonderbauer Kadett GT/E might very well run with the title..


 @MrHijet Thank you so much!


Love the Lan EVo! thumbs up!


Its got to be the beetle!


 I talked to Miethke at the Berg Cup in Osnabrück last year, when asking about the internals of  that engine all he did was knock on the carbon fibre fan duct and saying, "some of that stuff is inside that engine." @PaddyMcGrathSH  @MrHijet


The Kadette pictured above above has my full attention...


I had the pleasure of seeing Plasa that very day at Falperra(my home town's hillclimb), A combo one can never forget...


Sonderbauer’s Kadett GT/E..........
amazing car and the angle made it more menacing, to the point of not noticing the people there....
Thanks for the article, another to the bucket list.


You guys need to check out Felix Pailer's Lancia Delta or Franz Nowak's Lancia. Those and of course Eric Edlinger's E30 are my personal favorites.


Hey I didn't know Dino did hill climbing? 15th pic from the bottom third person from the left hand side. Lol.
Anyhow amazing wheels on the older cars never mind the cars themselves. I need to get to a similar event.


Hey I didn't know Dino did hill climbing? 15th pic from the bottom third person from the left hand side. Lol.
Anyhow amazing wheels on the older cars never mind the cars themselves. Coverage like this means I need to get to this or a similar event at least.


 @Alex Grabau Is this the compound-charged white Delta S4? I've only seen videos but it has blown me away on many occasions! 

correct me if im wrong but that is a 16V head on the scirroco... could be an 8v block tho. 8v heads have the plugs in the front not on the top and the far side of the valve cover has a recess for the gears and chains of 2 cam shafts :)


 @PaddyMcGrathSH  David Hauser (who won the event) is running a 2008 Dallara GP2 car, now that's sick!


its a mazda rx7 sa22c not fb


all i know about hill climb is suzuki escudo and monster tajima. not suzuki swif. that's why i like speedhunters! :)


Such races are surely quite fascinating to watch and be an audience for. Such extravagant expeditions take place all over the world and the Dakr Rally is one astounding event that one should definitely experience once in a lifetime.


You can find the beetle owner Günter Miethke also on facebook here:
There is a facebook page where fans follow the series & also some fan built cars (1650+ members):
You can find a lot of the drivers there too.
Michael Flynn