A Little Sideways Action At Hellaflush Kansai

With the Hellaflush Kansai event pretty much wrapped up after the awards were handed out by Mark, I decided to hang around a little longer…

…and check out the cars from the main paddock head out. After looking at parked cars the whole day, hearing engine sounds truly added to the experience, especially when it came to the more vintage rides that came to the show.

I couldn’t help come to the conclusion that despite there begin a lot of cross-cultural exchanges when it comes to styles, and the way they are interpreted, the Japanese really know how to do the “riding low” thing very well. Cars like this HR30 Skyline sedan…

…and GX71 Cresta were two very good examples.

In the rush of attempting to take as many shots as possible during the day, not to mention the constant distractions, I did miss a few cars here and there, like this 510 coupe.

If the tires and rims are visible from the back of your car you know you are running just the right amount of offset!

Even this March was doing things right.

The paddock took a while to empty…

…there was a lot of packing and clearing up that everyone had to do, not to mention…

…those tuners and companies that exhibited at the show.

But with everything nice and clear a few cars began to drive slowly around the paddock, like Mark here at the wheel of the Fatlace Japan S13, who looked he was getting a feel for the size of the open space in front of him.

Then Miura-san from TRA Kyoto went out with the “Bunny” model sitting on his lap. We were all wondering what he was doing…

…and then all of a sudden he revved the engine and dropped the clutch. Time for a little bit of hooliganism then!

It wasn’t long before Ueda-san from BenSopra took the RWD R35 out for a little action…

…in no way concerned about burning through the prohibitively expensive Yokohama Advan slick tires (that sell for $2,000 a pop!)

Mark borrowed Miura’s legendary S13 and had a bit of fun with it, getting nice and close to the little group of people that had gathered in the center to film and shoot the surprise drift session.

Ueda-san then jumped into his Rocket Bunny kitted 180SX, a car he has perfected over the years, and proceeded to burn some more rubber!

Then something really funny happened. D1 driver Yuji Tanaka, who displayed his JZA80 Supra with Celica front-end conversion at the show, unloaded the car from the transporter and had a go too! That’s probably when the whole paddock got engulfed in a rather large cloud of tire smoke.

Ueda-san gave the ex-Blitz GT-R another little go! It’s definitely not every day you see an RWD R35 sliding on full lock!

Toshi from RWB, concluded that the rear tires on Rough Rhythm were pretty much dead already, so had a go himself. With the 993 set up for grip it wasn’t easy to break traction but the rears hard to give way sooner or later!

Nothing like a bit of hooning around to finish up what had already been a great day! Mark and the Fatlace crew will be back later on in the fall for another Hellaflush Japan event. I’m sure everyone is already looking forward to it, I know I am.

Stay tuned for some desktops from the show!



Hellaflush Kansai coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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what rims are they running on the fatlace s13? they look like old ansen sprints


what rims are they running on the fatlace s13? they look like old ansen sprints


Desktop 4 Bensopra Plzz




SO much epic win. I need to go to the next event!


As always, I love your articles Dino!




desktop for datsun bluebird 180b sss pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


Lovin that Mercedes, anyone know what wheels they are?


 @D1RGE EXE You got it!




It's been a lifelong dream of mine to visit Japan to check out their high tech and old school cars; simply the coolest. I couldn't afford to go there so it's a good thing that I found your site. Now I'm checking in everyday, thanks so much guys. Please keep posting photos from any auto event/shop/race from the Land of the Rising Sun. And don't ever stop. Cheers - jdmjunkie


Dino, you are super @speedhunters_dino  @D1RGE EXE


WHY HASN'T ANYONE SAID THIS?!Desktop the Benspora GTR and Rocket-Bunny 180SX Pictures! AWESOME!


thats the Tra Kyoto s13 on ansen sprints. the Fatlace s13 is only in that one picture. you'll notice the tra kyoto s13 does not have a fatlace sticker on the windshield. the fatlace s13 runs te37v's i believe. 


Is that Supra-Celica really made for drifting? Looks more like a time attack car.


yay RWB 993 getting down just made my day


agreed,that mercedes is dope. if you look up the name on the hood (epsilon wheels) it says they're a wheel manufacturer...


japan, not wheels, but you get my drift


Koo, thank you. My uncle is a big Mercedes collector and has fixed up a number of older ones and sells em. Might have to look him up for help on this one.


Found em! They're called Big Half by Epsilon.


haha awesome!!!
any chance that someone got a few video clips of the BenSpora R35 going sideways?! because THAT is what i want to see!!!
nice coverage btw dino!!


Awsome! That RWB Green Porsche is looking from another world! Just awsome!


 i want bensopra too! :)


 @Gvk That's a Japanese pro-drift car for ya.


Any more pictures of the Rocket Bunny 180?