Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown 2012>> Pt.1

It may only be a fraction of shows like TAS or SEMA, but what the Exciting Car Showdown lacks in in size it more than makes up for with a concentrated collection of the country’s best tuner cars. The mix of big names and smaller shops gives the show its unique feel and as ever this year it didn’t disappoint. No matter what you are into there is something for you to see, from extreme grip machines like J Racing’s carbon widebody S2000 RC which packs 320 HP from its highly modified 2.4L stroked F20C…

…to the cool rides that the N-Style crew had prepared.

Respected publications like G-Works, Doriten, Option and of course Option2 organized their own display areas inviting some of the most popular cars that have been featured in the pages of their magazines. Here is the crew from Option2 magazine posting for a group shot showing off all the cool new stickers they were giving away to readers.

When tackling a show of this magnitude, the best approach is always to jump in so that’s exactly what I’m going to do here, starting off with the Nagano Koubou display area where I found this cool S13 running a 180SX front end and finished off in a matte two-tone.

Pink and black is definitely catchy but let’s not forget to appreciate the quality of the workmanship around the rear fenders, not to mention the smooth velvet-like finish of the paint.

Their other S13 from last year’s show was also on display, still rocking a mean slammed stance…

…and Work Meister CR01s.

While I was checking out this other cool Silvia at Nagano Koubou I heard a lot of commotion, and when I turned around to see what was going on…

…this is what I was confronted with. Kawashima had just arrived with his “controversial-spec” Celica after driving all the way down from Tokyo. So I guess that takes care of establishing if it’s functional or not!

It is a car that everyone at the show, and by now the entire internet, was talking about so there is no hiding that what he set out to do was well and truly achieved. I mean look at this thing! 15º of negative camber…

…and fenders hacked to pieces to make the wheels sit just right. Obviously this is a work in progress but I’m sure he just couldn’t wait to show it off to the world.

And so it’s on to the crazy rear wheels. Yes the stretched 215-section tires actually do bead to the rim, and hold air…well…kind of. Apparently on the way down to the show Kawashima had to stop and fill them with air a few times as they very slowly loose pressure.

It’s always great to hear when someone in Japan knows and checks out Speedhunters, just like the guys at N-Style. Like I mentioned in the preview post they had one of the biggest and coolest displays at the show, starting off with this clean JZX100.

I have never given away quite so many stickers like in the past weekend, which is of course very humbling!

Here is more JZX100 awesomeness…

…but it was this Crown Athlete on TE37 SLs that really grabbed attention, not only for that two-tone K-Break kitted exterior and very aggressive stance…

…but the 2JZ swap. Not bad right? The GT3040 turbo helps the engine develop 550 HP which is sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission.

But there is more! N-Style also brought down their BMW 3-series front S15 Silvia which we first saw at the Doriten display at this year’s TAS…

…but it was this Y32 Cima that really stood out. Everything from the simple yet effective Sessions-kitted exterior and blistered fenders, to the unusual choice of color and wheel combination…

…this Cima definitely got noticed. Top work from N-Style that’s for sure!

And here is another car that I couldn’t stop going back to. Okamura-san at Yashio Factory uses this S15 Silvia Varietta to practice his drifting and handling skills at the Tsukuba Gymkhana course, and like all the cars he drives you know its going to ooze style.

The Advan RS are a great choice but the size is a lot more extreme that has ever been seen on and S15, a staggered set up with 19-inch at the front and massive 20-inch at the rear.

This once orange 396 Ishiai Cresta is now looking very different with a matte gray exterior…

…and work in progress aero. No doubt it will be pretty impressive when completed.

And from a JZX100 to a GX71 Cresta, a more vintage version on the popular Toyota sedan. T-Get sure know how to make their cars look hot, dropping the Cresta on a set of Hayashi Street Type CR and fitting a set of their special custom knuckles to make sure it can hold big drift angles out on track. The 1G powering it pushes out 414HP thanks to a GT2835R turbo.

But for how cool and extremely JDM the GX71 is, T-Get’s S13 Silvia was the one that was getting the most looks.

The 14-inch SSR MarkIIs sit so nicely up front barely contained by the black overfenders…

…while at the rear is where things get a little more extreme with a massively negative camber.

GReddy brought down their Ben Sopra kitted 1200 HP R35 GT-R time attack beast.

No matter how many times you see this car it never fails to amaze. The aero is wild beyond belief!

After having seen a few images online I was finally glad to get a close look of this curious Hayashi Auto Service S14. The 6666 Customs kitted Silvia sports an interesting military theme with a lot of airbrushed detailing to give that appearance of a weathered warplane or tank.

The purple MickeyThompson Classic II rims are definitely an unusual choice while the car sits on GP Sports adjustable suspension.

The coolest thing however had to be the engine bay, completely spray painted in flat black including the HKS sponge filter!

I’ll finish up this first part with an image of the blue GP Sports RPS13, a car that we have seen countless times before, but that is now running a nice set of Gram Lights 57Xtreme. There is a lot more to come so check back soon for more JDM awesomeness from Nagoya.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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A full coverage on that Celica please? Would love to see more.


that s13 with the flatblack bay is sick i like the truck wheels and the flat pink 1 also was quite gnarly and wtf celica really? just saying but its gnarly no matter what hahaha


just pure awesomeness. love the jzx100's / the gx71 and the k break crown


luv the S14 on M/T's, especially under the hood...just one question, wouldn't the spray paint kinda block the intake?


That Celica literally makes my stomach hurt.


I wonder if they individually sprayed each part of that mat grey silvias engine bay. or sprayed it while the parts were still in


what a bunch of car ruiners..


So much camber? Why?

I just don't get it. It seems to be so popular lately but it is so ugly!

"You are doing it wrong!"


Any chance i can get speedhunter stickers?


that GTR just looks plain scary.


The Hayashi Auto Service S14 KILLS! Wowzers. Aside from the wheels and headlight tint, I wouldn't change a thing.


great coverage


That celica is so fu*** stupid and ugly....


nice coverage looks like you made the same mistake I did when I went to cover the Osaka Auto Messe.....too high of an ISO. whats up with that?


I love that Yashio Factory S15, i hadn't seen a convertable one before and it looks amazing!


let the controversy begin :)


More on J's s2000... Por favor !


yeah I just dont get the hype for that celica it looks like something right out of the early 90's only its a celica not some eco euro box. Also when you have to pump the tires up to just keep it moving you know you've gone too far to the point of it just being fugly and stupid


That celica is awful! it seems to me to be a waste of a car, it isnt practical or pretty. thats just my opinion


That extreme negative camber shit makes me want to kill someone! What studid fuck spends time and money making a car undrivable( okay he drove it a few miles, but give me a good lap time) and at the same time making it look like a giant gaping asshole? If you want to do modern art or something, sell whats left of your useless car and go to art school. There you can hang with the other lady boys and and hopefully get aids and die. Happy easter everybody!


That Cresta is fuckin awesome. Looking at the Celica made my manboobs hurt. And that flatblack engine bay is pretty damn sick. Arigatou!


That celica is the dumbest thing Ive ever seen. What a pointless p.o.s


That Celica was hideous!


Desperately need desktops of the T-Get's S13 Silvia!!!!!!!!


Celica is s**t


Love unique cars that also look good like that fatlace s14


Hmm the celica would certainly look better if he would put on tires that fit the rims at least..but i guess its impossible to obtain such an extreme stretch to still ride that low with that configuration


haha love the people saying why not track the ceilca instead of making it looks crazy with that wheel set up! clearly he set out to make it OTT and in your face!

I love it! its so mad!


It is entertaining to look at, but I much prefer is old yellow Celica. Hopefully it will look a lot better with the fenders are done and not taped on. No stoping the legend that is Kawashimas Celica! I cant wait to see this one sideways!!!!!


more pics of the bmw front s15! that looks really wicked.


that 6666 s-14 looks like a gundam... and that primer in the engine bay reminds me of what the gundam looks like before its painted. its kinda cool


The red JZX100 and the GP Sports 180SX look very nice.


flat black paint.. it's different to say the least.. extreme neg. camber??! not sure why, but i do like the rims! surprisingly quite a few WIP cars present! - Thanks


What are the front Z-tune style overfenders on the S14? Which company are they from?




Celica looks horrible. I hope it catches on fire.


that 6666 Customs kitted Silvia looks awesome! want some more pics!


Wheels specs on that T-Gets Silvia? Also kinda curious what he's running for rear camber. And lol at everyone bashing the Celica so much. It's his car, his money, and his time so he is free to do as he wants. Keep up the great work Dino, always love the coverage you provide!


I need video of that celica making the drive. Or just rolling around the parking lot. How does it work?!?! (I know, I know.... not well).


PLEASE SPOTLIGHTS Hayashi Auto Service S14 / 396 Ishiai Cresta


Dino, please do us all a favor: that celica has been on the net before, people made a ruckus about it, we don't need more of this fucking stupid piece of shit. LET IT DIE. I want more pictures of the N-Styled cars, more pics of the vip builds around and more pics of the blue GP Sports S13. If I was a photographer taking pics of cars shows like this one, I would definitely capture ALL the ugly fucking stupid cars in the show, but then I would cram all the pictures in a 600x480 pic in low res and title it "...and all these cars in this pic are shit, not worth your time, not worth my space".


That celica is the s***! Literally and figureatively! Isnt all the hype the point? I love it and i am so confused why. Spotlight please...


JMax - Nobody is forcing you to look at anything you dont want to. How about you stop being so precious and just accept the fact that there are plenty of people both in the real world and with different taste to yours?


I love that Y32 Cima. Gorgeous.


this wheel thing has to end some time soon...... imagine how cool its gonna be when somebody figures out "oh, this is why they are supposed to be straight" oh and how cool I look now doing the rare thing..... kinda like how much I stand out now with NO tattoos


i'm sorry i have to say this, the celica is totally stupid


stupid but impressive to see 


I think Japanese tuners are running out of ways to make their cars unique! The whole camber thing is just not cool in any way, but there are enough monkeys in the US that are doing the same thing until their control arms break and they crash! I wish JDM tuners would go back to the clean, OEM look with performance and balance...but it probably will take a while.