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Here is a quickie desktop post for you guys to plaster your computer with some Time Attack machine awesomeness.

These guys put everything on the line when they go for that hot lap. Jumping curbs and getting two wheels off the ground is common fare.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full feature on this flat black beauty. I just love cars with a functional purpose that also look great when hard parked.

Next time around you Speedhunters out there need to come and check out some Time Attack action for yourself!

Click on the thumbnails below and download away!


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Global Time Attack

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Beautiful shot of Rado's car!


Is that some sort of massive spoiler for down force on the front of the car in the top picture?! 

Mark Pakula
Mark Pakula

That Scion panner is one of the best panning shots of all time.


Larry Chen
Larry Chen moderator

 @Lukew360 Yes, it is a front wheel drive scion with 1200 hp. That is the version 2.0, the version 1.0 holds the track record at Button Willow Raceway.