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Imagine this coming in to your rear view mirror 42yrs ago somewhere in South America.

Or this one 25yrs later, both these Escort’s have seen some incredible things.

Sat together they look so similar, until you start looking closer.

But then again, who wants to look at details?

Thank you to Ivan, Paul, Colin and all the guys at  the Ford Heritage Centre

Because now I know what these sound like sucking for their lives…

Read part one of the story here

Then part two here

Bryn Musselwhite



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Somehow your photos look even better now Speedhunters. Thank you.  Oh and great car stories too. Excellent.


So far so good with your upgrades. Thanks for the variety of coverage and adding more rally. The photos look even better than before.


Doing a fine job with the new coverage and layout. You have to be crazy not to like these Mk1's. 


I went for a ride in a fully restored Woolmark Mk1 that hannu Raced here in NZ a few years ago. it was epic! The car is absolutly perfectly restored. and sits in a garage only taken out for a fang at full speed every od weekend. Its amazing.