Last week I was chatting with fellow Speedhunters Rod Chong and Sean Klingelhoefer over lunch when the topic of old race tracks came up. When it comes to California, there are few tracks missed more than Riverside.

Earlier today I came across this film from the 1963 Riverside 500 NASCAR race, which includes Dan Gurney, Fireball Roberts, Parnelli Jones and other legends hustling their big sedans around the long-demolished road course in SoCal.

-Mike Garrett




wow. Look at the speakers behind bales of straw...


wow. Look at the speakers behind bales of straw...


wow. Look at the speakers behind bales of straw...


Found this while doing some research. And looking at an aerial photo it is apparent that this track is now covered by a few shopping centers and a bunch of housing areas. Good job Riverside. *sarcasm* "The area has seen massive construction in recent years, attracting Lowe's, Starbucks, Outback Steakhouse, and other stores often seen as prestigious. A Pat & Oscar's and PFF Bank & Trust are being built, and rumors of Famous Dave's and Barnes & Noble"


When I found out that this used to exist in my city I had to cry myself to sleep.


I love watching 80s IMSA Riverside races.Does anyone know what is there now? I bet its something stupid like apt and homes.


it looks like these big barges aren't the bests tools to sustain drift.


My father took me to the Can-Am races in the 70s at Riverside. SoCal, you effed up big when you destroyed this track. Such a shame.


I wish a track like this was still this close to me...there's really nothing "close" to SD anymore.Best we have is either an 1/8th mile or an autocross track at the stadium.


Hell yeah riverside is dope right next to my house awsome video guys speedhunters is awsome keep it up please haha


dafuq...and I live in Riverside...LOL


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