Random Snap>> D-mac’s Toyota Carina

It was en-route to Awesomefest last year when Darren diverted from our course to Cardiff, Wales to collect this low-mileage Toyota Carina. The car certainly looked a lot different when he arrived at Awesomefest in it, but has been slowly changing into something else. The car is being built as a fun side-project and is not intended to be taken too seriously. Some lows have been added, along with Work wheels and some overfenders. Next step is an SR20DET swap and maybe a rollcage with bucket seats and harnesses. I was visiting Darren for updates on the DMac86 which we will be bringing you shortly …

Paddy McGrath

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I want a full coverage!


Should there be a solid rear axle? It looks like it have a some camber there.


Those wheels would look better under my carina.. :D


Way to turn a low-mileage Jap classic into some fadster-mobile...


Way to ruin a car Paint the bonnet , remove that stupid roof rack and put the bumpers on and then carry on with the plans and this will be so sweet .


Wallpaper needed. :D


lol :D make something out of, i wouldn't say nothing, but a "thing" :D


I like it. But think guys should mod flares in the rear so u can open the rear door. Thats what i would do.


i just love old school toyotas...


It's pretty cool minus the V-dub cues. This car would be one of the sweetest sedans ever if not for the hood rust and roofrack. I especially like the Boso oil cooler and bumper delete.


I highly doubt he did any of the work on that car himself. Once you get to a certain level of "fame", people do shit for you to keep your "status" up & running to please the fan boys / sell products.


Georg, not too sure about the Carina but the RT142 Corona (sold here in australia) were available in IRS form with a W55 gearbox and 22RE motor, beasts!


@clint, I would normally entirely agree with you because i think that kinda stuff is dumb, but i think Dmac can do whatever he wants to a car and it flys because hes been the creator of some of the best builds ive ever seen. He probably getting board which leads to ugly stuff like that hood and roof rack. No bumpers looks kinda cool though lol.


defo needs a front bumper.ur guna look like a numty driving it like dat


I love Work CR01's! They look so good!


Lame hipster shit. Poor car.


4 bucket seat drifting for poop-in-the-pants win!


I like it a bit, but I feel that the owner ruined it in some ways... so, I agree with Ken and Clint. The rusted bonnet is a really stupid fad. The rest looks OK, but he could still put back the bumpers.


I like the work CR01's and the ride height but I absolutely hate everything else with every fibre of my being. People are going to feel retarded when they finally wise up to how lame the hoodrat rust trend blows over.


It's meant to be what it is! A fun car for drifting no doubt! The rack is for all the tires you burn and sliding around in longer cars like 4 doors is fun and challenging. Not every drift car has to be a 86 or a Silvia its fun to use a different platform. Once it gets the SR20 swap it will be beastly! If you don't get it you don't get drifting. Think of cars like the Wisefab BMW 2002 M20!


Hey, it's a Carina, the most boring car of all times. Every mod is a way forward. Turning ultra-boring cars into something more unique is the point of the whole Japanese car modding culture. Who cares if there is a one clean Carina less in the world. It's enough if there is one in Toyota's museum. Will you guys seriously be crying for a Toyota Avensis when it gets old?


love it or hate it. hate it


I'm completely and utterly on board with this. Screw you haters, build your own.


not another SR powered toyota....lol.

looks awesome though!


I guess the line 'not intended to be taken too seriously' went completely over people's heads then? Some of you guys really need to relax a little, it's only a bit of fun.


cool except for the stupid rusty hood, please stop doing that it looks dumb


This car wasn't intended for serious looks...This would probably be just a show car....and I must say, It looks better than a stock one...xP


Another car ruined. Why buy a low mileage car that is in good condition just to ruin it? This scene has really begun to just suck. Rat is rat for a reason, its not rat because u made it ratty its rat becuase its junk from the start.....




WOW soooooo much money in all those CR01s


I REALLY don't like the hood and rack at all.

I have one myself, These cars are super fun, all it needs is an engine swap, better suspension and a welded diff.

You won't understand how fun this car is until you've driven it. Super snappy and it only weights 1005 kilos in stock form.


I completely agree with 0.0

RAT is RAT for a reason.... dont get it twisted KIDDIES.


Horrible. SR20 swap? Really? Unbeknownst to most internet fanboys Toyota actually made a plethora of good motors. For all the money spent, why not a BEAMS? 1MZFE mated to a W54 tranny? 1UZFE? They fit in the AE86...


I dig e everything cept the hood. If your gonna do it at least buff &clearcoat your rust plz