Event>> Excite King Vip Meet – Pt.2

For this next part in the Excite King VIP coverage I’ve put together a little wilder selection of cars…

…and of course vans to show some of the extremities that some of these rides can reach when it comes to custom work and stance. With VIP having turned into more of a personal interpretation of what was once a pretty strict style, it’s no surprise that there are so many crazy looking cars lurking at these sorts of meets. So let’s see what else I came across.

A few of you wanted to see another shot of this very clean FC on 19-inch BMW rims, so here you are. Definitely one of the most memorable cars there.

Towards the top part of the parking lot, right in front of the main stage where various talk shows were held throughout the day, were some of the most impressive project cars of the event, just like this Celsior from No Limit. The aggressively styled aero was joined by Work Gnosis GS1s…

…but it was the complex exhaust layout at the rear that was grabbing all the looks.

Quite intricate to say the least, and if you have a keen eye you may have noticed those four tail pipes are from an R35 GT-R.

Built in collaboration with 326 Power was this Crown sporting a pretty evil looking stance riding on Weds Kränze LXV.

There were minor performance upgrades under the hood too including an intercooler upgrade, hard pipe kit and HPI cone filter.

The obligatory rear end look to fully appreciate just how much negative camber those rear wheels are running!

The tayazuri look is getting more and more popular these days, when the blistered fender sits flush with the tire’s sidewall. This is the sort of stance Bee Dragon in Gifu-ken have made famous thanks to their orange Crown and blue Cima TAS show cars.

I couldn’t help post another shot of the Honda Legend on HS202s from Part 1; it just looks right on so many levels.

Let’s check out some vans starting with this very clean Honda Stepwagon on Work Meister M1Rs. The owner has obviously put a lot of work into transforming the looks, with lots of nice details like the aftermarket bumper and blacked out grille and the custom flared fenders. Simple but to the point.

This Nissan Serena on the other hand was trying to achieve the opposite effect!

Prize for most original exterior finish has to go to this Toyota Estima which boasted a hood…

…tightly wrapped in Louis Vuitton branded material. Something different!

The Toyota Vellfire is one of the nicest looking premium minivans out there even from factory, but sitting on nice wheels and dressed up with the right kind of aero parts it really looks sick!

It wasn’t so much the exterior of this Suzuki Wagon R that made me check it out in more detail…

…but rather the contrasting choice of colors used to outfit the interior. A lot of effort has obviously gone into it with all surfaces either flocked to look like soft alcantara or wrapped in tightly stitched leather.

The coolest thing about checking out these kind of meets, which are quite a bit out of my usual “comfort zone” as one would say, is finding really friendly people that are always up for a chat. And it’s especially rewarding to hear that a lot of them knew about Speedhunters!

This Honda S-MX had me do a double take as after passing by it I could have sworn I saw a Lexus badge up front. And indeed, this little 2-door minivan has been given a Lexus front end treatment courtesy of tons of custom work!

It’s always refreshing to see some cars following the more authentic styling traits of bippu style, but I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this F50 Cima. I liked the President grille but the custom headlights…

…and more show-oriented choice of wheels gave it a sort of look that I haven’t come across yet. What do you guys think?

Still, a big shiny lip always does the job.

I always like seeing rare cars at events like this and the Mazda Sentia sure fits the bill.

I’ll finish up with a couple of shots of this crazy orange Celsior. Yet again we see the curious dummy intercooler, a detail we also came across on the F50 Cima in the Preview post and one that, like most of you, I can’t quite understand. Still…

…it was the rear that really did it for me on this particular car, not to mention the widened fenders.

I’ll be back soon with one final batch of pictures from the show.

Excite King VIP meet coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I can appreciate the time and effort people put into them, but what a bunch of bullshit cars.


Wow, some ridiculous cars there... Love it!


you guys called this SPEEDHUNTing??they can't even go faster than 10mph!!!c'mon..more fast cars please!!this is bullshit


SPEEDhunters. Emphasis on speed.


Which wheels are on the Toyota Vellfire? I want to put them my own car!


I love engine transplants, wide arches and quality fabrication, but building a car with a camber that cannot possibly be driven is just fuckin stupid. Stance? As a result of being quick around the track, yes please. As a result of some moron trying to impress other morons? Go buy some new fancy shoes.

Jonas maurstad



I love wierd engine transplants, wide arches and quality fabrication, but building a car with camber that cannot possibly be driven is just fuckin stupid. Almost as stupid as those 10 feet vertical exhaust systems, 24 inch rims and having giant subwoofers in a performance vehicle. Stance? As a result of widening your track and lowering your center of gravity to go faster around a track, yes please. As a result of some moron trying to impress other morons? Go buy some new fancy shoes.

Jonas maurstad



What are Kranze LXV's????


@HSSL-TYO - Dislikers gonna dislike, would love to see your car.


i would drive that fc. other then that. you can keep em. although there is no denying how much work went into every one of these cars.


cant get enough of FC-s


Awesome post. Love the coverage. Thanks.


I don't get all of the hate. These car builders and the cars they build do not effect your daily life in anyway, I would like speedhunters to continue to cover all aspects of car cultures and scenes all over the world. Great post, keep them coming


The Suzuki with the orange and green interior is GREAT! While my own car is on the speed end of the spectrum, I think what's neat about cars is that they present function AND form. I'll never understand why people want to complain about free content on the Web...


love it! yes some of the cars are over the top, but then again this style isnt for everyone


i respect what they do and they do have the freedom to do what they want with their cars but this in my opinion is not the place for them.


That F50 Cima really did it for me, I really like it, one thing though, i don't like the tire tuck in the back.


I hope this style will die soon.. Why nothing about big offroad truck? Everyday, always the same cars with too much camber..


Man why all the hate? These guys are doing what they love, and nothing you say will change that. Sure they don't have the fastest cars, but its all for looks. As for the whole SPEEDhunters thing, there's not too many big events in racing right now, plus if you think about it this website's slogan is, "Car culture at large" showing its all about different car culture. Why even take your time to look through this post if you'll just hate? Btw love the coverage and that FC is too awesome.


There's a place where you aren't allowed to do anything that's not functional and purposeful. It's called NASCAR. How is it people can give so much of a #^%$ about something they don't like to post about it? Why would you even click on a link that says VIP?

326 Crown is friggin right!


A quote from PT1....."Call it what you will, but nobody at these events is trying to judge or categorize what you have created. It's why the atmosphere is always so relaxed and friendly. ".......ALL the negative nelly's could learn ALOT from gatherings like this!!!!!!! I JUST SIMPLY CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU PEOPLE EVEN CLICK ON STORIES LIKE THIS, AND THEN BOTHER TO COMMENT, JUST TO BE NEGATIVE......WHY??????


Skylizzle said:

@HSSL-TYO - Dislikers gonna dislike, would love to see your car.

Okay. 1991 Alfa 33 1.7 8v boxer with double Webers, Sachs shocks with custom springs, stock brakes with Tarox discs and Goodridge brakelines. dry weight +/- 900kg. Not a straightline missile, but I'll challenge anybody when it comes to corner speed. that's right, 'speed'.



well said kevin, i fully agree, as long as they dont start showing donks on here cause those things do effect my daily life-they make me wanna rip my eyes out every time i see one, i would much rather see any of these cars on the road than a donker


Loving the bippu posts, please keep them coming. It's always interesting to see how the scene evolves. Ignore the haters above.



I'm still a fan of VIP, but some of this I will never understand. Kind of reminds me of my "Lowrider Euro" days. I look back and wonder why I ever modified my car that way.


Okay. 1991 Alfa 33 1.7 8v boxer with double Webers, Sachs shocks with custom springs, stock brakes with Tarox discs and Goodridge brakelines. dry weight +/- 900kg. Not a straightline missile, but I'll challenge anybody when it comes to corner speed. that's right, 'speed'.

Awesome, i like your car good job, but the cars i saw in that post vrs your vehicle are in two totally different aspects of "CAR CULTURE" and your vehicle is obviously setup to be a weekend warrior car but i don't see you going to any shows for a win on looks...just sayin. The cars in this thread are obviously not lapping best times at Tsukuba. My bnr32 was setup for track weekends and pulled 413hp at the wheels but i have no hate for these guys cause i have come to realize that some people have differing opinions when it come to vehicle/stance/wheel choice ect ect. You call them "Bullshit cars" but in their eyes i bet you drive a car they could care less about also.


i don't know why you guys hate on content like this here, i think it's awesome. i love that i can come here and get that mix of racecars, streetcars and old and new from all over the world. it's all about the cars...............


Seems like that Wagon R has some influence from the Mazda 787B!!!



point taken, homie. 'bullshit cars' might have been a little harsh. But I opened saying I can appreciate the time and effort they put in their cars and this is true. I'd still turn my head if I saw some crazy bippu roll down the street. I like hella flush stance looks, oni camber not so much. To each his own. It's all good.


Adding positive comment: Love this post!


I like VIP styling to a certain extent... But I don't know if I like these, I like it simple but these look well.. Ricey


As a quick message to Speedhunters...

I love these coverages on VIP style, it gives us an insight into the weird and unique culture in japan more than the cars themselves.. Just because some commenters dont enjoy these posts doesn't mean they are the majority.

tl;dr - dont stop the vip coverage because of them ^