Desktops>> Os Giken Tc24-b1

Photographer: Dino Dalle Carbonare

Resolution: 1920×1200

Description: One of only a handful of OS GIken TC24-B1 head equipped L-series engines



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They are now re engineering the l 6 head cant wait for them to remake one for the l6


Dream engine? Well, to keep it in the family a VH45 would be nice, increase displacement from 4.5 to 5.0 litres, then add individual carbs, custom fab some equal length long tube headers and a very minimal exhaust probably consisting of side exits :)


Hmm...coincidence...i was thinking of dropping a VG35 into a 280ZX as a project car...


i would love to keep the stock engine in my s30 as i just got it days ago and im only 16, but this TC24-B1 in now my dream engine for my s30


Honestly I would feel very at home with a naturally aspirated, carb'd, 4-port 13B for the S30 chassis. It would give it such unique character.


My dream S30 would have a L28 bored and stroked to 3.1, and Weber side drafts. Oh man, how much I would love to own a blue one.


While we never had the nissan lined 6´s in my country, neither those classic RWD nissans, i always appreciated their style, i would love to have an old z or hakosuka to fiddle with.

For engine, lets say if all in all where possible (and please dont crucify my for that) i would go with the sportest engine in my opinion and give it a mazda 13BTT, a twist of rotary revolution to its rear wheels would be certainly fun, considering the power-to-weight ratio =)


classic power-plant.. legendary! - Thanks


I think I would have to go for this very engine. Its an engineering marvel.

I think engine swaps can be good and bad, lately I have been getting a bit bored of LS1 swops in anything from FC3S to E30. I think it can be more fun to see how far you can go with an original engine. One of the best build threads I have read recently was about a guy who totally rebuilt his fiat 850, eventually turbocharging it, fitting a renault gearbox and superbike brakes. All in his garage. He could have just put in fireblade engine, but he chose a more difficult but perhaps more fun and rewarding route.


My personal setup would have to be a custom block with the OS Giken heads bored but not stroked for an F1 revving "L60 V12" and just to add the akuma to the zeto A pair of draw through turbos with the carbs where the headlights should be. The setup to end all setups! Shun Goku Satsu!


I'd have to go with a 3.1 build, fuel injected with ITB's not carbbed. This OS is oh so tempting for my Z aswell...


The RB25 that I have sitting next to my S30 is the engine that WILL go into my Z. Dream engine though? Depends on application. For any kind of hard track work, a LS1/2/6 would be hard to beat. For a street car, that OS Giken would be hard to beat.


Seeing as I have a 280z, I was honestly thinking about an SR20DET, stock with octopus exahust :D or and RB26.... such a lovely sound.


s30 FTW no matter the motor. I'll be the only one to say lsx, OS Giken just means badass no matter what it is associated with.. Everything they do is just pure excellence


hmmm.....i would put an RB26 into it but it would have been fully built and converted to N/A and use its ITBs


ive sceen a few in line 6ers in my time but this one is a pice of art


Well an SR20DET of course! Lighter than an RB and with just as much tuning potential


An LD28 and take it from there ;)


Ideal engine for my Z would be an L31DET, consisting of an L28ET F54 block, OS Giken TC24-B1 head, and full Kameari internals, with ITB's and a custom manifold housing a big ol' Garrett turbocharger making 600bhp.


Definitely replaced a desktop from my own website of a picture of a wheel that I powder coated. Well done sir, well done.


I hope to god they bring back the tc16 again. I would love to have one in my 510


What header is that? Do they make a similar one for the l24 head?