Car Spotlight>>vivid Luster Z10 Soarer

Whether you call it kyusha, bosozoku, kaido racer, or anything else – there’s nothing quite like customized Japanese street machines from the ’70s and ’80s. Representing this scene at Osaka Auto Messe was this Z10 Soarer built by Body Shop Vivid Luster.

The Soarer has everything that you’d expect to see on a proper Showa era street cruiser. Is it subtle? Absolutely not. Is it cool? I’d say so. Walking around the car, you can spot some of the one-off work involved. That duct on the left side for example? It was adapted from an AW11 MR2.

What really made this Soarer stand out to me were the details and the overall quality of the build. Even with all the crazy custom work, there was nothing that looked sloppy or didn’t fit the overall theme of the car.

“Stance” is massively important on this type of car, and this one dumped properly over a set of Work Meister CR01s. I’m guessing the polka dots are an homage to Shakotan Boogie.

External oil cooler is a must.

The most outrageous element of the car had to be its takeyari pipes. This photo was shot from the widest setting on my lens, yet it still wasn’t near enough to fit them in the frame. They had to be close to 20 feet tall.

The interior featured custom white upholstery with Recaro seats and a bevy of period correct audio equipment. As with the rest of the car, the inside was spotless.


All in all, it’s one of the most complete Z10 Soarers I’ve ever seen – and a shining example of Japan’s traditional and outrageous street car style.

Now, let’s cruise all night.

-Mike Garrett

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i wanna ask a question is this aerodynamic work computed or that's just for styling ?! and wat is the point if the bosozoko exhaut pipes


classic angular shape, never been a fan of those 'Boz' tailpipes, but i do like the overall 'envelope-pushing' theme here - very brave and innovative.

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


Tidbit: The polka dots are originally from a drink called "Calpis" (yes, there's been enough jokes made out about it) or it's USDM name "Calpico". Hence this pattern is referred as "Calpis moyo (pattern)"


I love everything about this Soarer, except for the polka dots.

By the way Mike, could you explain the origins of the "Namennayo" phrase? I have seen that sticker on plenty of Japanese cars, but I can't find any explanation as to why drivers would like to be associated with a bunch of "tough" cats...


i like everything except the gay hood fins and the wing everything else= win


whoa.. a surprise 'round every corner, really like the styling on this model, then Bam! straight into a show-car like interior.. Thanks


????? namennayo means screw off don't judge me.


i wanna ask a question is this aerodynamic work computed or that's just for styling ?! and wat is the point if the bosozoko exhaut pipes



If I'm not mistaken "Namennayo!" loosely translates to "don't make fun of me." or "don't look down on me"

But I could be wrong.


This car always kills me. I love it so much.


To be honest, I will never understand the Boso scene, I guess it's just an acquired taste

I like the small details like the body work though looking at it as a whole...


Awesome car!! The style is a very good mix of "bozo" and classic race look with a touch of more present show! Really feeling this Soarer!


I wanna see a full pic of that exhaust tip!


Rad. I'm feelin this


Love it. Enough said.


This is amazing car tuning. I love how so many different styles were combined. Old school Euro interior, minitruck style graphics, modern aero and wheels mixed with classic Boso styling, 280zx turbo and mr2 vents. It's cars like this that keep us from getting stagnant with cookie cutter tuning.


is that lonza smoke tail light? cool


wow this thing is exquisite the interior in particular is perfect.

and don't forget DAT EXHAUST!!


It's outrageous in all the right ways. I love it.


what a waste of a perfectly good soarer


it's ugly and nice, more ugly thin nice.


Love it, I really love it. If it was black I think I'd be marrying it.


i love the fact that in none of the pictures you can see the top of the exhaust pipes. he has to have some serious butt puckering when going under bridges and power lines.


Change this site to !! ha ha love these cars overkill is underrated and it dont get more stylized then a bozouko ride ;p


@ ?? and MellowS13: Thanks for the answers. But I still don't really know why do they put that sticker on some Japanese cars. I only found some cats that dress as Bosozoku members, and that's the only relation I can think of...


The exhaust...WTF is up with that...xD

Awesome car nevertheless...xP


thats a real exhaust.


car is pefect, but tha exhaust bit loo long.. lol


crazyness haha, it's so awesome in a extreme madness sort of way :P


No lie; the coolest car I've ever seen in my life.