Car Spotlight>>the Ripe Racing Jza80 Supra

Earlier I spotlighted a clean VW Golf cruiser from Osaka Auto Messe, and now I want to step in another direction with a mental street-tuned JZA80. This sexy black Supra was built by Ripe Racing and to me is a quintessential example of the Japanese tuner car.

Let's take a quick look.

Before you even look in the engine bay, the gleaming black paint and the aggressive lines of the TRD 3000GT wide body kit grab you. It has to be one of the best aero choices for the JZA80, giving a very aggressive look without being outrageous.

The lack of a rear spoiler gave the car an even cleaner look. It's not often you see a wide body Supra with no wing.

Then comes the muscle. Among the work done to the 2JZ is a full HKS 3.4 liter stroker kit and a huge Trust T88 turbine. There were no horsepower figures listed, but let's just assume it's scary fast…

Peeking through the rear window you can see the stripped out interior and the full roll cage. Serious enough?

Of course you aren't gonna skimp on wheels and brakes on a car like this. 18×9.5 and 18×10.5 TE37SLs get the job done, along with Alcon four-pot brakes on each corner.

There's been a lot of talk about how Japan's tuner market is soft and how many people in Japan are losing their interest in cars. When you see a monster machine like this though, it's easy to forget all that doom and gloom.

Long live the crazy tuner car.

-Mike Garrett

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Thank you for covering this amazing machines, supras don't get as much love as other imports iMO. Its great to see japan tuners still doing there thing, and keep the supra alive. How about some wallpapers Mr. Mike Garrett?




There you go, worthy of a feature finally with speed and style to match. Way better than that VW Golf on played out rotiforms.


Is there a resurgence on Supra builds? Last time was the mid 90's when these last Supras were dominating. Do I hear prices of Supra going up because of this resurgence? Damn. Someday I'll get mine. Someday.


My guess would be 700hp or more.


the new hks 86 gt drift car is going to run a 2jz


Brutal!!!!! Desktops please!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the wing, bit this is still amazing


A prime example of a clean execution of tasteful tuning. Is there any chance that someone could set up a rescue programme to recover all the poor JZA80's that have been destroyed by tacky tuning attempts from "bro-tuners" in the U.S. and beyond?


It's hard to believe that this car has been out of production for 10 years now, and it still is arguably the most loved gem from Toyota. It's a shame that Toyota can't recapture the magic they once had with cars like the MKIV Supra, nowadays they are more concerned with "reinvented" mommy-mobiles and lackluster/underpowered/rebadged wannabe sports cars.


I'm with Supuro here. Love the Supra! Too bad it doesn't get much attention though.


Please, more of this!


Very nice, needs a Desktop, along with the Top Secret gt300 JZA80..... Oh and go and do a feature on the Sessions Aristo!!! Please!!!




9.5J front and 10.5J on the rear of a widebody JZA80??? Disappointing.......


i want to drift that for'really.


at around 30psi it runs 900whp with the stroker kit I think..


ese supra es mio





This is the type of feature I come to speedhunters to see! Desktops please.


Funny how many ppl,are thrash talking the new gt86,brz,frs

They said the same when the original 86,the nissan 240s,mazdas rx&all

This affordable rwd platforms,use to be new cars at dealer ships

And they called "secretary cars" and now is almost impossible

To finda clean(reads unmodified)example!!!!!!

Gentlemen be glad that toyota is brigin a "blank canvas" to everybody

Can play with!!


I love the JZA80! Wingless looks so badass. So refreshing to see a clean one, so many out there with hideous bodykits. I've promised myself that I will own one someday. It's a shame they don't get more attention. I know it's overweight and hasn't got the best handling out there, compared to the R34 for example, but the looks and the 2JZ ... It's a legend. I want one.


I wallpaper/desktop would be appreciated. I would love to have this as a wallpaper on my phone.


looks like a powerhouse.. beautiful - Thanks


Your comment under the engine bay picture read: Among the work done on the 2JZ is a full power, and a big power for more power....... Scary fast.


Why is there a dinosaur in the engine bay instead of a turbo?


DesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktop pleease.

its great to see a supra that DOESN'T have that awful Veilside wing everybody else seems to fit


Where can the aqua blue pcv hose that I'm seeing on many Japanese tuner shop cars be purchased? It always looks so good.


"There's been a lot of talk about how Japan's tuner market is soft and how many people in Japan are losing their interest in cars."

uhh where have i been?? news to me....


We have MA70 2 units and JZA80 1 unit... Supra Lives.


T88's are still popular on 2JZ's.... tried and true I guess. They do make good power.


That's perfect stance! Really love the aesthetics.


This Supra is perfect. Tasteful styling and aggressive tuning rolled into one package. Great work Pipe Racing!


Truly EPIC Supra! I could sit there and stare at it all day! Spotlight was nice, but how about a full feature?!


bad asss ride


nice finaly a nice clean looking supra


I think that he should black out the headlights and the taillights, then add on winds splitters and a rear diffuser. Also, I'm not sure why he didn't keep the OEM spoiler since I personally think it's a great looking, but I do like the bronze TE37 SL rims since it makes a good contrast on the black car.