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'Uncompromising' is an appropriate word for the Aventador J. It's how Lamborghini describe their new chop-top roadster take on the mighty Aventador, a two-seater jet-fighter of a car. The company have done more than make a convertible from a coupé. In fact, they haven't made a convertible: the Aventador J has neither optional roof – nor windscreen! – and mostly is a relation to the Aventador in name only.

The 'J' name is derived from the FIA Appendix J regulations, which define the technical specifications of GT race cars: it's rather clear just what kind of car the Aventador J is supposed to be. Creature comforts and the little things that make driving hyper-cars in towns vaguely bearable have all been dispensed with: this is a car that exists for one purpose: to go fast. Extremely fast. 

The J is based on the 'regular' LP 700-4 and it utilises the same technology package of extreme materials and construction as its base. A monocoque made from carbon fibre-reinforced polymers is at the core of the J, the modified design of which is bespoke to this one-off model. Two safety bars behind the seats add extra protection and stiffness. 

The body shape retains the brutal geometric, Stealth Bomber-style angles of the coupé, and it's still a very big car: almost five-metres long and over two metres wide – yet only just over a metre high! The nose is narrower than the coupé, and dominated by the distinctive carbon fibre air scoop, which has central fixing braces and upward tilting winglets on the outside edges.

At the rear, it's all about the huge wing and diffuser, quad tail-pipes and distinctive Y-shape tail-lights. The main surface area at the back is used for heat dissipation and is covered by a thin metal mesh.

The doors open upward and are much thinner than the Aventador – they do actually feature small, fixed glass screens. The rich chromed red paint colour is again bespoke to this model: the colour makes the car look even more aggressive, and counterpoints the enormous amount of pure black carbon fibre that's used in the car.

The wheels were, of course, also specially developed for the J: 20" rims at the front and 21" at the rear, the five-spoke wheels have a central locking system and additional carbon fibre inserts that function as small fans for optimum brake ventilation.

Dry weight is 1,575kgs: the J is all about saving weight. To start with, of course the roof has gone; the air-conditioning is also stripped out and the cockpit facilities reduced (GPS? Nope. Use a map. Audio system? That's what the V12 is for). The seats are made of a forged composite with inserts of soft, flexible carbon fibre; in fact, the entire cockpit has been finished with this bespoke development of carbon fibre that Lamborghini call Carbonskin. 

The engine is a new 12-cylinder, 6.5-litre unit developing 700hp at high revs through a lightweight seven-speed automated transmission – openings on the rear carbon deck lay the cylinder banks open to view. The car has permanent four-wheel-drive and F1-style pushrod suspension for optimum handling.

There is just one Aventador J: so just one lucky owner will be driving this around. And let's hope it is driven around, and not consigned to some air-conditioned collection somewhere. Seeing this car in the flesh would be one thing – hearing it would be quite another.

Jonathan Moore

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stupid idea.. one stone to hit you in the face.. dead


plaese make this as the new batmobile it looks awesome droool


Makes the Reventon look boring.


Not bad but I prefer the aventador. To benpopham the person driving this car would probably be wearing a helmet so no "dead".


After seeing countless posts on this car I've never onced noticed how deep and beautiful that red is. Speedhunters captured it though! It's absolutely beautiful and I love how much function it's stated to have. For a one off this bull sure does live up to it's horns. I don't see if being very fun on a day to day basis but I'm sure it's future owner has enough cars to not ever worry about that.


Interesting insight into the car Jonathan. It's said that the 'J' was a last minute project by Lamborghini as Bentley pulled rank to unveil their SUV concept first, whilst Lamborghini will have to wait until Beijing now to unveil their's.

I think they should create more last minute projects.


its already sold on a 1st day of autoshow for 2.5 mil euro


Watch the buyer leave it in their garage somewhere and never let it see the light of day along with the 50 other cars hes got.


horrible! supercars should have hard tops! and that rear end is atrocious! no windscreen so there's just about a 0% chance this car will actually need 700hp. good thing there's only one.

i will say that is some spectacular paint though.




Incredible looking car, but dry weight is less than 1575 kg, Speedhunters. 1575 kg is the official weight of the standard Aventador.


Looks like every car manufacturer in the world just opened up Microsoft Paint and started with the same reddish FT86


how stupid would u looking driving this with a helmet on the road?


Stunning piece of a machine. Some lucky person with quite the vallet already bought it for 2.1€ million. Hope that the lucky owner drives this gorgeous machine because it is road legal and it deserves the open road not being locked up in a garage!


Everyone take a look at that front- dosent it just say Mach5!!!!!- go speed racer! go speed racer! go speed racer goooooooo!!!!! :-)


i agree with benpopham...terrible idea...that was the first thing i noticed...and youre basically going to get hammered by the high speed winds


Its cool and all... but if its made for one reason - 'to go fast, extremely fast' - you'd better pack a helmet. Its not going to be fun on the streets, only the track.

I'd take the regular version thanks.


$10 says it ends up going into the Sultan of Brunei's car collection and never sees the light of day again.


Makes me want to chop the roof off my festiva!


Beautiful car....but 200+ MPH winds on the face will not be so fun. Dont get me wrong, I would still drive it!


the car has been sold for $2.76 million to reportedly a Saudi Customer.


it looks amazing, aggressive and like not much else, except it 'stable-mates'.. hmmm i've heard it's going to end up in Saudi Arabia in a private collection, probably never to been seen again - i hope not! - like the colour and stranely enough the wheels - Thanks


Glad to see that Lamborghini still is a Lamborghini...


If it had a wind screen it would be the most beautiful convertible car's a shame they forgot it. However that red is by all means the definition of stunning.


Way too many lines, it look like a kit car in the back.


Looks incredible but a super bike or an Ariel Atom would deliver more near death excitement if that's what you're looking for. This is a collectors item.


It seems pretty stupid to base the looks of a car on a stealth bomber.

Stealth bombers have terrible aerodynamics. The sharp "curves" are designed to evade detection systems, not cut through the air. But I guess these cars are all about the presence.


Best Lambo IMO


Nice fucking car


Can't wait to see this parked up in London and never actually driven properly......... /sarcasm.....


the car is uniquely beautiful!!


with no a/c I can't see this getting much use in the middle east....