Car Spotlight>> Blue Golf Mkiii

When I finished shooting the Midwinter Event
itself, I turned my attention shooting some Spotlights. This first one is dedicated to the
blue MKIII you see here. The MKIII, besides the MKI, is probably the most popular platform to
start within the VW scene. So you would think that we have more than enough MKIIIs
in Europe, but this one was actually imported from California.

The owner, Thomas Visch, quickly put his own
stamp on it. He started with the ride height, so he got himself a V-Maxx
coilover kit. At first sight you would think it was on airbags but this is the actual ride height it rides at.

The ever so popular Rotiform NUE strikes
again. This time in 17″ x 8j with a 30mm offset. They are wrapped with
185/35/17 Nankang tires. I know they aren’t the most performance
oriented tyres, but they do the job.

Because this is a US spec car, it has the
very much sought after trunk with a small recess. Thomas deleted the wiper and
the VW badge to get a cleaner look.

The driveshaft was hitting the chassis so
Thomas had to ‘notch’ it. It’s a popular procedure but it’s also pretty
drastic – only the real hardcore VW lovers will go this route to get the car
as low as possible whilst keeping it drivable. Power comes from a two litre ABA engine which you’ll also find in a GTI.

My next Spotlight form the Midwinter meeting will feature a MKII on a set of Compomotive wheels – a perfect match.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Midwinter Meeting



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howis the 'notch' it process like to keep the driveshaft hitting the chassis?


that's it? wheels, skinny ass tires, barely enough suspension travel deserves a feature?? how the quality drops here.............


sweet cars very beautiful classics


Boring ... This is , not a local vw meeting


Can't really figure out why you featured this car. Looks just like another dumb cookie cutter 3/4 assed VW. I'm sure there were dozens of better cars there.


^^ Tough crowd. Not my style of car, but thanks for the coverage.


The axles can hit the frame if lowered enough so a section of the frame is removed. The ABA was not available in the Mk3 and it certainly didn't come in any GTI?


What's so special about it?


i have to say i don't get the V-dub scene yeah theres a load of effort goes into these cars but they never seem to look right to me


I'm a VW guy and its nice to see more Mk3's done but did this really need a feature? Just a look at the other posts about with meet and you can just see there are way better cars.


emm am i the only one thinking wtf? chav mirrors and back lights? this isnt a spotlight car at all!


Not a bad MK, but as a request..... can we get features on some different models. We see alot of the MKs, GT-Rs, and S-13/14. Maybe next month features on some of the less popular mid grade sports/muscle cars. To me those are little more special because they are usually a lot hard to upgrade and fix because of the lack of parts made specifically for the vehicles. As my name suggests I own a Mercury Marauder, its nothing close to a Boss 302, just would like some features on some different cars mixed with norms. Definitely love this site tho, I visit every day and take many ideas from here.


This car is more than "wheels, skinny ass tires, barely enough suspension travel".

Original blue HELLA taillights, cleaned front bumper, Vento/Jetta front, mirrors etc.

Cool feature.


Dislikers's gonna Dislike, but i believe there is a time and place for all types of vehicular art and this car fits the bill pretty damn well. Some reasons why this car had a feature.

Wheels,Stretch-tuck-roll,paint,ride height, imported VW into Europe...., Don't hate cause Hunters never got around to spotlights on your moms car.


Doe you guys actually know how a standard golf mk3 looks like?


YYYYAAAAWWWWn, I saw three cars that look exactly like this on my way to work today. less VWs please. (Oo)


@ shconer, its realy een ABA. its my car so i know what i have! and de GTi engine is also een 2.0 8v 115HP like de ABA. and every MK3 golf or jetta is only a 2.0 ABA or an 2.8 AAA.

@Kpro, thats it?? you dumbass, frontbumper is cleaned, car is fully resprayed, roof highgloss black painted, recaro interieur etc.. Ventofront mounted, trunk is cleaned etc..

but i'm happy whit this spottlight!


So a VW modified like every other one on some tiny, bargain basement tires with grossly colored tail lights qualifies for a spotlight? I guess I just don't understand the VW scene...



Perfect example of the Dutch crappy failures...

Those taillights are so recognizable..

Please stop posting this crap..


Are you all haters?

This car is amazing. Almost totally resprayed in a beautiful colour. Cleaned bumper, clean booth, NUE's, nice stance and lots of details like the Projekt Zwo's, blue tail lights and smoked SML's.

And that dumbass above, who says the ABA was never available in a Mk.III; do your homework. This is an US Mk.III, and those were available with an ABA, so stop whining.

Nothing more to say,



@Sam, I think the subframe gets cut out for the axles to not hit. a picture was a better example so


Seriously don't know how TF car made in on the main blog...


Did you haters even read the text? This is a euro car with hard-to-find (for them) NA spec parts and it's static!!! The car is immaculate. This is obviously a VW-themed post so why comment saying it's "boring"?

I for one love the car and am happy to see VW coverage like this being that I drive a MK3 myself.


It's more than just some lowering and sick wheels.

First of all is a usa spec golf rare in europe.

What about the cleaned front bumper and jetta mk3 front.

Projekt zwo mirrors and all the color coded parts.

The overall picture is just great. Nice mkIII !


nice example with some nice US spec touches.. not a big fan of 'more-door' cars, but i do like this one, good wheel choice, even those wing mirrors are a subtle change, 'projektzwo' items i think. pity we didn't catch a look inside it - Thanks


What a horrible car...

thise cars should not get a "spot light" , its more a McDonald shower instead of a car !


Clean car nut not worth a feature imo


What's so special about this car, it's not that nice.



I’m a car guy, not a big VW knowledge guy, so just by looking at your car, here is what I get from the feature:

It’s from Cali. It is absolutely canned on Vmaxx coilovers. It has a set of popular wheels on it. It has a “Notch” procedure done to it.

That’s it. Nothing to set it apart from the 30 other kids rolling by my house every day with canned golfs with no suspension travel who jumped on the VW band wagon.

I realize this isn’t a 20 page write up, but if this car is “special” somehow, the writer should have pointed it out to us. The tail lights aren’t just some rice deal? Tell us about them. It has a “notch” that’s what “hardcore VW guys” do? Awesome, tell us about it. Recaro interior? Sweet, lets see some shots, is it OEM or did you salvage it somewhere?

Like others have said (who probably aren’t big VW guys, like me) it looks like another canned Golf 3. I’m a big fan of the site, but for a feature this missed the mark. Not because of the car necessarily, but Jeroen Willemsen should have done a better job of covering it and telling us WHY it was featured. Right now, looks like you guys are homies and he’s getting you some play on speedhunters.


Quite clean, but the height is nothing to brag about while driving around town.


that shit bonkers!

very nice mk3!


Thousands spent and then lowest bidder tyres. I love me a man with his priorities straight...


Wow, a VW dumped on big wheels. Never seen that before. Does have the one tail light out mod like all the other VW's I see lol


"Thousands spent and then lowest bidder tyres. I love me a man with his priorities straight..."

hahahah winner! I don't give a fuck about your car if you have nankangs, fuzions, or some other crap. Tires are one of the most important part of the car, not your "cleaned" bumper.


Like said above, i think the feature lets the car down..

It has a touch of "rush job" about it.

Besides that it´s nice to see a Golf WITHOUT that fugly rear camber that seems to be popular..!


So Rotiform have started doing knock-off RuF wheels now?


Real car lovers appreciate rides of all cultures. I'm a Nissan man myself but I love the stance and clean lines of this MKIII. Nice feature.


thumbs up for @Derrick...its always funny to read all the hatred on the comment section under every stanced ride here at SH...

i really appreciate these simple touches on these cars, to me, a few mods to make ur car stand out is the beauty of the stance scene...LIKE! =)