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The line where VIP sedan blurs with tuner car is a very interesting one. While the majority of VIP cars are built for dress up style over performance, there's no reason why some tuning muscle can't be worked into the mix. Enter the HG50 Nissan President built by B-Crystal.

If the hood was closed and the windows were up, you might think this was your typical Kansai style VIP sled. The only real hint would be the big intercooler up front.

But under the hood you'll find a Hot Rodded VG30DETT with a pair of Trust TD-05 turbines. I'd say it's 600ps is sufficient to get the big Nissan down the road…

Elsewhere you'll find a set of 18×10 Work Meister S1-Rs with Brembo brakes visible beneath.

Things really get nutty inside. The once cushy sedan now seats only two – in a pair of full Bride buckets.

But that doesn't mean the car has foregone some of the typical VIP elements. A roll bar alongside giant speakers and TV screens? Why not?

So what we have here is a long wheel base luxury sedan with 600ps, two seats, and a whole bunch of style. In my book this falls under the "so wrong that it's right" category.

What are your thoughts?

-Mike Garrett

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The interior threw me off a bit, but it's still super clean! Definitely digging in!


Any ideas on the exact size/offset of those wheels?


Good luck putting 600 horses to the floor with that rear camber lol


i would love to see this thing fly down the motorway!!

all areas are covered!


i really dig this, although less extreme camber on the back, and no speaker/subs in the rear window would make this perfect for me


The VG30DETT is a great motor, but the potential of the Groupe C derived alluminum VH45DE V8motor is even greater.

Sure the VH45DE or in this case the VH41DE doesn't have all the goodies that the VRH35Z or the magnesium block variant VRH50A have in their prototype racer forms, but its the same block but with different sleeves, internals, valvetrain and cams.

Twin Turbocharged VH45DE's have been built to 600ps easily with the stock bottom end and heads, some in excess of 900 ps when you start doing uprated internals.

So why pull out the VH motor for the heavier iron block VG motor? Larger aftermarket support? This car has so much one off custom work that a bespoke set up wouldn't be out of the question.

Why pull the V8 that can make the same power with a better torque curve to swap in a V6 that makes the same power?


Nice, always like a tuned version of the first gen Q45. But, the steering wheel and rear seat delete not so cool.


I was blown away by the exterior of the car but I have to agree with Alex. The interior is a little off. But still, this drives me freaking crazy. Rawr.


this car has the style of a bentley; big body luxury with big horsepower. new trend?


japanese vip style is so much better than american, so much more work done to jdm bippu cars. americans just put bags and ballin wheels on it and call it VIP


I applaud everything about this car but the color choice of the interior. Hope it gets driven into the ground.


Not seeing the point of 600PS and a contact patch the size of a quarter.


I like tuners and i like VIP but this is the most worthless car i have ever seen. They ruined it for being a tuner car, you have all the power 600ps with the twin turbos and a roll cage and racing seats but you have VIP style suspention than will not handle you driving it over 30mph?!? And they ruined it from being a VIP car by putting that horrible orange 2 seater ricer interior. They combined all the wrong things from both genras. This is not so wrong it right, its so wrong its terrible, FAIL


Kansai/Tokyo highway killer, more old trend than new.


Rad. I'm feelin this


crazy and weird!


Outside gooood, inside baaaad.


Very nice combination, VIP and performance tuning. Maybe the best recipe ever!


Love the outside,hate the inside !


Used to own a Z32, so this is definitely making me miss my ol' Z!!!! It's a well built car, and I'm sure anybody who's actually seen it in person (let alone driven it), would agree.


Woo nice! Form and function combine


haters gon hate


Definitely an interesting VIP car. I don't know what to think, but... yes, I think I like it. I would have never expected to see a VG30 in there!


I'm digg'n the VIP fusion here. Just all that rear camber and 600ps must being spinning the rears all the time. Haha


soooo, they have the lightest seats available up front, to save weight, but, 8 subwoofers in the back for "bangin yo". you have a fully tuned 350z motor with twin turbos, but so much camber that its almost unusable. my brain is full of fxck. i guess i just dont get it. its either function over fashion (tuner track star) or fashion over funcion (vip show car) there is no inbetween