Car Spotlight>> The Yankee Peddler Mustang

Events like the March Meet bring all sorts of vintage race cars out of the woodwork, and one of my favorite parts about the event is getting an up close look at these cars in pits. Among my finds this year was a ’65 Mustang Fastback known as the Yankee Peddler.

Based out of Long Beach, the 289-powered Yankee Peddler has a race history that dates back to when the car was brand new. Even today the car is very much preserved in its 1970s competition form.

I always dig seeing old race cars with their original decals and lettering intact. After a bit of net searching, I found that the Wilson Ford Drag Club was an Orange County-based group of racers that competed back in the heyday of SoCal drag racing.

The entry decals from past events are worn proudly on this car. You can feel the history.

While most racers at the March Meet run modern lightweight racing wheels, the Yankee Peddler keeps it real with old school US mags.

Thunderbolt style hoods were popular among Ford racers in the ’60s and ’70s and can still be seen on many cars today.

Cars like this are the reason I look forward to the March Meet and California Hot Rod Reunion every year.

Hopefully we’ll get the chance to see it in action again come October.

-Mike Garrett

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Didnt know they made wilwood cailpers back in late 70's


Now You Know.


This is a very cool car. It happens to be my wife cousins race car. Very cool guy. He lives and eats racing. He has been around racing since he was a little kid. His dad would take him around to all the race shops in socal back in the day.


Hi Mike I'm the owner & driver of the Yankee Peddler Mustang. I plan to compete at the Rockabilly Reunion at Las Vegas in May. If you're there please stop by our pit I'd love to chat with you & share more details about the car & it's history (was my father's car, original owner).

Thanks again for the write up!!!!!


Some parts on the car, like safety and brakes etc maybe newer. The car has to comply with current 2012 NHRA rules and regulations.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for the comment. I will definitely keep an eye for you guys at future events!



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