As we gear up for this weekend’s big race, we want to share one more historic Daytona clip.

This is the very first Daytona 500, which was held in 1959 and resulted in a three-way battle that became one of NASCAR’s most historic finishes of all time.

Take a watch and enjoy the stock car nostalgia.

-Mike Garrett



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Did he say, no crash .. an.. an no cautions?!!


these cars look highly unsafe ha


Lee petty did not win the 1st Daytona 500!!!johnny beau champ won it as he was one lap ahead of petty!to bad video footage wasnt better back then!


I'd be a much bigger fan of NASCAR if they went back to using "stock" cars.. production based cars, basically. The "spec" series that it is now does not interest me in the least.

Yes, I understand the arguments for safety. But come on. So let's reduce the top speeds of the cars (if that is even necessary...) down to around 170-180mph or so. Still pretty damn fast. But we need to see Mustangs vs Camaros Vs Chargers Vs Cadillacs and so forth. Cars that came off a production line, using engine blocks that came off a production line. Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday. Use NASCAR to help develop and perfect automotive technologies of the future.