HKS has been hard at work recently developing tuning parts of the Toyota 86. Not too long ago, NOB Taniguchi piloted the lightly tuned car around Tsukuba Circuit to get an idea of its baseline performance.

How did it do? Take a watch and find out.

-Mike Garrett



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Any translation?


Man that car looks terrible.....:(


I hate to say it but first impressions of this thing are disappointing. This thing has little to no relation to the real ae86, the body style is 'trying too hard' to push the envelope and the drivetrain once again is less than interesting.



trying to hard? lol what...

drivetrain thats not interesting...

did you watch the video? it's lap time is quite good

it's got minor mod's yet it's lapping around the same time as an rz supra/ m3 csl/ 350,370z/ nsx/ sti...

looks like a very capable performance car.


Too bad I have no idea what they are saying :(


At least it has tuned length extractors and doesn't sound like a WRX!


i like it man. yeah its a bit big and kookie looking in relation to the ae86 but its a step in the right direction. its not as raw as the origional but this is 2012 and it was never gonna be.


1.07 is quite good no? I think so considering there are other cars with heavy mods just to get that kind of lap time around Tsukuba...


so a stripped interior, full exhaust, coils, brake kit, advan wheels and semis count as light mods now??


That lap time doesn't lie, but I was hoping for some slidey bits. Next time.


"Hater gonna hate" Just wait till how many people buy this car.... This thing will be INSANELY popular. I'll take one in Hot Lava please!


Curtesy of

NOB feedback driving GT86

*It was fun to driver than I've expected

*It lack power... Because it's light weight so it's cornering is good, traction is good, braking is good... but it lack acceleration.

*It makes me want to go one more lap, one more lap into the track.

*If there isn't any car to compete against it'll be fun car to drive.

*If there's some car you compete against, it lack acceleration, so maybe get taken over in straight line.

*This car is a great car... but after driving for a while, you might get bored of this car.

*If you think of this car is base of tuning car, is totally okay. Reason is, recent car is only heavy weight cars. Car that lack power to add power is easy, but but to make heavy car lighter is extremely difficult thing to do. This car's selling point is "Lightweight", so put (HKS) parts into this car, it'll be perfect car.

HKS Coilovers - Changed the spring rate to F8/R6 to F7/R5

*F8/R6 felt great

*F7/R5 had extra roll, but other than that it felt the same

*Go w F8/R6 or F7/R5 either one work fine

*Because this car name is "86", so I know someone gonna say F8/R6 is better... Yeah, I'm talking about "You"!

For car that lack power, time was good

*Overall balance was great

*Lightweight is a weapon

*Back straight was slow (Top speed 153km/h)

*It lacked top speed, but rest of the areas was high/fast.

*Overall balance was great, so go into corner was a fun

*straight line was very lacking

Bugs - Not 100% sure yet, but...

*Turned off VSC & TCS and test ran it, but it didn't turn it off at all, & it's getting in my way driving.

*I don't like electrical devices, so had to take off the fuse & it fully turn off those systems.

*When that happens, not only VSC & TCS turns off, but also ABS turns off, so braking become a bit nervus.

*They should only cut VSC & TCS only, instead of all 3 electrical devices.

*They should look into more to fix this bug

ABS necessary?

*I don't need it, but for other people, they should have it

*For drifting ABS isn't necessary at all. Don't need VSC, TCS or ABS

Current mods on this car is





*Spoiler & Canard

*Bucket seats

Future HKS mods for GT86

*Keep the engine & make a parts that everyone can tune

*NOB: No, don't need everyone to make sameone. I want you to make hellova engine

*HKS: Gonna make engine that everyone can do and it'll be aggressive engine.

*NOB: I want 600hp from this car

*HKS: ...600hp? I'll keep that in mind


Awesome thanks Kid. ...Gah I hope I see a 600hp version soon. That would truly rock balls. Do we know if an STi engine into one of these?


Roughly...didn't spend much time.

announcer: Hello, today video option came to tsukuba mountain. How was the grip time attack?

driver: Well, next time I'd like to check how the drift potential is before trying out the car. But it was more fun than I had imagined, there isn't much power, but becuase the car is light, the cornering is pretty good, the traction is pretty good, and the brakes are pretty good. in general it was pretty fun. after i entered the course, i planned to just do a time attack lap and go, but at every turn it felt like i could do a little more a little more here a little more there. from running the car it has potential to be very fun.

announcer: so today we ran a 1:07

driver: actually a 1:07.4 the modified points on the car are hks coilover, yokohama advan neova tires, endless brakes, hks muffler, and bucket seats.

driver: im sure many people want to know impressions, just taking face (impressions), the car is good. just driving the car you get a sense of everythings ok, but as a tuning platform you can see the potential. it's easy to make a car without much power get a little extra power, but it's very difficult to get a heavy car to lose weight. so adding a few hks parts, and more power, you can make a very good car.

driver: with the f:8k, r:6k it's pretty good, i don't have much experience with the car but it felt pretty good. f:7k, r:5k would be softer but still good. the cars name is 86 right? so the 8k 6k combo is probably better :P

announcer: for a car without power a time of 7.4 is pretty good right?

driver: for a car with good balance, lightness is a weapon as well. but the car is slow and feels heavy on the back straight, the speed was 153km right? a fast car we'd expect 200km, but because the car has good balance, i think the average speed is higher.

driver: the vsc and taction control buttons are in the middle right? well when they are on they are a hindrance, so today i ran without them. i also turned off the abs. without the abs the brakes were a little skittish. i think it would be better to run with only vsc and traction control off.

announcer: so you think it's better without abs?

driver: well for me it's ok, but for everyone else it might be better to keep it on.

announcer: for drifting you don't need abs?

driver: you don't need anything

announcer: so you can see, we have just started on tuning, with the d1 grand prix, blah blah blah.

driver: so what about the engine

announcer: i think we'll leave the engine as is

driver: at 180hp?

announcer: well we'd like to do tuning that everyone can apply

driver: everyone?

announcer: yes, to meet what the customer is able to do

cliff notes: the car is good, it's light, it has good tuning potential, hks is trying to take the easy way out by supplying very expensive parts that only marginally improve performance (like other big companies).


The car is not bad. Think about this though. That's the same time as a stock S2000. A convertible that doesn't have big aftermarket brakes, semi slick tires, and aftermarket suspension... I expected a 1:06, honestly


It's pretty good for a stock car but for how much hype this thing gets and how it's tuned it should be better. A stock fd2 laps a 1'07"49 at Tsukuba for reference


decent lap time for light tune.advan neova are not semi-slick,they are top performance street tyre.semi slick is advan A048 or A050.

thankyou for the video and the translations!


looks some drifting .....


this car is not lightly tuned, its far from the stock car. ..