Just came across this short video of Taniguchi drifting the BenSopra GT-R at Mobara Circuit. As many of you will know the car is based on what was supposed to become Nomuken’s next Blitz D1 machine, a 1000 HP R35 that was converted to RWD and stripped of all electronic driver aids. Abe-san from Blitz was there to fine tune the Motec ECU before Nob took the car out for a little test. Unfortunately the engine suffered turbo problems and was pretty much running without any boost. Still, it’s worth a look as it’s not often you see R35s drifting through tight tracks like Mobara! Can’t wait to see this car all fixed up and properly vaporizing those big rear Yokohamas!


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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That GTR sounds and looks amazing, except for the wheels. They look tiny in those arches!


I don't get it!? Why "detune" a car with some awesome technology just for drifting. It seems to be such a waste of engineering and resources.


Jesus christ, one of the lead developers of the GT-R was interviewed in last months top gear magazine, and he basically said drifting is a waste of time and oversteer is something they have specifically dialled out in the pursuit of pure grip. Hope he never sees this thing.


Cause he can. and it is a japanese car. It have to drift!


200k drift car! FTW.


I dunno about you but...Taniguchi is so smooth....


i dont like this. i like the car, but what they're making it do.. :(

let it hit time attack!


obviously phil never drifted before


Are they all out of Silvias?


Well I think the japs needs to prove anything could go sideways. Though I wonder if the base of the R35 is the best way to go considering the amount of stripping and adjusting is needed before you actually make it a drift car. But lets see what happens in the end :)


I don't care what anyone thinks. That was sick! I can't wait until the kinks are straightened out.


Sorry for the NEWB? BUT what transmission is that? This machine is BEASTING!


I gotta say, I'm with the majority on this one. It almost seems like they really forced it to be something it's not. As, much as I love the new GTR, it's no R34, or 33, for example. With all it's awesomeness, it's not a legend like it's predecessors. You have to let it be what it is... Hats off to the guys that built it. Without a doubt, A LOT of work went into it. Wonderful machine, either way.


Love Gtr´s but this one is just ugly!!


Jaxx......really? i mean.....REALLY? i'm seriously so sick of people like you. Who cares what Top Gear Magazine and the developer says. It's a car built for a specific purpose. Nob Taniguchi is a full professional driver. He drives in many many different series'. He's sure as hell a better driver than pretty much everyone who reads this site, Does a 'developer''s opinion matter? Does a magazine journo's opinion matter?

Get out and DRIVE. have fun. don't develop all your loyalist opinions from watching video's and jerkin off over magazine's and journalists opinions.

The R35 was also intended not to be ever modified. Nissan was very clear about this. Look at the modified versions now putting out better times and better performance than the stock car.



Smooth operator!


This one is built for one purpose and one purpose only: drift!


sounds sweet but doesnt look drifty enough, its to much time attack style


why is this with NOB?! I want it in Nomukens HANDS!!


Kazutoshi Mizuno- is not just a developer he is the chief engineer behind the R35 GTR...yes he did quote that; and yes the GTR intent was to be grip driven, but hey anybody has the right to fix up their car anyway they what, yes it sounds cliche but this car was built for D1 Nomuken to compete in.

People read the below for the details of the video. Come on people just appreciate that fine machine with that kickass kit and see Taniguchi work his masterful skills to drift the GTR through some amazing corners. Yes everyone here who voiced their negativity only wished they have a R35!!


Kind of refreshing to see the old school style of drifting that NOB does so well. Super smooth, super fast, and super tidy! A nice contrast to the huge angle and massive smoke we usually see :)


@ MoFromTexas: I gotta have a R33. Hands down, 6:30, MY favorite!!


Possibly the ugliest R35 I've seen yet. Nothing cool about it. Can someone please explain the purpose of aero on a car built to drive sideways?

Never been a fan of drifting, but I do appreciate an old relic stripped, slammed with an updated or built motor ripping across a track. This? No appeal whatsoever. Body kits are seldom done tastefully.

Just my f*cking opinion. Thanks for listening.


how about you haters just taking it for what it now is and apreciate it?

a nice new larger RWD gt car with heaps of power and a nice modern chassis and suspension system/design.

whats not to like?

it does need a little more offset though.


nice... cant wait to see them nail it