Random Snap>> Game Changer: The Zerolip Golf

One of the biggest game changers last year
was this Golf MKII owned and driven by Jay McToldridge. This car has been
dividing opinions ever since it first debuted. The difference between this car
and others that went the same route is that Jay managed to perfect the look. I'm
sure that we will see others try to do the same this year, but Jay is already
working on the car to make a even bigger impact in 2012.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Game Changers 



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Please tell me that thing is bagged.... how the hell would you drive it??


I really dont like this car, it looks silly. How is it a game changer? Just because someone does something different (or super ugly) in this case doesnt make it good.


Those wheels are horrible and most VW fans are weird.

Yeah, yeah, DTM Audis had those BBSs, whatever.


These rims really dont fit this car nicely


For what it is, it's very well done. It's clean. Same mods and it could have gone OD awry with most VW guys trying this.


Out belly buttons have never been cool...


disagree respectfully. not a game changer. Sure its amazingly clean but the style isnt anything ultra revolutionary.


No divided opinion here SH. In fact, opinions are almost unanimously against. I don't understand why you keep trying to stuff those ugly shite rims down our throat. What has this guy done to you to make you keep bringing this back from the dead? Not only is it ugly, its not even new anymore. I'm sure your considerable photography skills can be put to much better use on cars that are actually interesting.



Need More SC300 Drifting.


I dont see how this is a game changer... its clean & the owner has different taste in wheels... but how is this revoluntionary. A car like the Audi Ur Quattro is a Game Changer!! This^^ not so much...


Wasnt this EXACT PICTURE posted just a few weeks ago?

Cmon Speedhunters, variety please. Damn.


also disagree respectfully, its different but change isnt always good. it looks like that audi from I-robot that will smith drove... except not nearly as cool... oh well! if he likes it, its his car!


Even the Euro dudes are wincing at this one. Fix your wheels. I know stance and whatnot is not necessarily about performance and is about style but this looks stupid and seems dangerous... In any case, it is clearly wrongness.


I love old school BBS Motorsport Magnesiums but that trend is STUPID and UGLY.

That is all...


I didn't notice how low it was before. Looks like you could fit a quarter under the front lip and ground. Anyway, crazy VW and I love it.


The new dayton look


Has a New Zealand AA badge? Wonder why?


The UGLIEST wheels ever made.


I'm sorry, but this is just stupid and ugly. I seriously hope that this is NOT a game changer.


seen this car already need new cars, speedhunters is geting lam just like shift2 thay need more cars like the old ones thay dident even have a sc300 or 400 lol idk what thay did to that game. my 2cents


please ppl keep up the hate. something out of the ordinary can never be shown on this site without you!



dont hate!!congratulate or participate!!just saying


dont hate!!congratulate or participate!!just saying


The car looks good to me but a game changer? Really? I preferred the motorsport articles and cars like the Amuse S2000 ... this post makes the game changer trend for the month seem less special and really trivialises it. It is a nice car though. I'd drive it.


sorry, but a game changer is someone who does something that people actually try to replicate. i understand that Jay is doing something unique, but i think it's the wrong direction.


I like it. diffrrent strokes for different folks. how did he do that to the rim though??


How come it has a New Zealand AA badge on it?


Oh no, the zerolip golf again?

I'm disappointed with you, guys, with so many cool cars on the planet, once again you post a picture of this hideous thing? :(


not matter how many pictures of this thing ill see....my opinion will stay the same!!!

it looks FUGLY!!!!


very clean, nice VW golf with very uniqe BBS rim.. how the rim become like that?


When did different become cool by default. This car has like three fans - the owner, the photographer, and... oh wait, not a positive comment about it in the whole page.


no one likes this car


Ugly, dont change anithing, theyu are trying to shove this ugly ass setup down our Throats but its just plain ugly and weird.


What a bunch of whiners. Let's all drive our stock 318i's down to 7-11 an show everybody how cool we are. Different is not bad people, it's just different. At least this guy has some balls.


It looks fine. Relax damnit.


It's ugly and I love it! can't wait


I like it. It's nice to see a change from huge lips.


this car got so much press, i don't really think its very good looking or creative at all. they just got some ridiculous looking wheels that are a caricature of a fad.


Love it ..so many people bitch about it ..who cares, move on, and dont post


Eveytime I see this car I just think of this photo. http://tinyurl.com/gti-zero-lip-train-tracks


Another disagree respectfully. Please dont post anymore similar stuff.


Game changers to me are cars a vast majority of the industry tries to copy. The cars everyone would love to drive, just once. How on earth does this car fit that definition? It seems most people here would rather drive it off a cliff.

Sure, everyone in the media want to be out in front of new trends -- but let's wait to see if it is actually a trend that sticks around a while before we start labeling game changers. If you are heading in this direction, the FnF Eclipse and Supra are FAR more of a game changer than this thing. Those cars defined a trend, and an entire time period in tuning history. Just because this VW is equally as ridiculous doesn't make it a game changer.


It's ugly yes. But it is interesting!..


Not a game changer. How is this even compareable to a Mine's / MCR Skyline or HKS Evo?


for you all that say this "isn't" a game changer have no idea what went into making those wheels.. let alone the style it's created. call it "fugly", ugly, whatever.. what it truly is, is a view of looking out of the box when it comes to our own rides. nut just a little FYI those wheels are custom BBS E50 wheels. Built by Rotiform using pre-1978 centres and mounted to motorsport barrels.


It isn't a game changer, its just when people follow stupid trends such as these. Don't even consider putting this in the same category as the Mine's R34. Anyway what was the point of doing a survey to find what people wanted if you're going to continue to post this ****. I think it's about time you left Speedhunters because you're ruining it.


I'm just tired of this style.

It's all the same: same wheels, same paints, same drops, same cars.

And don't tell me that this is done for VW or Audi heritage cause the only heritage I flag as appropriate involves lots of turbo-horsepower and absurd aerodynamics.


just because the wheels are extremely different from whats "trendy" at the moment doesn't mean its ugly.

just because they aren't 10" super deep dishes and "hellaflush" doesn't mean the car isnt tastefully built.

Sure its not a game changer, for f*ck's sake every other vdub is dumped, wiretucked, rockin' H4 beams, but the owner went out on a limb when he chose those wheels. Its good to be different, enjoy variety and show respect where its deserved. If not, all our rides would all look the same


One of the best Mk II Golf's out there! Those fat tires with no lips ARE the game changer's!

But I like the most the colour and really really like the HEADLIGTS on Mk II.

Great car, old school, no frisbees and no lie about rwd fat lips.

A proper FWD euro spec car.

Nice job!


sorry, but those rims look like a prolapsed anus. eeew.


I dont think this car is a game changer. Its a nice car and it devides opinions, but does it change the way people think about tuning? dont think so. Maybe if it had spokeless wheels or something


Nice cool euro spec Golf 2. The headlight are really nice, also the colour


@JP: Just because it took a lot of effort to make those wheels, doesn't make it a game-changer. To me a game-changer is the the first few cars to try a new style, that people start copying. At the moment, this is not a game-changer. It could be in the future. But right now most people don't like the way the wheels look (which is the only thing different about it compared to most show quality MKII) and, from what I have seen, people are not copying this style, and hence, by definition, it is not a game-changer.

I'm not saying that it's not going to become a game-changer (though I doubt it), but at the moment it isn't. It is a very high quality build though, so it gets my recognition.


I'ts the mole on cindy crawford's face,


Still hideous


I agree with "Yeah, nah. said"


In nature, when things are different with no real purpose of being better, they get killed. Just saying.


I love this! somebody gathered enough balls to try something that looked wrong, but ended up looking damn nice and clean.. might not be tickling everyones tastes but it sure is original and is so in a positive way.. we need more inovators like this one to keep the car scene / culture alive!


I'm flaging this an inappropriate because those rims are hideous and its not that low when the body touches the ground then its low


The only way this thing changed the game was it changed a good looking car to ugly vw that looks like it should be on train tracks with those uggly inside out wheels. ant there is nothing game changing about lowering a car and waxing it. or does the game change every time some one buys new wheels?


Please, this isn't a game changer. what planet are you on????

I dont know what it is, but you guys seem to be loosing what made Speedhunters cool. Almost as if this happened after the survey. Where are the quality posts from Linhbergh, Mike, Charles, AndyB, Jarrett?

and I am sure I have seen this before.

Step it up!


It looks stupid, period. It's not useable whatsoever and it does not look cool. You know what would look cool? If he raised it up an inch and fit NORMAL BBS meshies on it. Sorry dude, you have a Golf like a half a million other people. Everything that can be done to look cool has been done.

If I had a Golf and I smashed the quarter panel in with a sledgehammer because no one else had done it before, does that make me cool? No. If I welded antlers on the roof, would that make me cool? No. If I put a 3" lift on it and made it 4wd with mud tires? Nope. How about a Civic front end? Not cool. Maybe a BMW interior? Still uncool. Oh wait, I know. I'll put a Mercedes-Benz engine in it. Guess what? NOT COOL!


So if you put wierd wheels on a car your a game changer? Every VW show car looks just like this the only difference is the wheels.

If Tanabe-san knew all he had to do to change the game is throw goofy wheels on a car maybe the amuse s2000 wouldnt exist. If your trying to change the game do it in a positive way where you break down walls and change the way people look as cars, dont just spend 10k on goofy wheels and say youve done something amazing.

If people keep praising stuff like this (judging by the comments im happy to see no one is) then real breakthrough amazing car builders arent gonna have a reason to build REAL game changing cars.


So all I have to do is put retarded, ill-fitting expensive shit on my car to make it undriveable and I can be a game changer?


if u aint rubbin u aint dubbin #vwswag


Augh! There are TWO of them:


I admire the work that went into it. The result, not so much.


Game-changer? Maybe trend-setter or for this matter...against the trend. Game changers should be and have been what you guys have labeled so far...performance machines, not show cars.


Just because an idea / thought was followed through doesn't make it a gamechanger or even worthwhile. Should you applaud Hitler because he actually put effort to achieve his dream of world domination? No...we think of him as a a lunatic an an idiot for wasting the lives of so many millions for a purpose that was insane. That's how I see this stupid wheel thing...for your staff to agree it's a gamechanger just underlines that you're more into getting on board with a fad before it becomes mainstream so you can say you "called it" in the same fashion that Ed Weiland predicted Jeremy Lin would bust out and destroy the NBA.

Please use your brain... know that the idiotic ideas you promote will lead impressionable youths without any sense of automotive style to follow suit... and as a result in 15-20 years (due to your cues) these future designers that you're influencing today will create automobiles with the styling equivalent of hammer pants.

F@$*(!& HELL YOU GUYS!!! Gamechanger.....seriously????? Maybe you need to look at more pics of FD's 458s and 599XXs to get your shit straight.

DAMNIT!!! Now I gotta go look at motorcycles now just to calm down....mmm... Triumph 675 Daytona!!!

DO NOT POST THAT CAR AGAIN!!! Jeremy Clarkson would tell the person behind that idea to be blindfolded and shot... which is extreme to me. I'd just require that he only use the bus as transportation for the rest of his life.

Ok Interwebs, love ya, good night.


Reminds me of inverted nipples


All of you that are talking sh!t about this car are really stupid and ignorant people, theres alot of different points of views of cars. Style, performance ect ect . . . Duuuh he went for style, yea yea we seen alot of VW like this one but atleast this one has different rims, it might not be your taste but hey when FnF that ricer look wasent that "cool" (like some of you are saying) but after a while all civics, supras & eclipses where sporting some FUGLY bodykit & it was "cool" & then doing half of the ricer job & never finishing it was "cool" really people? Puting bodykits & leaving the engine completely stock is "cool" ? Come on pleople theres alot more to ars than just racing them. You can do whatever the f*** you want to your car, its yours. Am not saying this is super cool & things like that but this VW looks good & I really like those rims (fro those who said that no one even like this rims) I would get those rims fro any car but maybe its not going to look as good as in this one. But my point is, those rims look good (they dont look FUGLY or whatever you guys wanna call them) & I love that style in this VW. Maybe not a game-changer but still something unique & different. So stop talking sooo much mierda ! & ooh like SPEEDHUNTERS said or as a stoner would say is DRY season people there a not that much of activity.


Definitley a game changed not my style but to each his own this car makes u lean back lift ur sunglasses and say holy shit wtf haha super sick either way



It's definitely not the mole on cindy crawford's face, It is the boil on a fat guy's ass.

People need to learn that being different is not necessarily cool.


I hope this is air-bagged.


I seriously enjoy it. I won't be zero lipping my wheels, but if it wasn't for people doing different things that challenge the norm, how boring would our scene be?


Once again I just wanted to say thanx for all your positive comments.........lol

Just to let you in on a secret.........its a car..........not life or death..........just a car


just splendid


Terrible... just terrible. Where the railroad tracks?


More hipsterflush garbage.


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