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This very clean Datsun 510 sedan is a great way to start our final part of this years Wekfest coverage. The 510 was often called the poor man’s BMW. Probably because it was originally inspired by BMW 1600 and 2002.

It really is the little personal touches that make a car unique from every other one out there, whether it’s a rare paint color or a tiny skull.

As expected, there were some fixed gear bicycles around the show. All those bike racks needed to be filled someway or another.

This bmx bike had quite the interesting upholstery.

So did this Honda Ruckus. Would you look at those wheels!

That air intake looks like it will suck your shorts in if you are not careful.

I don’t have kids yet, but this is what I am guessing I’ll become in a few years.

Upon closer inspection, it seems Linhbergh and I are not the only ones who need a hankie in our pocket. You got good taste kid!

There were a few American cars here and there, like this Chevy Impala.

Those white walls looked great and it did not look out of place at all.

Here was an interesting build. Looks like something I would find on the streets of Tokyo.

I think the builder was going for a Japanese arcade on wheels kind of look.

This must have taken forever to finish.

I have not seen the 2012 Honda Insight in person till now. I can’t believe how perfect the fitment was on this car.

I guess as more and more hybrids come out on the market, tuners have to accept that they will eventually modify them to their liking.

When I first saw this contraption I thought to myself “why would anyone want to bring a mortar to a car show?”

Then I realized it is the worlds coolest T-shirt launcher. You start by packing the t-shirt in to load it.

Then you fill up this air tank with compressed air. It reminded of me of the “Cheetah.” It’s a device that tire shops use to seat a bead on a very stretched tire.

And boom, just like that. Hours of entertainment for the spectators.

You can even see what angle you are launching the goods at. How cool is that?

I decided to make my final rounds before the show opened to the public. There seemed to be a surge of modified Hyundai Genesis Coupes when the car was first released. It seems to have died down since, but who knows? They might make a strong comeback with the new model.

Mitsubishi played their cards right with the Evo in America. These rally machines have made a place in the North American tuner scene since they showed up in 2003.

This car just looks fast sitting there. I guess that’s why it needs so many canards to keep it glued to the ground.

These LS swaps in FD RX-7s have been getting more and more popular. That motor certainly looks like it belongs.

To think this was Mazda’s flagship sports car at one point. I’m sure the designers had no idea the 13b would be replaced by an eight cylinder power-plant from Detroit.

It took quite a while to load everyone in, and I understand why. The cars were all parked very close together.

These Toyota MR-2 turbos are getting more and more rare. I don’t see them on the street in Los Angeles anymore.

That Personal steering wheel that tilts up is such a great invention. When it’s up it looks like it’s a school bus steering wheel.

The Recaro Tomcat seats are also a nice touch.

Another clean SW20, but what is that on top of it?

There is an Xzibit meme in here somewhere.

Well, this is definitely one way to get your car on Speedhunters.

Luckily it was an interesting car. I am quite honored to see a Speedhunters license plate frame on such a great looking Porsche 911 GT3.

This was definitely my favorite European car of the event. I love wagons to begin with and this one just has everything going for it. Nice wheels and a nice flat red paint job.

The fitment is certainly something the owner spent some time on.

The S13 chassis has been done over and over again, but this one stood out to me for some reason.

Maybe it’s because it is right hand drive? Not many of those in North America.

Or it could be the peculiar choice in wheels.

Either way this car has great personality. I would not mind cruising around in something like that.

Toyota Supras have become rare enough that when I see one in this kind of condition, it makes me want to go on Ebay to see how much they are going for. It seems like they are hitting $50,000 for mint condition ones!

Another Minty green show car. This time a Honda EG civic.

What a great color combo and very clean wire tuck job. I am not worthy of such a clean engine bay.

I found this very classy looking Prius in the corner. I just want to know how something like that gets around in San Fransisco. I feel like you need a lifted truck in order to drive some of those very steep streets.

If this was only a factory option. I think the CR-Z looks way sportier than it actually is from the factory. Not to worry, just swap in a K-series motor. I can see that kind of swap getting very popular as the price of the CR-Z goes down.

Now I see why people travel from all over the world to come to this humble little car show. There is such a wide variety of cars here that are top notch. Some of North America’s most famous tuners go out of there way to show off their cars at Wekfest.

You can definitely count on me attending next years craziness.


(photos by Linhbergh and Larry)

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No shots of the Ab-Flug Supra with the CHP livery?


That LSx FD was money!


oof what a waste of an FD chassis. LS, such a cop out.


Ooo gime some shots of the older Subi's in the last pic!


That poor FD


Aww yeah MR2's :D


The black Porsche is a Carerra not a GT3.


Larry you are a tool, plain and simple!

The Honda Insight (in case you didn't notice) is sporting a set of uber-rare-expensive GT-R Brembo brakes (not to be confused with the Nissan GT-R brakes).

Those Brembo brakes EASILY cost in the $15000 range, yet you post pictures of a POS Scion XB? Way to go Speedhunter!


No shots of the Blurple BMW that won best BMW in show?


I need more info on that 510!


Thanks for showing my 510 some love! ^_^


Love the colour on the Blue EVO. Would love to know exactly what colour it is.


Yay Supra!!! I missed staring at Supras on Speedhunters haha


with regards to that xzibit meme : Yo dawg, we heard you like cars, so we put a car on your car so you can drive while you drive.


how bout some more xB pics?!?


amazing paint job on the bmw wagon! Im not sure if it would look right on my evo but I sure as hell want to try it out.


digging the s15 cluster in the s13


I'm sorta glad I didn't go this show, 4 hour wait to walk into a very crowded building full of cars, if I had a media pass. I sure would go otherwise, nope.

Anyways, that S13 is definitely one of my favorites. Although I am not too big on car shows anymore, Wekfest is "USDM" styling at it's very finest.


That 911 is a 997 Carrera w/ a GT3 body work. It's nicely done though...


I hope to god that bmx gets ridden.


Anyone knows whats the fitment on the Honda Insight is? the wheel size and specs, i mean. Or anywhere i can find out more?


That FD, great enhancement to a great chassis, shame they came with vacuum cleaers from the factory :)


David, you're a dumbass

it's a gt3 not a carrera


God i hate fixies and the scenesters that ride them, or just push them around to be seen with them. Such an impractical concept.

LS FD is awesome. Probably one of the best cars there to actually drive. Rotards gone hate. Apex seal sales are dropping nationwide.

I guess maybe RHD cars are rare in the States, but up here in BC they are everywhere. Don't know how that S13 got in there otherwise. Looks pretty lame. Looks like the upholstery on the door panel needs some serious attention too.


Yo dawg, I heard you like cars...

I like how you got a pic of that guy's little one just as the drool is dropping out of his mouth, LOL priceless!


i hope alex/jdmized chokes on a pair of custom uber-rare dry carbon jdm balls


That BMW wagon was SWEET!!!


the vette engine looks so right in that RX-7

LOL at the xzibit reference.... I heard you like MR-2's so I put an MR-2 on top of your MR-2 so you can drive a 2 seater while your driving a 2 seater....


Thats the quickest way to ruin an FD. piston slapping junk, in that beautiful chassis completely wrecks the handling and balance. typical Americans, only want to go fast in a straight line.


Why the blurple bmw was not shown? because its almost as horrendous as Larry's writing.


ruin an FD? heat is the 13b's enemy. if you going to boost the 13b and run it hard your going to blow apex seals and you get another dead FD. the LS swap is nothing new, true gear heads will understand its power. who wants to drive around in a car with an engine you can't enjoy to its fullest potential?? that LS engine will snap more axles and trannys before the engine gives out...


Why has the Genesis has died off? Well if you look at the markets they did release it in you will notice that Japan, the UK and I think most of the EU and many others didn't get it after the FWD coupe died. So really I can see why its not a popular car outside of the states when you think that many smaller company's wont be able to get their hands on it thus limiting the range of parts.

Now I will say that as a car it deserved to get a wider release as the early FWD models are very popular here and its been getting a lot of praise. I guess Hyundai didn't want to change it to fit EU safely standards. Fingers crossed the replacement might see the light of day here outside of being an import.

Now as the the article... its ok nothing really stands out from other stance focused blogs. IMO less time needed to be spent on Fixed gear bikes and T-shirt cannons and more on the cars I'd of loved to have seen more info on that evo for example


some real wonders to wrap up with.. nice 5 Series BMW, i like the bonnet bulges but theres too many louvres/vents in it for me. a T-shirt laucher and a tilting steering wheel - its all good - Thanks


@ JDMized

If you hate Speedhunters posts so much then go somewhere else!!!


That Genesis looks awesome! Really unique, not seen anything like it. But what the hell was with that upturned steering wheel? That looks so impractical.


Impreza Wagon!