Event>>osaka Auto Messe: More Lot Spottings

As I continue to go through the wealth of photos I shot last weekend in Osaka, I wanted to go ahead and post one more batch of shots from the streets and parking lots around Auto Messe.

With this panda-colored AE86 Levin leading off, let's begin.

Here we have a very functional looking DC2 Integra based out of Nara. Is it a circuit car? Kanjo racer? Maybe both?

This shakotan Toyota Wish actually belongs to Hamada-san of the Tactical Art Family. I'd be seeing him again later that night at the M&L Party.

Can't say I've ever seen a Toyota Land Cruiser like this one. It was enormous, and took me back to the Monster Truck-loving days of my childhood. Actually, I still love Monster Trucks…

It might be a hard to judge in this photo, but if you know the size of a normal Land Cruiser, you'll get a sense of the scale. I can't believe someone actually drives this beast on the streets of Japan. That cannot be easy.

VIP style Crown Majesta with the upper lips of its wheels tucked into the fenders. Like most of the VIP cars, the owner dropped his suspension to the floor before walking to the show.

Love this kei done with a kyusha touch, especially that front spoiler!

The newest version of the Japan market Honda Odyssey, sitting just as it should.

Or maybe you prefer the older body style Odyssey?

While I didn't spot too many classic cars while browsing the parking lots, I did catch this tidy Mazda Savanna as it drove by.

Sticking with Wankel power for a moment, here's a fine FC3S street car.

The choice of wheel coloring actually gives it an RWB-esque character.

A mild VIP look for this Celsior with factory body lines and original two tone paint.

Toyota bB and a Mazda Axela, both showing signs of the popular USDM movement.

As the distinct sound of a tuned 1JZ filled the air, I was able to snap a JZX100 Mark II rolling by.

This C35 Laurel had a luxury-themed exterior, but the front-mount and gauges on the dash say it's built for more than comfort.

P11 Nissan Primera. Who else loves these cars?

Osaka lux dori style!

Evo? Nope, I believe that's a Mitsubishi Mirage that's been modified to look like one.

Lowdown Celsior looking very "official".

ER34 sedan in bright red. I think Nomuken would approve.

Z33 sitting on the ground. Cool color choice.

If you closed your eyes and just listened to the V8 rumble from this Nissan Cima, you might think you were hearing an American Muscle Car.

A dressed-up version of the Toyota ist, or Scion xA as our American readers will know it.

Japan – the place where a minivan on BBS LMs is nothing out of the ordinary. This family hauler is a Mazda MPV.

Wagons may be plentiful in Japan, but not many of them come equipped with Hemi power like this one.

An extremely clean Kouki Trueno. I wonder if the 86 drivers get along with the drivers of the Civics so famous in Osaka?

Unlike the USA, the Toyota Camry is not a car you see often in Japan – especially a modified one. Note the "Santa Monica Toyota" plate frame.

Many times you just can't go wrong with the simple look. In this case an Altezza with 17" Work Meisters.

I'll go ahead finish up with this mild and cool KP61 Starlet

Next time I'll wrap up my Osaka Auto Messe coverage with a look at the vans and compact cars inside the big show.

-Mike Garrett

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Very good looking P11 !!!


man i feel we get 'jipped' out here in the UK.. although we do have some of these cars albeit under different names/inscripts, we don't get the good stuff! - such a pity - loving that Monster Land Cruiser!! - Thanks


Yeah but here in the UK our import laws are not strict at all.

If you see anything you like ring your favourite importer and enjoy the wait while it comes over ;)


That Land Cruiser is a hack job at best

It is a total waste of a great vehicle

That truck is an example of what not to do


Had to do a double take at first. The spare rim without the tire on the land cruiser makes it looks like the ass end of a jet turbine. I initially thought "well...that's different."


Good question. IS there any "snobbery" between brands like here in the states?


that land cruiser is "HellaFlush"....

nah not really, it looks pretty awesome though if you ask me


Best post and pictures so far. I love almost every car here!


I love the Primera! If you can get some snaps of a P12 20V one day that would be great.


these are cars in the parking lot people!!!


That Trueno is too beautiful!!!


Japanese Odysseys are the hottest thing going. I wish I could get my hands on one of those! Wouldn't happen to have a shot of the front of it would you?


How's the spare wheel on that Land cruiser?!! Looks like a friggin jet engine sticking out the arse-end! Crazy!


Holy Land Cruiser, Batman! How on earth do they get that through the streets of Japan??!!


all other cars look messy and overdone, after that levin coupe... never should've sold my 86 on Wats...


Mike - I know this isn't 4wdHunters, but could you please do at least a quick spotlight on that Landcruiser? Or at least a few more photos? That is amazing that someone could actually drive that on the roads...if the West Australia Police saw you driving this vehicle on our roads, you would be in a bit of trouble!


My dad taught me how to drive with our 80 series Land Cruiser similar to that monster truck. Seeing the size of those tires it really is a monster truck! :)) Mad respect to the driver of that!


Need more photos of the 326 kitted S14! Anyone?


Red ER34 sedan is the best!


Its just an Auto Messe inside and outside too :D


nice pics but.....still didn't see me car. sigh. someday it will be on Speedhunters


So sick of seeing comments referring to RWB just because its low on flat bronze... That FC is not even close..


that 326 S14, definitely best car in the post.. Keep em coming


I really like that Z33, the painjob is so nice


Siiiiiick FCC


p11, always good

like to see more of this

primera or infiniti G20


ER34 Sedan??? Nissan Sedan Sedan...


wow usdm camry in japan. and i was surprised the mazda mpv was still around. they dont sell them in california anymore at least!


This KP61 is mine.

Thank you for having you publish.


As expected of Japan. Looking forward to the vanning!


What the hell is going on with the front suspension on that land cruiser! Thats a scary subframe. looks like three steering stabilizers...panhard bars, yea I dunno. All in all though...props for rocking 42s-54s on a yota crusier.

Anyone know if theres a big off-road community in japan? Saw a couple nice jeeps in crawl mag that were out there.