Car Spotlight>> The Charger To Rule Them All

It has been two years since I spotted this Charger for
the first time (I even created a Random Snap and a Spotlight about it). It was also around this time that the dedicated stance
blogs began popping up. One of them was Stance:Nation, it was only a few months old at the time but it was already picking up momentum. 

The blog is run by Elvis Skender and it has
really grown the last few years. I have been in contact with Elvis ever since I
first showcased his car. I knew he was rebuilding his SRT8 Charger so I was
really anxious to see how far he could take it. Last Monday I got a message
on Facebook with a small teaser shot from Elvis saying the car was ready.

So without further ado let's tak a look at
this new and improved Dodge Charger SRT8 … 

The biggest change to the car are the new
wheels but there are other things that separate this car from the rest. To get
it as clean as possible, Elvis removed all the side moldings and the rear trunk
spoiler. He then added a Daytona R/T front lip and a small roof spoiler. 

The engine under the hood has more than
enough stock power to light up those rear tires. But there are plans to enhance
the power with a supercharger. It currently has 425BHP but with the supercharger, that figure should be closer to 550BHP.

The wheels have been custom made for this
application. The DPE SP SC5 wheels measure 22×10 in the front and 22×12 in the
back. They are wrapped with Nexen N300
235/20/22 tires in the front and 265/30/22 tires in the back.

To get the wheels sitting just right inside the arches, Elvis needed to cut the inside of the fenders especially at the front. 

Parts of the front wheel well needed to be
cut away because the top of the tire was fouling it while driving at high
speeds. The fenders have also been pulled about an inch in the back and about a
half an inch up front.

Elvis told me that when the wheel is fully
compressed it clears the rear fender by literally 1mm. He says "You can't even get a piece of paper between the rear fender and wheel!"

In the end the wheels fit perfectly thanks
to the BC Racing suspension with 14K and 16K springs. 

The cool thing is that this isn't just a
show pony it's actually Elvis's daily driver. 

He mentions "A lot of people think just
because you have a ‘stanced' car that you can say goodbye to performance, but
that's wrong. I still drive my car the same and open it up all the time. I
never bought my car to run laps around Laguna Seca… I bought it for the looks,
sound, and of course having 425BHP stock under the hood is fun for whenever you
want ot use it!"

In the end, this is just an awesome ride to
look at and I'm sure it is even more fun to drive, although you won't be able
to go over any speedbumps. Check out
this small video to see what I mean.

Elvis added "I want to thank my good friends Graham and
John for helping out a lot with everything! Also, thanks to DPE Wheels for an
awesome customer service and bad ass wheels! And of
course photographer Connor Surdi."

Photos made by Connor Surdi and Elvis Skender.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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I really didn't need to see another shot of this car. He put a lip, removed molding, and lowered it. He cut the inside of his fenders. You've shown so much better speedhunters that this wasn't really worth the second look. I'd rather see that slammed challenger on TE-37's before I see this car again. Something nice to say ... it's clean for a stock looking car, and sits low.


22 inch wheels and slammed suspension? My spine hurts just thinking about this thing. Does look badass though.


lol.@. omgfailzlulz 101... Its a stanced charger... that sits so amazing, and drives just as well. sick in my books, I love seeing people's creations! Its all apart of the car culture. some may be more wild.. some more mild. but it all contributes.

thanks for the post


Sooo in love with this car!


I gotta say I was in love with the viper style wheels, these look good, just not as good.


Far too much wheel and not enough tire, for my taste. I'm reminded of the nasty rash of Chrysler 300 owners with big gaudy low quality rims out here on the West Coast. I'm not saying it's not nice, let's make that clear.... If it were mine, some 19's and a somewhat deep step-lip all around would be absolute sex...


@quick, I liked it with the viper wheels more as well...

@mhm, to you it sits amazing and I respect that opinion. Maybe I've just grown tired of seeing posts with planned modifications listed. Little work done to a vehicle and it's view worthy? I would of rather seen a slammed new charger. The front and back would look meaner...

What did he create? He cut fenders, that's really the only thing he created on it. Everything else is just buy and install. I agree this one is mild. Just seems like a misleading article. I would've liked this post more as a random snap. It feels misleading the way this one is typed. Plus how do you know how it rides? The owner tries to justify purpose behind it, and I'm glad he daily drives it. But this ride set up is not a performance one what so ever. It'll hurt him if he ever needs to drive the car in a serious manner. Pressing the gas in a straight line is not serious btw...


Cool car, but I think "rebuild" in the article should have been swapped for "additions"-- rebuild made me expect massive welding and cutting, but nonetheless... Cool car.


can we see more fast cars that get dirty please??? kthanxby


Fully and completely agree with Option86. It is a good looking Charger but wheels are still donk status. Less rim more tire and its delish.


Wish we got these in Aus =(


Haters gon hate


Sick ass whip


And nothing of value was lost...


absolutley amazing. not a fan of chargers but this one is on point,


Probably my favorite new Charger out there, but as a Mopar guy I liked his old setup with the Viper-style wheels better.


daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. best lookin charger hands down. i wish every car could be dumped and fitted like this


Nice cop car.


should be stupid... but that car is monstrously DOPE.


LOOKS badass.... but its kinda stupid to to this to a charger lol. Save the stance for the 240's and civics



its nice .buti was really hoping for some badass motor and gutted interior... id love to see a smashed up,road rasher challenger thats a daily driver and a missile and a smashed wind shield.. or whatever When i think of a bad dodge this was the last thing i think of.


To each their own..

I also believe the unwritten rules of posting was, I you have nothing better to say don't say it. Not say it anyways then say something nice afterwards :U


425hp and a 0-60 of 5,5 seconds- LOL


Sick car and guess what? First comment is made by another hater..


@Fever: +1 Those spring rates are ridiculous. I'm sure it's to keep the wheels from slamming into the body, but man, that's gotta be a rough ride. Looks sweet though.


omg where is wallpapers ?


Very sick car!!! Sits just perfect on those Huge wheels! I wouldn't mind having that one in my garage! :)

Nice work Elvis!!! That car is Amazing!


Looked better with Viper wheels.


I like this set of wheels better.......just need a burnout is a hemi afterall.....haha


Been in love with this car since the random snap. I have to say though, I am a much bigger fan of the viper wheels. They just had that hot-wheels look that really set the car off. Still looks good though, nice job.


I'm with quick on this one. The viper wheels gave it that extra aggression that the current wheels don't. Still an awesome car and one of the few (if not only) 'stanced' cars that I enjoy. The fact that its American makes it all the better



I know I'm not alone when I say that while nice I'd like to see this guy drive straight as a arrow down a pot hole riddled street. Again while nice he obviously chose Form over Function but with the car being a charger I guess he really has no other choice in terms of wheel size thats the one thing I'll be willing to let him get a pass on. Anything smaller than 20's on these cars just looks to damn small.


This is how the owner wanted it to look, and he did it well. So there's no reason to hate just because it's not what you would personally do. I would do mine differently, but I can appreciate the dedication and amount of work both taken to create this, and drive it daily. Big ups to Elvis.


Its no different then every other "donkey" charger in my book. Only change is that the rims fit better then the typical ones you see EVERY day. I mean its a donkey charger on garbage coilovers, other then that its stock basically. I cant believe this has its own feature...


Jeroen (and Elvis), this post, the way it was guys are gonna get flamed.

This car can perform? Seriously? Why, because it has 550hp? lol

22X12 wheels (despite being forged) are heavy-ass wheels. Those "DPE" wheels are not performance wheels. Let's not talk about those shitty Chinese tires.

The car is slammed but can go fast? lol

"A lot of people think just because you have a ‘stanced' car that you can say goodbye to performance, but that's wrong." Elvis, you understood everything in life !!! Keep doing your 'stances'

The car looks good though, sitting in a parking lot.


LOL! No thanks!

And with that being said, I will be leaving for anther site now, CYA!



I can't tell you how sick and tired I am of hearing (reading in this case) "haters gonna hate"

How about, "sucker's gonna suck"?


The ... presence... its just amazing. Of course the great photography helps, but, wow! I was a big fan of the previous look, but this... it looks amazing.


Thanks for posting this up you guys! Hope everyone enjoyed the photos. This car looks insane in person. To each their own...I personally love this car. Sits perfect. Also - 14k and 16k springs on a car that is as heavy as this car is...Isn't that stiff at all. Just sayin'!

Thanks again!


Respect to this guy for building a nice looking car!!! To the guys saying he's done stuff all work to it....... I don't think I've seen your cars on here, have I? If you are a true car enthusiast you'd appreciate what he's done, instead of poo pooingit straight away..... It's people like you that make the rest of us look like bitches in the eyes of the public


I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


To Bear, I thank you


i wonder why this piece got a feature? oh wait cause hes ur boy


3rd shot - Murdered it! Orgasm for the eyes!


I have talked to Elvis a time or two myself. Seen more pics then I can handle. This to me is one of the best cars in the world and I only wish I could have something like this.

P.S. for "OMGfail" go **** yourself



Keep it simple stupid love it


mmmm thats a sweet ride very nice


Drop a set of springs, spacers, big wheels. Cut fenders. Take Pictures of your car slammed. Then sit down in front of your computer and get on blogs talking about how great your car looks.

No doubt it's a great looking car, and everyone has its reasons for being in the hobby, but damn where I live I couldn't even get out of the street without having to have back surgery. I'm jealous, i want good pavement, too


Wow...those tires are way too thin. I'm sure they're expensive as hell in the size and they probably last like a month or 2...depending on how he drives that beast, lol. AND it's a daily, eesh. When you gotta sacrifice that much tire for looks, you're doing something wrong, especially on a muscle car with torque. Nice for a showcar, but not a street driven daily.


So clean I like.


Stanced cars are the Kardashians of the automotive world. Famous for nothing and never far from a camera.


Liked it better before. Now it looks like something that I'd see in the hood.


Trends are trends, they never stay, and they are usually based on appearing a certain way, nothing but. Look at me, look at my car; but please don't ask me to drive it hard. I have actually invested money that takes away from the cars ability to perform. But just look at it, look at how it sits there.

There were also trendy kids who said "haters gunna hate" when performance minded people laughed at their goofy looking neon under glow kits, pointless decals, 7 piece Anti-aero body kits, and heavy/over-sized wheels.

As a proportion of the whole, SpeedHunters is beyond FLOODED with this stance crap; it is repetitive and mundane to read/view, and it is nothing but a visual thing. SH = more show, less go. I truly believe the people who work at SH enjoy viewing their own posts more than the people who come here.


Yeah you can and will say bye bye to performance. Sure you can still floor it but it probably handles shittier than normal (no small feat) and cant go over even the smallest bump. stupid but to each his own i guess lol.


I love the whole stanced thing. But to say this car can perform?


Id love to see the some 19 or 20 inch rims on this thing. Not bad though. I always liked these cars, but ive never seen a modded one that i cared for though, this one comes pretty close!


I believe this car can still perform. Aside from speed bumps people forget all stanced cars can be combined with the correct all around alignment and fender pull and tire stretch (without even being crazy) and be able to drive hard. Jose's new gen accord coupe on vossens (find it on S:N) that are 20x10.5 in the rear I believe and he has a vid proving not rubbing anywhere and the car is beautiful


Yeah, the charger isn't much of a performer other than straightline anyways. To say this generation, with it's current set up is "serious" about performance, is kind of a joke. It's a slammed, lightly aero modded charger. It looks cool, but, in my unsolicited opinion, is not performance oriented and shouldn't be billed as such other than in a straight line. Cool to see he DD's it.


Why the hell is this a feature? and why "one charger to rule them all"?? is the writer getting paid or given freebies by the owner or what


@micheal I knew when I typed my thoughts I would get some hate but to act straight up childish on it is a bit funny. I called out the obvious, they've listed mods he plans to have but doesn't have. They dressed up the article. The pics are nice and visually pleasing. Maybe my annoyance in seeing people trying to fool themselves that they have built a performance vehicle offends you. I'm sorry for that. The owner is kidding himself for thinking he has a performance machine. He has a performance engine placed inside a poorly setup vehicle. I gaurantee you the same vehicle in stock trim with the same hp or perhaps even a bit less hp will outperform it in every category minus the show one. I did try to compliment the owner on what he intended the car for which is stock looking, clean, and low. That's what he put his time, money, and effort into. That's what I recognize the car for.


I'm sure if I its ever up on a ramp you would see a nice Hotwheels logo stamped on the floor pan.

Its a nice car but not my thing. I actually like the stance scene for the most part* but it seems like most cars that get the spot light are those that have taken it just a bit too far for my taste


I didnt even bother to read about the car just wanted to see these stance cheese balls say some g** haters gone hate bs. Your an hater for hating on opinions. Stance cars hella flush whatever are pointless like tv's in the backseat of the headrest.


How is having an opinion hating? It looked better the first time around, that's my opinion.


I didnt even bother to read about the car just wanted to see these stance cheese balls say some g** haters gone hate bs. Your an hater for hating on opinions. Stance cars hella flush whatever are pointless like tv's in the backseat of the headrest.


It's a nice looking car. I'd be self-conscious pulling up at my daughter's school to pick her up though. I might be popular with her friends.


it looks good, but I refuse to believe this can be a) comfortable b) good on anything but very smooth road surfaces


nice car! if that's Vasco road, i've seen it in person.