Car Spotlight>> Rear Wheel Drive Mki Fiesta

The MKI Fiesta certainly isn't high on the list when it comes to selecting a drift car. So when I saw one rolling down the pitlane on a drift practice day, I knew I needed to take a closer look. 

I don't think I've ever seen a MKI converted to rear wheel drive. Looking at its profile, you'd never guess that the power is now sent to the rear tyres. 

The owner wanted to build a car for track and rally cross use, and the project began when he found a clean MKI shell in his local newspaper. 

Except for the XR2 flares, the extensive work on this Fiesta is hidden behind the original body lines. 

Powering the little Fiesta is a two litre Zetec with Weber 45s. 

The Zetec motor is mounted longitudinally on a MKIII Capri crossmember. The uprights are from a MKII Escort. 

The transmission tunnel obviously needed to be modified. Rather than fabricating one from scratch, one from a MKIII Capri was modified to fit. 

The rear end comprises mainly of parts from a MKII Escort. A four-linked English axle and GP4 shocks help put the power to the road. 

This was the Fiesta's first shakedown and it looked like a fun car to drift. Even in fast 3rd gear corners it look planted and totally at home with its rear wheels ablaze. Not bad for a car put together with parts the owner had lying around, don't you think? 


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Very nice car!! Love those little ford motors


looks ready for action.. i have seen thios done before tho.. although it was back in 1987! nice to see people still pushing the boundaries in these modern times! - Thanks!


Desktop Please................


that is well cool :D I would have thought the short wheelbase would make it difficult to handle in some of the bigger corners, but it looks like he managed it nicely!


Very nice car!! Love those little ford motors


Twin Side draft Webers always make me smile.


Well hey now, this thing is pretty rad!


very simple any idea where i can find this build thread?


What a sleeper!


That looks super cool, love it! If anyone knows the owner please can you ask them to drop me an email, I'd love to arrange a magazine feature photoshoot with it.




great pics as usual, and this little car is inspirational.

I was up at the drift day wanting to see just how well the short wheel base would perform. Marc took me out for a blat and heres a video with the camera mounted to the roll cage. Suffice to say im currently working out how to RWD my fiesta lol


hi glad u all like my car the only build info is on my facebook profile lots of pics


Awesome feature! lovely photos. To the editor: Did you happen to get any pics of my mk2 escort that was there too that day? beige one? was parked next to Marc in the pits.


Lovely creation, I had a stock mk1 Fiesta (safety orange!) back as my first car in highscool and tweaked out a 2nd one in better condition (powder blue) with parts from B.A.T. down in Florida. Man that was a riot, I should have never sold eithe one as theyre such low cost track cars and I would guess about 10 times better being converted into rwd! Great feature! Props to the builder!


Love it! This is what I love about drifting and the 'built with parts I had in the shed' builds are some of my favourites (growing up with my dad doing just that), even better to see it on a site like this, hopefully inspiring the next generation to do the same, not just waiting for a manufacturer to make a part for them.


I swear i just saw this car in halfords wycombe marsh????


There's a nice rwd looking one in our car club.


ahh more features like this please!!! i miss my 2 litre fez so much!!