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During my time as a Speedhunter I’ve learnt one thing: that the people from Scandinavia are truly mental when it comes to building cars. Take this Golf project for example, which is not only mind-blowing, but also executed flawlessly.

First you take a discarded Golf MKIII and start tearing it apart.

When you’re left with a bare shell it’s time to test fit some of the parts. The owner opted to go wide-body.

Then it’s time to start fabricating. As you can see there is not much left of the original shell. The rear has been completely gutted. The entire rear floor has been removed and the original strut towers are nowhere to be seen, having been replaced by custom made towers.

The original sheet metal has been cut away to accommodate the new tubs. This shot also shows the extent of work that has been done to the rear half of the car.

All that work has been done to convert the car from a FWD layout to a RWD layout. The rear axle is in place together with the Watt’s linkage.

After the axle was in place and all linkages connected it was time to cover it up.

Just look at the craftsmanship on these custom strut towers.

Here is a look at the new transmission tunnel.

At the front are new tubs and strut towers.

The original firewall has been replaced to make room for the new motor and transmission. The owner has also had to rework the steering column to make way for…

…A turbocharged five cylinder Volvo motor. This type of engine is very popular in Scandinavia and you will find many platforms powered by this very same engine. The actual powerplant you see here was just a dummy for the test fit.

A work of art don’t you think?

Here is the actual engine being tested and fine-tuned.

After the engine bay was prepped, the final installation was completed.

The owner couldn’t have chosen a better set of wheels in my opinion. These BBS LM wheels are the perfect match for this race orientated Golf.

Here is a cool way to ensure your new new carbon fiber roof stays in place during installation.

I haven’t been able to find pictures of the car finished, so I’m hoping that some of our Scandinavian readers may have some clues.

You can see more of this amazing car in the build thread here.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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There is heaps of finished pics in the later posts


This car is so hot, I saw this car live on Gatebil in Norway this summer,

here are 2 links of the car finished.

Enjoy :D


"people from Scandinavia are truly mental when it comes to building cars. Take this Golf project for example, which is not only mind-blowing, but also executed flawlessly. "

QFT. Even weirder when you consider how lackluster and slow saabs and volvos have mostly always been. Scandis do builds in their garage that Americans wouldn't dare attempt with 50 builds under their belt and a full size shop.


Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Mr. Willenmsen.

There are pics of the completed car on the link YOU provided. Check pages around 20.



Thats good shit.


Awesome. I love a well done build.


There is a lot of win right here!


art at its finest


That is some mouth watering, eye popping, pants tightening goodness.


Finished car on his garaget page:

Also check out his other rides, including 1051 hp R33 GTR and custom Opel Manta



interesting that you say saabs/volvos are slow and lackluster...thats what I always though of VW--especially considering stock for stock, most turbo saabs and volvos are faster and more luxurious than their VW equals. juss sayn.

glad that they threw the volvo motor in there, the sweeds build some of the most solid, albeit relatively unnoticed, motors.


also... the pic you show and say "blah blah watts link" is not a pic of a watts link setup... those are parallel links... watts link is on the backside of the diff housing, this car does have one, but not in the pic you showed.. you need to put a lil more effort into your posts. a cool car post can be ruined by shitty writing.


that dummy motor looks like more work than lots of guys put into an entire build! Lol


Wow, what a build!! You said it Jeroen, Craftsmanship!.... And the LM's, of course, always a nice touch..


Curious why he went solid axle after all that work. Non the less a rediculous build. Any action shots?


I`ve got many finished pictures of that car :)


Wow, cool on so many levels. Video wanted.


looks like a different machine.. liking the vents in the bonnet! interesting engine & wheel choice like them both.. - Thanks


Work of art! Can you tell me what gearbox you used with the T5 motor.


I wish the 2.5 in my Volvo 850 looked that nice!


Please show more builds like these.


Digging the purple!


Desktop, from the final engine bay!!!


" This type of engine is very popular in Scandinavia " : Mostly Sweden.


Oh those crazy crazy people!


man thats badass!! steering rack mounted waaaay infront of the engine :P an im liking those purple piping joiners? never seen them before


This makes me proud to come from Sweden! I saw this car irl a few months ago, and it looks even better in real life!


I Think "scandinavians" is a wrong term here, almost every badass build iv'e seen has come from sweden, no to say there are cool cars from the rest of scandianvia too but the swedes are just so much more creative than the rest of us.


This is clearly not their first project. Very nice work, not a doubt about it.


Very well done. I especially enjoyed the choice in motor. The only thing that I didn't agree on is the rear-end. I guess that if you're going to use it primarily as a drag car then it'd make sense but using a solid rear-end is unoriginal and unefficient. I would've called around (usually to friends cause they can find what I need the quickest) and tried to get a BMW (possibly a Z3 or just a 3 Series) rear-end so I can go ape shit around corners along with down the straights. Eitherway, I still hafta supply respect where respect is deserved and anybody taking a FWD and converting it to RWD deserves that respect.


The purple pipe connectors are the same type used on aircraft toilet systems. Want to rob them for my project but will have to give them a clean!


Sweet looking golf


Where did he get that kit i cant any find them in the states. I'd love this upgrade on my a3.