For his first video of 2012, Mr. Brooks has put together a short video feature of Jamie McToldridge’s opinion splitting ‘Zero-Lip’ Golf. We spotlighted the G60 powered car last year at the Players Show in Essex, UK. Afterwards, you had a lot to say about the car but have any of your opinions changed since?

Paddy McGrath

Stephen Brooks Films on Speedhunters

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Nice film, nice car, but what the hell ... these rims are ugly and stupid! sorry


I like the car. The wheels seem to be done in an effort to be different, which is admirable. Not everyone will like it, but I guarantee people will copy it. I appreciate the look, it emphasizes the design of the wheel a bit more, which can be lost to wheels with a deep lip.


It's not a look I'd go for but it's a striking look. It'd be dull if everyone liked all the different cars.


what´s wrong with all those VW drivers?!?!?!?! ....this thing is ugly as hell...can´t get much worse


Taste is a personal matter. The guy who built it might like it. Most people will not like it - ever.

A few w/o own ideas might copy it, making an idiotic idea commonplace. To each his own, I guess.


I love this film. Though this car has some styling choices I myself may never try this short film I think shows what this car is all about. Its about the adventure, the experience, and the freedom of the automobile.


Beautiful. I for one love zero lip. I think once most of the haters see it more they'll open up to it.


The car is nice. I respect that the owner is being unique but I don't like the wheels too much...


No, my opinion is the same. I still find it ugly and wrong. Thumbs up for the use of M83 as soundtrack, though. I like how Mr. Brooks deviates from the norm of using that horrible "bro-step" wobble on car videos like everyone else. His videos are always awesome.


Does this thing have air bags? It is noticeably riding higher when it is rolling.


so retarded




ill stick to deeeeeeep dish thanks!!!!


Zero lip....? i refuse to understand the concept of why someone would do this...

Must be a VW thing i guess... tacky and fugly....


This just goes to show that VW drivers are just hipsters, obviously wheels with lips are just too mainstream. ha!


So nice, didn't notice the side mirrors before


HIPSTERFLUSH at its worst.


I get the desire to do something different. But wrapping up an idea that doesn't really work in music and video (as is the norm these days) just shows that viewers and the videographers all subscribe to the powers of advertising. You know some kid is gonna look at this and go "Hey, this video is awesome because the music, rolling shots, and transitions tell me it is!!!" Then his/her (girls might actually have better taste than this) impression of the wheels will be associated with the positive feelings from the rest of the video and BAM!!!! a new FAD has started.

Good Job!


Looks like a clown car...


is this speedhunters or wheelhunters?


Must be an art to keep those rims away from the curb...


The car looks good, the wheels are a waste of money.


I don't get it, when Speedhunters posts a bunch of Euro hipster VW's, everyones all on it. But when they post some Cali-esque Honda's people get angry.


History lesson - The wheels have been done before by Audi on DTM cars


maybe rotiform will start making wheels like this soon, but in 18x8+50 offset. i wonder if they'd custom make centercaps with trollface.jpg on them for me, since this is what the wheel "style" amounts to.

look at mah shit yo. haterz gon hate. quickest way to get your car featured is not to build it "clean" but to make it as controversial as possible. thanks for the lesson jamie & speedhunters.


Hey,it could be worse,they could make the rims in 30" size and put them on a four door caprice.


love the music! anybody knows the name of the song ?


love that music! anybody knows the name of the song?


i like it.. its not how i'd have my wheels but it looks nice rolling down the road.. plus besides the rims there is a lot to admire on this more-door'' MK2.. - nice one - Thanks


The music was annoying and the car looks horrible with those wheels and suspension.

Yeah, yeah, "haters gonna hate, etc", but why are there haters in the first place? Everybody loves racing cars, tasteful vehicles, cars that look decent. But this stance thing? It's stupid.

"Let me get a Yakima roof rack, some illest stickers, a set of ugly wheels and rusted panels".

Stop it.


so stupid. wack hipsters need to stop trying so hard


Drastically compromises the ability to take corners, can't drive on anything but smooth road, very harsh ride. easily damaged, does not fit properly, probably wears tires unevenly... Yes i can see why some people like it. Nice car and video editing though. To each his own.


what is the name of this song it goes way to hard!!!!



You are right. it wasn't as extreme but it was done on the Audi 200 / V8 DTM Cars:


I'd have more respect for it if it was on fire. Else the steel from it would be of better use recycled to build better cars, like anything not VW.


Im sorry I gotta say , those wheels are butt fugly ! I dont get the love for VW's. Theyre not good at any racing and theyre ugly and slow...

---but what about Audi and Porsche..?? More expensive for a reason


Im sorry, I can't move past the fact that those wheels look like an outty belly button or something not appropriate for PG ears. Keep to the negative offset in my opinion in this case different doesn't mean better.


Even worse moving than standing still. Cars still clean and I can respect the time thats invested in it though. Well-done ugly.


Any press is good press. 44 comments on one minute and a half video and rising. Advertising purpose? Tick. Debate? Tick. Most importantly, you're now aware of this cars existence and it will be the one you remember first if the trend catches on.

I personally like it....Reminds me of Roman chariots with blades sticking out of the wheels!!!


Hating on the wheels only shows lack of motorsport knowledge. These are old BBS racing wheels. However, I can't say I like the car that much. The Rotiform sticker says it all really. Why put a rotiform sticker on your car when you are rollin' on BBS wheels?

Video was amazing as always though! :)


sorry bullshit ..


why oh why....every time i think i have unseen this horrid beast you have to bring it up AGAIN in yet ANOTHER spot on the main website, taunting me, making me lose sleep.....this is not only bad taste, it's non-functional, it's not even something that looks good while doing nothing, it looks like garbage while doing nothing


Brooksie makes the same exact video everytime, some ugly cars that go slow with dramatic camera angle and wierd DoF stuff. Never once has he mad a video with some originality to it.


Good news is the wheel catastrophe is reversible. I can see the FS ad now...3PCS BBS, slightly curbed centers on two wheel...


Those wheels are gross


I don't get it. Hipster POS!


@ Frederik: Not to be a dick but you yourself just showed a lack of knowledge. Rotiform put this set of custom BBS together, sourcing and producing wheels in custom widths was what Rotiform did before they launched their own line of wheel designs more recently.


damn, these are so controversial

I love it


Somebody at SH really likes this car, and is trying to push this wack "zero lip" fad onto us. There is no massively divided opinion, and there have been too many articles about it already. Let it die in peace.



cant wait for the "zero lip" fad to be over. the car itself is nice, however i feel the rims just kill the look of the car. I agree with what xD said, somebody must really like this car at SH.


Boah, is das hässlich.

So was hässliches hab ich ja noch nie gesehen.

Das ist so grässlich hässlich.

Ist das der Hass?

Das erinnert mich an die zwei Deutschen die sich trafen und einer hat den anderen aufgegessen.

Das hat nichts mehr mit Auto zu tun.

Der Typ der das gebaut hat zeigt mit dem Teil wie sehr er sich und die Welt hasst.

Der muss sich so sehr hassen, dass es normale Leute nicht mehr verstehen.

Der Hanibal Lector unter den Autohassern.

Man kann aus einem VW Golf nichts cooles machen.

Das einzig besondere an einem Golf ist seine Hässlichkeit.

Diese noch zu steigern macht nur für wirkliche nixchecker Sinn.

Das hässlichste Auto das ich je gesehen habe.

Kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass jemand noch was hässlicheres zustande bringt.

Totaaaaal unglaubllich!!!!!!!