News>>turbo Fr-s Spotted At Laguna Seca

The folks over at Motor Trend have an interesting scoop for those following developments on the Scion FR-S/Toyota 86.

This week somebody spotted what is clearly a turbocharged FR-S doing some drifting at Laguna Seca. There's no word whether this is related to production car development, or testing for a competition drift car. On one hand the big wing says race car, but on the other it's not too often you see drift teams go to Laguna Seca for testing.

Whatever it is, it's definitely promising!

Head over to Motor Trend for more.

-Mike Garrett



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Hmm interesting. Maybe they can hear wastegate flutter to identify it as a turbo.

Very curious to know where the turbo is mounted.

Most likely front bottom of the engine and the front end does look extended perhaps to fit the intercooler ...


I knew there was turbo version lurking around.


who cares?. no one... please keep the s chassis stuff going this new toyota 86 vomit is making me sick of speed hunters. im reaching my breaking point.


I wonder if it's just a EJ25 instead of the FA20.


...and the haters hating again in 2012!


I like where this development is headed.....


where is the BRZ news(if there is any). Is the BRZ coming to the US market?




So is that camoflauge or just a really ugly stripe?


aww man, that's like 15 minutes from my house! I would have gone to check it out =(


Francesco, it wouldn't be speedhunters without haters. I like the FR-S personally, knowing that someone already turbo'd one is proving this platform is gonna go far in motorsports.


Stupid wing says tuner car.


Stupid wing says shitty wanna be ricer faggot.


When you zoom in the wing looks like it is on top of the other wing, thats pretty odd. At least Toyota is waking up to performance again.


almost gives you chills to see how much this chassis has already been messed with and it hasn't even been released to all markets yet.


I agree that we need the S chassis back, but seriously, if you're tired of the new 86, DON'T COMMENT about it. Take your complaints elsewhere. Of course its gonna get a lot of publicity, its a NEW CAR. Don't ALL new cars get a lot of publicity? Anyway, I do like the turbo option, and am curious as to how it was fabricated =]


Im not much of a fan of the looks of these things but at the end of the day its a really solid base to start from in terms of modifying.


boooooooorring... please start an s12 chassis page!. dont ignore and flag this post and not post it!!!... second thought , i dont care what you do with the post just post more s12 chassis please .


I Have to admit that I liked this car better when it was a concept. I still love the car........

I just liked the idea of an AWD platform. I hope we get Subaru's version here in the



i think i'll just buy a base model frs and work my magic on it ;) im a fabricator myself, and i can make a way better turbo setup than a production model will have. can you say gt3071R? calling apex'i! make me an ecu so i can tune this bad boy. and tomei! make me some valvetrain!