This month the 25th Summernats car festival took over Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Spanning three and a half days, the Summernats event (which is short for ‘Summer Nationals’) attracted 1500 cars and a hundred thousand spectators. One of the big drawcards was the Horsepower Heroes; an invite only dyno shootout. This year’s Horsepower Hero winner was Jake Edwards’ 8sec Holden Torana. How much power did it make? 1584.8hp at the wheels.

You can also check out one of Jake’s quarter mile runs here.

– Charles Kha




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specs on engine would be nice


thiats pretty good by there are a few aussie cars that make more, namely this one-

but a bit more and a bit less street-


It's the first time I've read a horsepower figure with a decimal point.


Where is the Summer Nats coverage from Speedhunters????


Give to me 200 only... please...


and still has numberplates lol


need a video of the one of the burnouts, but this was insane :)


So did you guys take up the suggestion of covering the Summernats? Where's the pics?

And.... Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!



And I take it you have something better?


I have no affinity with drag racers whatsoever, this car will corner and handle like a huge pile of shit but ya...

not a soul can argue with 1500+ hp.


i was in the crowd watching when he did these runs. half the crowd got covered in fuel but sounded awsome and cant say anything bad about the power


And it sounds like its putting out 1500hp too. I have alot of respect for this guy because this guy probably built the vehicle in his garage but its not the first 1500hp big block chevy. Go to Nelson Racing Engines and he'll supply you 2,000hp for less then $50k and the one major difference is that his builds are quiet and street capable. Not trying to knock on this guys build or down it in any way because it is an incredible build bit of kit but with so many 1500hp cars out there nowadays.. I fail to see the point of making a big deal about another big block chevy powered one.


This isn't any old BBC, this is a dirty old aussie holden 308 motor!


Robert, STOP! This is a Holden V8 (admittedly it's stroked but it's still under 400 cubes). This car is awesome and has been for years. But fuck a dyno vid lol watch a powerskid video instead!!!