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With the coming of every January 1st there comes the resolutions. Some are big, some are small. A lot of them will be given up on before the month is even over…

For a lot of us, our New Year's resolutions are all about cars. Whether its starting or finishing a project, hitting some track days, redoing a garage, or shooting more car photos. We all should have some sort of car related goal for 2012. It could even be as simple as just getting out and driving your car more.

I've personally decided that I need to make some real progress on my 240Z this year. It's been sitting in the garage for way too long now. Of course I'd also like to get my hands on an FR-S or BRZ, but I guess we'll have to see about that one…

Anyway, we are curious to hear what sort of car-related resolutions you guys have set for 2012. Sound off in the comments section!

-Mike Garrett



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well my resolution this year, will be finishing my R32 Skyline GTS-T with RB26, a good street driven and can be used for having fun in the track.

Of course since i have a limited budget that mean i can buy all the good stuff for my project.


This year I want to have the frame on my 79 firebird track car checked and aligned. Install a quicksilver ratcheting shifter, and move to a more aggressive front rotor and brake pad. If finances allow I'll have the floor plans replaced.


1) Proper budgeting and research before ANY purchase of parts

2) Separate daily drive and drift car instead of the current 2-in-1

3) Focus more of safety equipments.

4) Drive better than 2011


One of the big things for me is what you've already mentioned, getting out on the track and getting seat-time in my rebuilt EG Civic hatch, it'll be fun, even if it isn't as fast as the Viper's my uncle once built


I want to take my car on a road trip when it hits the 150000mi. mark this spring. And I'm also interested in the FRS/BRZ.


This I year I want to get my first car. Hopefully a s13 with a sr20. Then start drifting!


My resolution for 2012 is double. The first one as photographer is to shoot more car and car-related events, be them meetings or racing events. On the driver/human side my resolution is to start a Golf Mk2 project acquisition, restoration (according to the 80 german style) and to properly tune it.

All of this has to be constrained to my pockets size! :(


My goal this year would to finish up my 86' Porsche 944. I plan on getting the rims done, along with the exhaust to help build more power!


Well this year my goal are simple; 1st: Get an Scion FR-S 2nd: Track it.


As i'm a student i have pretty small things to be done:

1) Buy and install Groundcontrol coilover sleeves.

2) Swap out the ITR front swaybar for an EG SiR one.

3) Attend all of Club Honda Norway's trackdays this year.


finish the alfa 90 as a track car for ''youngtimer trophy''. with 200 h.p. 2,5 v6 and the rare straight dovetailed gearbox. i think it will be beautiful! :-)


1) Start trackin the hell out of my DC

2) enter the HFF competition


My goal is to get my s14 back on the road! Finish by suspension, upgrade to a larger turbo and injectors, and lastly.....finally get a tune.


This year i will finally buy my first Japan car, an S13 or a S14A , the dream come true !


I would like to rescue my 1975 mustang II fastback from the horrific weather conditions in Montana and tear up the streets of OC!!!


SImple really - buy a 350Z, then do many a roadtrip and drift days in it!


My resolution (car related) is to drive in more drift events this year than last. I'll have to go to 8 or more O.O


1. Improve Suspension of my DC2 Type R so it can handle the Nüburgring Nordschleife bumps

2. Do more laps at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and GP

sounds easy, but we will see about that ;)


Get a job that gives me money so I can start my project car that are gonna be a build-wangan meet car :) the face of Wangan Meet ;) Demo car you could say!

Learn to be a better driver :)

Go time attack with project car :)

Burn alot of rubber :)

Please my sponsors ;)


i want to drop a 355 stroked out engine in my chevy luv!


Save up enough to replace my blown up MA70 Supra with an E36 M3.


get my first car, my z32, on the road with all my plans for it!


My car-related resolution is to finishing repairing my 97 GTI VR6 from a recent accident. Need to have the quarter panel replaced and painted, take care of miscellaneous RUST and refinish my set of BBS RS which were also damaged in the accident. =[ Using that as an excuse to purchase bigger lips to go extra wide! I also plan on attending every car meet/ show I can get to, not just VW/ euro related ones so I can photograph more cars!

My buddies resolution is to start modifying his beautiful unmolested white S14 and I look forward to helping him with that.


I simply would like to acquire an ae86; and then after some time to turn it into a rally / drift car. A GT86 would be nice too, but one thing at a time.


be able to purchase a 350z



Picking up new Passenger door, and driver fender for my DD project tmrw!!!. Waiting on some ARP extended studs in the mail :)

Should be picking up some sway bars and endlinks in the next few weeks.....maybe a new sparco harness

Thanks SpeedHunters for the inspiration!!!


Organice my projects and my tools, finish my Mach 1 69, and acquire a trueno(all most)...


Get my license and make my neighbors 180sx my first car :D


for this year boost hp from around 280 to 320 while at the same time dropping another 100 pounds for an even 2200. replace the soft top, do a wire tuck, finish the other 1/2 of the cage, reinforce the front and rear sub frames, go to manual steering, refinish a number of items including the suspension parts and replace the bushings with bearings. Finish the rewiring by adding a single fuse panel where the radio was yadda yadda yadda. Finish the front diffuser, redo the exhaust, swap out to ceramic wheel bearings.

Oh and since I know it will run a mid 12 easily now try to put some numbers on paper when I am done going for a low 11 high 10 or just smoke a gtr - get another random snap on speed hunters somehwere cool.

Hopefully, fill in all of the holes, repaint, drive .lots...


All I want is to slam/finish my first car. That's not going to be easy tough, where I live the streets are terrible and I'm not sure that the suspension is going to handle it very well. :-(


finish all trac. Thats been sitting for 4 years, bottom end built for 3, :0, and enter more shows up and down the cali. coast. Look out for the bBrolla in 2012.


buy my dream r32 gtr v spec


Build my car (1998 Peugeot 106 Rallye) back to original. Nearly done with that though.

Then it's going a little closer to the ground. Then the performance mods come in.


Pick up a Lexus project... SC300 maybe? GS300 maybe?


Make more money ; Improve photographic skills, learn new things to shoot cars properly ; get a car that I can use as a daily driver as well as be able to drive it hard and drift it ; make more money.... I said that before, well cars and parts cost money, therefore this year I will do what I can to make more money! More money, more car, more fun! :)


This year I want to dump our old Windstar for something fun and practical like an Impreza. Get some fun road trips in and learn to do more of my own work on the OLDF150 that I inherited. Don't think I can do too much damage to that thing.


Have the Secret Service finally allow me to start an old early 90's Skyline GTS-R project. Mainly for drifiting but might also try time attack.. Also pick up a Kenworth W900 and t-bone Vaughn Gitten Jr.

Drifitng es stupido..


For this new year, I would like to get my 1986 Porsche 944 to the point where I don't get odd looks everywhere I go. (It has 3 different color body panels) Also I would like to get some bodywork done on it and make it go from beater to respectable daily driver.


Getting my driving license should be a good start I think. :D





Find where my coolant is leaking out and work out some kind of financial plan to buy something interesting.


that's your 240z? is very nice men,

And that corolla?


I hope these year I can complete my Project_bmw_e30_316_M20B23 engine by installing springs and shock absorbers, reinforced clutch, some brakes, a lsd, short shift, power steering from a Z3, oil radiator and to finish some nice bushes!


Scrap some rust from e21 ...


Finally get the cage installed in my 944 track car. Maybe do the LS1 swap by the end of the year...but that all depends on time, $$$, and whether or not I blow the stock motor before then.


Win the new STF class in SCCA STL Region... And go to nationals :)

And if i can budget it... Do a Skip Barber Racing School in Road Atlanta


1: have a consistent finish with racecar for a good season.

2: try and get my turbo datto driveable again.

3: work on the 240z more.

4: go to more car meets and shows.

5.go to canby!


I want to finish our 2 el cheapo time attack cars for the Dutch time attack series.

And then hope to be a little more competitive this year


my plan is to get working on my 1964 c10 and do it right. powder coat the frame, put a hotchkis suspension, corvette ls1, and wicked custom interior. truck is going to be great!


not too much money and not alot of engine in my car, so

1)lower it

2)stickerbomb the hell out of it

3)put a lairy exhaust on it

4)rust the bonnet

5)buy some new shoes for it with custom colours


this year is a big one. first I have to replace the blown motor in my supercharged mustang ( due to a missed shift at irwindale speedway during a test and tune. ( realized I need more testing of the shifting pattern). then I have to finish my datsun 240. Got to find an interior, run all the wiring to the front of the vehicle, rebuild my mikuni 44s , finish replacing all the bushings with polyurethane, and get fuel and brake lines run.. Oh and install the 5 speed trans and the posi rear end.. Geez.. may need 2013


become a Hunter of Speed


My goal is to finish up my 200sx s13 project & enjoy it. :)


I plan on finishing up my 1987 Mitsubishi Starion project this spring finally. All thats left is paint and suspension, so if your in the La Crosse WI area and see a flat black Starion rolling around this summer, its probably me!


Finish the exterior on my Miata:

Refurb my wheels

Get some new rubber

New coilovers

Install the OEM lip package

Enjoy summer & visit as much meets as possible.

Also got myself a nice HD videocam and i am planning on giving a go at shooting some footage at events.

So my second resolution is to get into editing and making videos of automotive events.


get my HUD working again, coils, wheels and new front lip for my 240sx coupe :)


pass my first year in automotive engineering and to attend as many car events as i can!!!

starting of with Autosport international!


My new years resolution is to get my FD license :D

Last year for me was a great run and came close to getting it but ran into car issues - this year I am prepared and more aware of the technicalities of racing - it will be mine.


2012 is a year of changes and getting things done that ive back-burnered for too long.

1) like yourself ive left my 240z in the garage for too long. gonna get some real progress done on it

2) get into nasa or scca racing with some friends. thinking spec miata or spec honda with some enduro's thrown in.

3) Work harder on my mechanical engineering degree.

4) Visit Japan and experience their automotive culture first hand.

5) Once the Z is ready, take her and my girlfriend on a cruise up highway 1 and enjoy the drive.


Mine's getting in the workshop this week, got to solve some problems with the steering


to get my clio cup ready for the trackday season ahead, which includes full roll cage buckets and strip out, then just enjoy it,


Goals for 2012: Shooting more automotive stuff, and getting myself a sports purpose, pre 74 911...


My goal is to start drifting for the first time


put a 13BTT in my 86 and waste lots of tires


Spending more money on my RX-7 in the form of track usable items so I can enjoy my track days more and bring my times down


getting my 240Z shell to the bodyshop (everything else is ready for putting together *lol*), get my EK9 some new period-correct wheels, probably buy a GT86 as new daily driver and of course try to get some steps into motorsports with some basic trainings and trackdays :) 2012 will be BIG :)


Save up enough to replace my blown up MA70 Supra with an E36 M3.


finish converting my sr20det kenmeri skyline to twin 50 trim t3/t4 turbos on an rb26dett with rb25 trans and microtech ecu. and painting it from all the worn out funky white, green, blue stripes on the side to something cooler. all to be ready for the next japanese classic car show. halfway done


Drive better than last year.

I can't say finish my NA6 because it grows with me.


I'm gonna quit smoking


Get some progress done on my 78 Jeep CJ, all original.... so far....


Get my '68 mini painted and panels fixed. Get engy cert (currently has G13B + T). Get it on the road.


My resolution is to have my rb25 powered s14 up and running by march and have the intirior back in my Corvette hopefully sooner than that.


finally finish my v8 swap, suspension, and cage lol must make it to tex-fest for truck drift tandems


Get the blown 7M block sitting in my garage machined and get everything ready for a mild street build. It won't happen this year I know, but some day...


Modernize the suspension, install a rollcage in my 1971 Dodge Charger...and finish the custom fastback for my 1990 Miata.


My resolution has to be installing an AE86 GT-S LSD rear diff, Megan racing 4 link and hopefully a levin front end on my '87 Notchback :D


Keep building HoonTV

Turbo the Miata and finish the drag car so I can finally have my own 1000rwhp car!


First, my goal this year is to fully restore my old Mini Cooper that I recently purchased following the crash of my old car. I really like rats car but for a daily car the holes in the chassis don't works with rain !!! :D

Second, to follow my brother with his Clio 3RS on Renault Track Days, and take some pictures and videos.

Third, keep working for Renault, and why not try to enter in engineering department of Renault Sport cars and F1...


To actually start modding my miata/mx5


I plan to dumb it down. I wanted to sell my BMW E30, which happened yesterday. Signed the transfer papers n handed over the service manual, spares n BMW Swag.

I will be looking for a Toyota Vitz RS 1.3 or 1.5L Manual... A Couple of Mods and leave it Basic n Fast. That's all.


Tracking my Prelude :)


Joining Formula D Asia


1) Finish the FC (although when are they ever finished)

2) Race FC

3) Get our full chassis Capella to roller stage before Jambo

4) Profit


Build my own bench flash harness and add anti lag to my stg2 b5 s4 avant...i wanna shoot flames

and thanks to all of the innovators of bosch dream can be a reality


3 things

1.Think hard before buying parts so I don't make a mistake

2.Finish my Honda Domani Turbo project and time it.

3.To sell or not to sell my 370z.


I vow to buy a S197, completely strip it out, and turn it into my first track drift car, cuz mustangs and v8's are boss and it'll match my other 'stang.



2. Upgrade to a newer dslr

3. Get a newer car to autocross in.

4. Win the lottery


I already knocked out two of my biggest resolutions in one shot right before christmas. The first was owning my first muscle car, breaking my Japanese vehicle streak, which is a 2003 Cobra. Did a lot of research and the Cobra's dimensions are the closest to a small compact import. Just wish the weight wasn't so high stock. The second was cleaning out my garage to put the snake in. Now, want to move on from being an amateur photographer to something a little more serious.


Earn and save enough money to buy and e46 m3 :)




Finish my Datsun 260z and send it in to Speedhunters!


Get my Eunos Presso V6 over 200bhp.


get both of my datsun 280zx running.


Mine is to fix the very light hail damage on my '01 E38 and do a very good wax job to remove the swirls on the black paint and then find some authentic 20-inch Nova 7's n drop it a bit...pretty simple once it get a bit warmer


rebuild the engine of my vw

baywindow bus


im gonna get my license and first car, its gonna be a jap and rwd ofcourse ;)


I'm right there with you, Mike! My Z has been sitting for years now with no activity. Here's my goals:

1: Overhaul '87 MR2: pull engine and replace timing belt, water pump, valve adjustment. Replace blown front Konis and broken sway bar tabs. Fab up new cooling system hoses and modify floor pan for Recaro bucket. Go racing!!!

2: Finish AE86 resto: build engine, finish bodywork and paint, assemble car with all new OEM components. Sell it!

3: Get 240Z running with L28ET swap: wiring conversion, clutch, billet diff. mount and 280Z stub axles are all that stand in my way to MOAR POWAHHH!


Get my RX7 FC back on the road, have been sitting in the garage since january 2010 except for a track weekend last summer, where i blew the turbo and decided NA is the way to go... So MOT on the 12'th :D


This time if i get a car, try to make it more street happy....been trying that for 3 years, gues im getting there


my automotive new year's resolutions:

1. Sell of my 206 (because it is local assembled and full of problem)

2. buy myself an E30

3. buy my girl a k-car

4. buy a house so i can park my car (and work on it)

but before all that i need to earn more money.. :(


as a photographer...go out and do more speedhunting myself..go to more automotive events

as a enough money to put in black top engine into my ke70..and refurbish the inside which is a total mess..


my miata

1. get car running better

2. more track days

3. teach gf to drive

4. finally drop my built head on

5. more track days (faster)


I wonder why is this comment section empty? Probably still busy celebrating new year at that time. Haha. Btw, it's August now. 2012 marks my first 'serious' year of automotive involvement. I'll go to every possible automotive related events and follow any drift championship. Via the net of course. :)