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After a nice selection of GT-Rs in the previous post let’s take a look at the rotaries that were present at the show. A lot of these cars we all know well and have seen before, others like the RE-Amemiya Super NA7 were quite the surprises…

…much like Mad Mike’s FD at the Rays booth.

I found one of my favorite RX-7s on the little cornered off RH9 part of the show, the RE-Wing FD which was recently blasting around Tsukuba at the Super Battle event in December. What makes this car special is that it can pull 57-second laps at Tsukuba, yet remains street-registered and legal.

RE-Amemiya had quite a selection of cars, like every year, starting off with this collaboration built with Super Autobacs in Toda.

The center sections of the hood venting were left unpainted, only a few coats of clear covering the exposed carbon fiber.

This RX-8 that was in the separate Option arena was another RE-Amemiya collaboration, this time done with Video Option.

Here is a look at part of their main stand where previous TAS show cars were on display…

…like the left hand drive, all carbon 20B-powered FD from 2008. This 700 HP monster is one of the most extreme customer commissioned cars that Ama-san has ever created…

…a true one of a kind. Like a few other cars on display it is now up for sale.

Last time I saw this Super GReddy 2 Ver.2 demo car was at Umihotaru PA back in July for the 7’s Day. Still, a great looking car.

Yet another FD, this time the Super 2…

…a more street-tuned oriented project…

…which sports a few new carbon aero additions for 2012 like the front fender venting and trunk spoiler slash light surrounds.

The 13B-powered RX8 will continue to be Suenaga’s D1 car this year.

A look at the main display area for RE-Amemiya.

I’m sure most people didn’t know what to make of the Super NA7, it’s a very controversially styled car but one that resembles nothing Ama-san has done in the past.

The wide body conversion has a very modern feel to it, lots of flow with plenty of nice details like the carbon mirrors and those massive 20-inch Enkeis that strangely enough don’t look like they are that big.

One thing that you can always expect from Amemiya-san is great things in the engine department. With most of the front section of the car having been cut away to accommodate the design of the hood you are treated to a panoramic view of the motor. Rather than going for big power he preferred to go for a nice and compact solution, a peripherally ported 13B built with lots of nice race components. They haven’t had a chance to map the Motec engine management yet, but this little screamer should be good for at least 300 HP.

The interior is very simple, and very red!

The rear end is all custom too, and really looks very special. Ken Amemiya was telling me this might be the last FD show car they built, so what can we expect from them next year?

This RX-8 was also part of the display, a little ignored as most people spent their time around the NA7!

Not quite sure what was attracting attention at the Exedy booth, Takayama’s R-Magic D1 car…

…or the girl? I’ll let you answer that one.

Another RE-Amemiya car!

Now we are talking! What an epic car the 787 is…

…and I was very happy to finally, not only be able to check it out in detail…

but hear it in action out during the motorsports exhibition.

Right behind the 787 was the Knight Sports RX8 endurance race car that in the past participated in the Macau GP.

The final, limited edition RX-8 at the Mazda stand.

Here is another look at Mad Mike’s Total Car Produce Magic built D1 car. The car is running the new GramLights 57Xtreme…

…and a complete TCP Magic wide body aero.

It’s the same kit that is fitted to their own demo car, the 4-rotor FD we have been seeing at shows, and the odd D1 event for years now.

I’ve stopped guessing when we will see this car out in action. This was originally supposed to be Yoshioka’s D1 car, but there were a lot of delays in getting the engine set up properly.

This drift-spec FD was built by t-get and on top of the wild body…

…the engine certainly didn’t disappoint. Boost is supplied by an HKS T04SBB, allowing the ported motor to crank out 430 HP through the HKS 6-speed transmission.

It was good to see that the RX-8 was getting so much love this year, and when it came to pretty wild body kits for it Weber Sports certainly took first place.

Still loving the brushed metal finish on this car, however the bumpers and the rest of the plastic trim was probably vinyl.

In the Option Tuning Car Gallery I came across the Leg Sport RX8, looking a track ready as ever.

Another car we recently saw at the Tsukuba Super Battle, the recently improved FEED FD.

I only see Koseki-san’s Scoot 4-rotor creation once a year at the 7’s meeting. It’s cool that he has kept the car over the years, it’s his baby built as a one off so I can’t see him getting rid of it in a hurry.

I have a video from circa 2005 of me sitting in the driver’s seat and revving the hell out of this crazy motor. What and experience that was, I’ll have to dig it out and upload it to Youtube!

The Tamon kit the car is based on completely transforms the lines of the FD, especially from this angle.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the Scoot custom 4-rotor engine that powers the RX-7. The housings are not present so you can see how the actual rotors sit around the eccentric shaft.

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-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Kinda interesting it looks like 90% of the 7's seem to have ditched the pop up headlights something I'm quite fond off but I can see why its done


I agree JamesC the pop up's are so iconic and cool, but the fixed clear ones look great as well.


More wallpapers of the 787 please?


Bit strange there never seems to be ANY Cosmo's around the circuit!


I would pick the cute girl over the FD...

Anyway. The TCP Magic demo car and the Scoot Sports 4-rotor RX-7 look great; and you should really upload that video. I have seen every clip on YouTube of that car, hehe.


There are some pretty amazing cars in this gallery. Its making me want to sell my FC for an FD, or Rx-8.


please can u feature mad mike's new rx7


Magnificent coverage as always!!!


best post of the year...2012


That last car is INSANE!! I love it! Also, I can't wait to see Mad Mikes new car in action. The FEED FD looks amazing too. Great post Dino!


good to hear that Ama-san is going to stop ruining FD's..


Sad to think this time next year there wont be any rotary's in production!




I really wish you would proof read your post next time...


Love rx7s can't wait to sell my little mini and build a 3 rotor :p


that feed rx7 needs some paint on the hood and a spot next to my s2000 in the garage


No FC love?


Very very very nice Dino! Incredible shots as usual, and you know this warms my heart more than anything.


I love how Euro styling has worked its way into the aftermarket for the FD. More than once I saw a car that reminded me of German.


Man...that Super NA7 is really starting to grow on me. Love the profile...Love the rear end...Starting to love that front end.


Love Rotary cars, and I actually like Re-Amemiyas latest FD-creation, and also Koseki-san´s FD!


@shieldsyo for me its the other way around i love the front fascia its the rear that's taking some getting used to... awesome coverage mayne


wow not a single one with the pop up headlights thats a shame i really do miss em


Thanks Dino, very impressive group of rotarys.


My favorite post! Spotlight on that NA7!!!!


I love the custom bodykits for the Rx-7's. The fact the bodystyle is so old yet with these kits they make it still fresh to me is great. I'm hoping sooner rather than later similar styled kits will start to pop up for the Rx-8.


I love how RE-Amemiya brings out something new from the RX-7 every year, some good some bad but always fresh ideas :)


I kept scrolling in hopes to see any FC's or FB's. I need new inspiration. Cant wait to see what succeeds the current RX line up.


makes me want to go buy more stuff for my fd >.> and the exedy girl + the one in white both look pretty attractive >< wish this car ACTUALLY attracted girls lol


This feature on the rotaries and my day, and even my week....

So glad you posted these Dino.


VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO YEAAA! lol... i LOVE the sound of the Scoot 4-rotor! so vicious, and so very much ljke the 787B


Thanks for doing coverage for us Rotary guys!!!! SPEEDHUNTERS ROCKS!!!!!


I was so excited the first time I saw the 787 at Laguna Seca. I got to touch it and watch it lap a few times, LIFE = MADE


Maybe RE-Amemiya will make crazy RX8 next... Just a guess


The Total Car Produce Magic kit is REALLY good looking. I even love this madbull more than the kiwi one (please don't kill me !). I find the NA7 kit a bit too "Veilsidish" for my taste :)

Anyway, great coverage as usual.


Need a spotlight on Na7, good coverage.


so is madmike representing Gran Turismo or sponsored by them?


Everything is for sale:



Re amemiya, what a household name...


i hope USA get more rotary products so i can learn more because i just got in to rotarys and i'm getting really enterasting.


RE-Wing forever <3